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Liddy, after resisting, tells House AIG panel he will ask for voluntary refunds of some bonus money


WASHINGTON--AIG chairman and CEO Edward Liddy, testifying before a House panel probing the $165 million AIG bonus payments on Wednesday, just made a surprise announcement to placate an angry nation:

Liddy, who presides over a company 80 percent owned by taxpayers, asked the 418 bonus receipients to "step up do the right thing" and refund some of the bonus payments. Liddy proposed that those who received in excess of $100,000 in bonuses volunteer to return "at least half."


Will President Obama give back the money he got in campaign donations from AIG?

Can Lynn Sweet ever ask a challenging question?

Why should Obama give back the money AIG donated if they even did.

If you don't like Lynn Sweets reporting don'follow here. i am sick to death of the negativity coming from the so called conservatives. Why try to poison the rest of the world. JUST SHUT UP!

Why should we expect Obama to be held to the same standard? He is has been given the impression that he is above others in expectations.

What about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac??? Are their tops not recieving bonuses?

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