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White House suggests time running out for Burris


WASHINGTON--White House Secretary Robert Gibbs said Friday President Obama is supportive of an investigation of embattled Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) and signaled that Burris only has a small time left to save his seat.

Gibbs stopped short of calling for Burris to resign. Burris is under a cloud for not disclosing details about his quest for the appointment to fill Obama's senate seat. Burris was appointed by outsted Gov. Blagojevich after the former governor was arrested for trying to sell the seat.

"The president is supportive of an investigation that would get some full story out. And I think it might be important for Sen. Burris to take some time this weekend to either correct what has been said and certainly think of what lies in his future," Gibbs said.

Illinois Gov Quinn on Friday called on Burris to resign.


If Burris, by Divine Intervention, manages to weather the storm that has caught him, and he remains seated in the Senate...there can be nothing admirable, or honorable about his behavior which will garner respect, or support from his fellows, or constituents. He's like some person of influence, who gets "potted" at a party, strips down to his boxers, and wears a lamp-shade! What can be said of such a person? And, how can he salvage anything worthy-of-note in his reputation?
"The party's over...Roland."

Re: Burris, the White House wants to get him out as he is an embarrassment. When the full tapes are released they will show the many contacts Rahm Emmanuel also had with the Governor which went unreported. The bigger question is why the US Attorney Fitzgerald is releasing snippets of what he wants to release and is withholding recorded tapes which are potential embarassments to President Obama and his staff.

Didn't you like my suggestion that Jaleel (Steve Urkel) White play Burris in the Blogevich film?

Ms. Sweet...

MSNBC's Chris Matthews characterizes Burris as a "headless nail"! Don't you love that imagery?

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