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Alicia Keys poses as Michelle Obama in new Glamour



WASHINGTON--A new Glamour Magazinefeatures stars posing as American "icons" and singer Alicia Keys impersonates First Lady Michelle Obama. Keys is with two little girls who represent Malia and Sasha and is on steps that suggest the White House. And in this faux world, the Obama daughters already have their dog.

Says Keys to Glamour, "She has worked hard for everything she's accomplished, and done so with grace and humility. So many women and girls can identify with her story."--Alicia Keys, 28, whose most recent album is As I Am


why doesn't she get her eyes pasted open, then she can play nancy!! i'm actually amazed at this collective madness. do any of these people wading anew in the american political genre have the foggiest notion of who or what they elevlate? maybe it's the chase for the little bits of kaching left floating about. have they ever voted in the past? like the other 'O', it seems to have been dificult for that one to get to the polls.
what we have is one set of fictional characters pretending to be another set. gosh, what's next years xmas display gonna look!! any bets?

Awesome just like yourself lynn. I look forward to you tweets daily!

That picture is distasteful. What is the point of her posing as the First Lady. I see no correlation between the article and having an imposter as the First Lady with two children and a dog. I don't recall anyone posing as Laura Bush with children and a dog for a magazine.

This is a very pretty picture but this doesn't mean that Alicia is trying to be like Michelle....maybe she just knows the little girls, so she took a picture with them. Does that really make her a wannabe? Not in my book. Alicia Keys rocks.

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