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First Lady Michelle Obama's bare arms fashion in People Magazine


(from the new issue of People Magazine)

CHICAGO--First Lady Michelle Obama's bare arms fashion continues to fascinate and make us all realize we need to do more on upper body strength. Hey, I have an excuse I broke my shoulder election night at the Obama celebration at Grant Park.

Anyway..the new People Magazine has a spread on Mrs. Obama and her call to arms.


As one of my role models, Miss Piggy, might say, "And why not? The Bill of Rights guarantees her the right to bare arms."

even if she were wrong, who in life would have advised her differently? sombody from the south side of chicago?

I will love to read about Michelle Obama's bare arms, rather than listening to some looney,fat,drug addict and crazy rambler called rush Limbaugh. The hate he is habouring against Mr Obama is going to kill him softly.


She is a sweetie. What America just needs right now. A true person.

Michelle Obama arms look FABULOUS! Just the right side of tone without slipping into Maddona territory.

she is very sexy

I think Mrs. Obama is the most classy lady ever to be in the White House! She's a remarkable person, mother and First Lady! I say, finally we have a beautiful, young, FIT woman wearing a tremendous diversified wardrobe and wearing it well! I'm confident she will be a wonderful role model for our great nation! You Go Michelle!

Who made up such arcadic ideas about women and their dress. If a woman is as comfortable with her body as Michelle Obama is, then, her long and lean arms are worthy of being shown. I am inspired to work on my own arms. Look out summer!

Michelle Obama is an horrible choice for such mag.
I do not have a major problem with a political figure being on the cover,
The problem is rather about an UGLY woman being on the cover of a FASHION and BEAUTY magazine. Let's be honest here.

How nice for Mrs. Obama that she can afford to have a personal trainer several days a week, as noted in other articles. Some of us do not have such luxuries and don't appreciate her flaunting not only the time and attention she spends on herself, but her expansive collection of dresses (sleeveless or otherwise). Obviously, she doesn't understand how many people are out of jobs and struggling to buy groceries and pay the bills right now. Maybe, she should donate all the money she spends on grooming and clothing herself to a worthy cause, which doesn't include trying to compete with Madonna on magazine covers.

First of all, what does Rush Limbaugh have to do with it, and secondly, her arms are weak and her butt is fat, period. Get over it people!

To: Disappointed and Disgusted

Listen to how you labeled yourselves...sounds like two sad, bitter, jealous ladies with low self-esteem problems to me. Speaking of ugly, let's start with your nastey attitudes and comments. thats a thought!

Michelle Obama looks fantassssssssssssssstic!!!!

To everyone who has something negative to say about this,
It's pretty sad that this is what your lives have come to. You're arguing over a magazine cover! Really? How immature!

Yes, it is nice that Mrs. Obama can afford to have a personal trainer, but flaunting it she is not, nor is she competing with Madonna. She is her own person and I am encouraged by seeing her as often as I can with her style and intelligence. Try and remember that Mrs. Obama already had income before she became first lady and was living nicely. But you (who probably voted for Bush twice) could be the reason you are in the shape you are in that you would criticize the first lady. So, my advice to you is "if you don't have something nice to say, then keep your negative opinions to yourself." Have a blessed day!!!

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