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In 5th c.d race to replace Rahm, Mike Quigley headed towards win

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CHICAGO--With a strong turnout in Chicago wards, Cook County Board Member Michael Quigley headed Tuesday night towards clinching the Democratic primary in the hotly contested fifth congressional district race to replace Rahm Emanuel.

Quigley's victory will be a plurality win in a district where the Democratic nominee will face only nominal GOP opposition in the special general election next month.


TC-Absentee 4,579 1.52%
TC-Precinct 39,093 13.01%
Total Registration and Turnout 300,551 43,672 14.53%
Registration Turnout
Registration & Turnout
Special Primary Ballot
Summary Report
City of Chicago

Jan H. Donatelli 602 1.48%
Frank Annunzio 496 1.22%
Carlos A. Monteagudo 316 0.78%
Victor A. Forys 4,303 10.57%
Charles J. Wheelan 2,771 6.81%
Sara Feigenholtz 6,665 16.37%
John A. Fritchey 7,163 17.60%
Mike Quigley 9,368 23.01%
Patrick J. O'Connor 5,181 12.73%
Cary Capparelli 475 1.17%
Paul J. Bryar 836 2.05%
Tom Geoghegan 2,532 6.22%
Total 40,708
DEM - Rep. In Congress, 5th 391 of 486 precincts counted 80.45%

1 Comment

Lynn, I implore you to investigate vote rigging and intimidation in the 47th Ward. I'm not the type of person to complain or rock the vote but this has hit too close to home. First I learned that ward workers in the 47th intimated my neighbors. They came around to demand (yes, demand) to know why fritchey signs were not displayed. My neighbor told me, half embarrassed, that the same ward workers had come around to urge him to display Todd Stroger's signs a couple of years ago. He refused and then was issued several city building citation the day after Todd's election.

I thought this was deplorable but I didn't really think too much of it until I learned a poll worker, helping my spouse find her precinct at her polling place today, told her to vote for Fritchey. This is appalling and must end. In the very ward neighborhood where Rod was arrested, voter intimidation is alive and well. I hope you can investigate and spur a criminal inquiry into those who break the law and illegally attempt to influence elections. (I would give you my real name but I'm afraid of what would happen ...)

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