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First Lady Michelle Obama at Ft. Bragg. Paging Dr. Seuss....


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WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama--in her first out of town visit since taking over the East Wing--visits with soldiers and their families at Fort Bragg in North Carolina on Thursday. She mingled with soldiers at a base mess hall, signed a chef's hat and met with more than 20 military families.

During a stop at the Prager Child Development Center on the base, Mrs. Obama read the Dr. Seuss classic, "The Cat in the Hat."


Is this a joke? Michelle Obama visiting the military of G...D... America (according to her role model Jeremiah Wright)?

Thanks to the 1ST lady for her visit to Ft. Bragg, and her concern for the economic well being of Soldiers. I remember when I was on food stamp after I enlist in the Army. I used to be at Ft. Bragg. It tough supporting a family as a junior enlisted soldier.
I hope that she will do her best to help young military families who are having a tough time making ends meet.

Well.....what did she ever do to "support a military family" or a "working family" before going into the White House? This appears to be a carefully-calculated move to garner support among military personnel and their families, after her husband's lukewarm reception when he visited a military base.

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