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Congressional Hispanics Caucus poised to meet with Obama


WASHINGTON--The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has a much anticipated meeting coming up with President Obama, probably on Wednesday.

The CHC chairman is Rep. Nydia Velázquez (D-NY). Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) is also a member of the caucus. The CHC has a wide ranging agenda. Immigration is always a key issue for the group.

Meeting with a small group of reporters on March 12, Obama, asked about immigration, said he expected to have a comprehensive policy in place in a few months.

Q Thank you, Mr. President, for having us today. Since we're only going to get maybe one shot, I want to ask you a question that's of great concern to the people of my state of New Mexico. And as you're fully aware, Mexico is besieged by drug-related violence. In my state there's a very real concern that this violence will spill over to the border; in a few cases, it already has. What specifically does the administration plan to do to help contain this violence? And on a related note, if there's anything you could say about immigration reform and when we might see some sort of action on that front.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, as you know, the first meeting with a foreign leader that I had after my election was with President Calderón in Mexico, who I believe is really working hard and taking some extraordinary risks under extraordinary pressure to deal with the drug cartels and the corresponding violence that's erupted along the borders.

So this past week Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, visited with his counterparts in Mexico. Janet Napolitano, our director of Homeland Security, a border state governor, has been convening meetings with all the relevant agencies and consulted with the governors down there.

We expect to have a full -- a fully -- or a comprehensive approach to dealing with these issues of border security that will involve supporting Calderón and his efforts in a partnership; also making sure that we are dealing with the flow of drug money and the guns south, because it's really a two-way situation there. The drugs are coming north; we're sending funds and guns south -- and as a consequence, these cartels have gained extraordinary power.

And so, our expectation is to have a comprehensive policy in place in the next few months.

With respect to immigration reform, to some degree the collapse of housing construction in the country has slowed the flow of illegal immigrants coming into the country, but it remains a serious concern. And our approach is to do some things administratively to strengthen border security; to fix the legal immigration system, because a lot of the pressure -- or a lot of the impetus towards illegal immigration involves a broken legal system -- people want to reunify families and they don't want to wait 10 years.

I think we can make some progress on that front, and we've started to talk to all the parties involved and both parties here in Washington about the prospects of taking legislative steps. But obviously we've got a lot on our plate right now. And so what we can do administratively, that's where we're going to start.


when the poor illegals in america have no ways to out of shadows, they will possible do something illegals,such as stealing, robbing,etc.
The more strict immigration raids maybe more criminals come out...because there are 12 M illegals.. I am afraid about that ###...

Just Obama pandering again. I can't wait until he opens up this can of worms on illegal immigration. I see a huge fight coming, with a huge backlash. Americans are sick of the illegals disregarding any and all laws they feel they don't like. We are sick of the illegals mooching off of our country, sucking free education, healthcare and welfare for the anchor babies. We have a system to deal with immigration but Obama and his bleeding heart lefties and illegal loving organizations consider it racist to enforce our laws. Our country is screwed and defending law breakers is only making things worse. Go after them and the employers who hire them. If caught, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. The Mexicans are now looked upon with disgust as the blacks were in the 50's and 60's. Americans have no respect for people who illegally enter anothers country and have no regard for our laws. Deport them all !!

Deport Em all
How did your ancestors come to this country? I don't see the illegals killing off the natives as your ancestors did.Your ancestors came here killed the natives took their lands and brought the Africans in chains to work for free labor.Don't ever think these issues have been resolved yet.Deport yourself back to where you came from.Remember it's not the Americas.

We all know that "comprehensive immigration reform" is code language for mass amnesty. This approach was tried in 1986. It failed and led to more illegal immigration.

It is appalling and frankly immoral of Rep. Gutierrez to push amnesty for millions of illegal immigrant workers when millions of Americans are losing their jobs!

I urge you to get involved. Please call your Reps and urge them to protect American workers by supporting enforcement of our existing immigration laws -- and by opposing any "comprehensive immigration reform" amnesty scheme.

Understand the real agenda of Obama and the democrats. It is simple: legalize 10~20 million uneducated meso american peasants and sign them all up for goodies from the democrat party.

That assures their loyality and gives the dems enough numbers to make America a one party system like the USSR or modern Mexico.

Then add the 60 to 100 million more to be brought in under "family reunifacation" and America is a third world country no better than the hell holes these people escaped from.

If you don't believe me, just watch Nancy Pelosi at the illegal alien amnesty conference in SF saying enforcing US immigration laws, (the same ones she voted for) is "un-American".

To No Deportation,

Ah yes, the "bad whitey, bad America" argument.

One of the major holes in this "argument" is that if America is so bad, so evil, why does every little radical want millions of the Third World melanin enriched to arrive in droves to the place that bad whitey created ?

In fact, why don't the people who think us evil simply self deport themselves to whatever Third World utopia they think is so much better ?

It's a true conundrum.

Well, maybe not.

The truth is, Amnesty Fetishists hold an irrational hatred for Western Civilization and are fully aware that one way to destroy it is to get
millions of Third Worlders here. And, they may pretend that they
are intellectually superior and good hearted for supporting the real evil of The Invasion.

Hello friends and fellow Americano's. When I see the pandering, the sucking up to, and the outright abundance of both "Hispanic ethnic Interest Groups" and Mexican Embassies,(how many are there now) AND AMERICANS OBLIVIOUS TO IT ALL, I think--why don't we just give the nation away, Now. It's torture, watching it being taken over by Mexican influence, BECAUSE OF THE MANY TRAITORS AND APATHETIC AMERICANS WE HAVE. Millions of American citizens don't even give a rat's a--, OTHERWISE, Americans would be calling for the removal of corrupt leaders like NANCY PELOSI, HARRY REID, CHUCKY SHUMER, AND THE REST OF THEM. BARF!!! WHAT GOOD ARE THEY TO THE AMERICAN CITIZENRY, ANYWAY!!!??????

Jimi, isn't Pelosi a flake? I believe she is. Especially after reading about stuff like her pandering to illegal aliens AND HER AND HER HUSBANDS corrupt dealings in American Somao, where Pelosi nixed a raise for Samoans who work for Starkist Corporation---BECAUSE THE PELOS'S HAVE 17 MILLION DOLLARS INVESTED IN STARKIST STOCK. GOD, THESE PEOPLE MAKE ME PUKE.

With complete and utter shameful disregard for the American worker they had killed E-verify, so that illegal alien workers could be hired. Could be they snuffed E-Verify, because their are millions of illegal labor in Sanctuary cities, like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and many more. Call these rogues up and ask their aides why are you supporting the illegal immigrant workers. Then tell them a vote of no-confidence or better still a recall for their traitorous acts against Americans. Why even a Stimulus, when the legal population, have to compete with illegal labor. Why are Americans and documented residents even having to support illegal immigrants with billions in their tax money. Don't accept these corrupt lawmakers time restraints---tell them you want E-Verify for an-- INCESSANT--period.

Your Senators and Representatives all have website and probably cringing from the banshee wails of angry people. To find your Senator: To phone your Representative: Leave a comment for the President: 202) 456-1414, To comment: (202) 456-111

There is no such thing as a free lunch! and yeah, there are two things that are always certain, death and taxes, Uncle Sam always gets his money! With that said, these true American beliefs that we all grow up with, also include "illegals". These "illegals" pay sales and property taxes, and yes, because they don't have a social security number, the IRS gives them an IT number to file their taxes, (for example, all states get the most tax revenue from sales taxes, and after sales tax, they get most of their tax revenue from income taxes) so please everyone on every side, get more facts that support logical talking points instead of claiming that "illegals" get a free ride, because the bottom line is that they don't!

Readubg all these comments, just makes me realize how little the average american really understands about immigration. All those illegals as you enjoy calling, do pay taxes just like anyone else in this country,and unlike the you they dont get a hefty refund back at the end of the year becasue their fake soc sec does not match their info. that is alot of money for you americans to claim in public services if you think there is 12 million of them out ther and they each get an average of 4 thousand dollars deducted from their annual income,that they cant claim back. See, they do contribute to schools and health care benefits for you. Also, for those of you who say illegals suck up free education and public services, most of these so called public services are denied to them. And for the jobs they hold, that you cliam they take from you, for the most part these are jobs that you wouldnt even dream of doing because you consider them degrading. Just think of you big picture next time you open your ignorants hill billy mouth. thanks

Miss America - She says illegals pay their way and so many millions of others don't have a clue. Millions of Mexicans do NOT pay taxes and steal billions in public assistance - this is how it goes. They have a job under the table no one knows about - like 11 million in this country right now. They have a baby who is auto american citizen. The illegal working parent then gets public assistance. This does not take into account the millions who have fake ID's to steal from the US government. I know several Mexicans who have child after child just to get more welfare. Mexicans have sent trillions of dollars to Mexico instead of invesring in America or paying taxes OR supporting their families here in the U.S. !!!!!!!
They don't have to support the family members in the US - the government does it for them !!

the question that ancestors came here 'killed natives or slaved africams 'is not a reason for coming to america illegally or stay ... but a lot people are here simply because they had two choices here or the grave .a lot of them do wrong stuff but its not everybody and i personally do not agree with anmesty cause we dont know what we are forgiving and yes i belive people should be investigated before and pay a fine for what they did.

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