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Serious Materials exec who rescued Chicago's shuttered Republic Windows at the White House


WASHINGTON--The executive who heads the company reopening the shuttered Republic Windows and Doors in Chicago was at the White House on Tuesday, at an event with President Obama focusing on energy and the environment.

Obama was introduced by Paul Holland, the vice chairman and lead investor for Serious Materials. The company is re-opening Republic--closed last year--sometime this spring. Holland's company promised to rehire all the Republic workers who lost their jobs last year.


John Stossel did your homework for or should we say let the sun light shine on your work. The conflict of interest with Paul Holland and his wife would make front page news if it were a Republican and his wife.

The wife is in the pipeline for the administration and Serious Windows get a $500,000 grant from Obama. Sure she filled out the conflict form but she is a stock holder.. She is making money off of this.

And the Pres. and "Standup Chuck" Joe Biden visited the plant.. They didn't visit any other plant of any other company, one of which is just 25 miles from Serious... Of course you being from and in Chicago this is Business As Usual for you.

John Stossel has brought to light the conflict of interest between SeriousWindows and the influential position Paul Holland's wife holds in the administration. It is absolutely intolerable and there should be a call for her resignation. Also, why is there not more coverage of the unethical endorsement of SeriousWindows by our leaders?

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