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Burris lawyer Wright letter to Madigan says violation of federal law to try to remove him from office.


WASHINGTON--Embattled Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) through his attorney, Tim Wright, on Friday told Illinois Attorney Gen. Lisa Madigan that her legal brief to cut his appointed term short doesn't cut it with them.

Two main points from Wright's letter (see pdf here)

1. Legal--Asserts violation of federal law to have a special election to effectively end his appointment.

2. Political--State can't afford special election.


I think Blago may just be brilliant, after all...

He's turned Roland Burris into the biggest joke
and laughingstock in all of American politics.

He's also transfered his crown of Most Hated
Politician in America from himself to Burris.

I haven't seen anything this good since Abbott
and Costello's "Who's On First" routine!

did this madigan woman attend law school? this is the second, if not more debacle of hers in recent weeks. what about burge? can she do her job? perhaps folks should explore an exit door for her.competency could be the issue.

Whittaker---too much sun for you? I don't know many people who GET why the media is chasing poor Burris around. Since WHEN hasn't someone used a connection to get a JOB? It's the American way (which is why we had affirmative action laws FINALLY)==but EVERYONE uses a friend, a family name---to get a leg up if they can. And so WHAT if he's behind on a bill--who the dickens ISN'T these days---with the robber barons banks and utilities owning congressmen and senators to say things like "clean coal" and 'raised kilowatt rates" and "higher interest rates" and "late penalties" and on and on.
My family back east reads about the Burris thing and wonders what the big deal is. They read about the Blago impeachment and go,"But Daley is still in office. Obama's in his mansion (and we allvoted for him and wanted him to have a safe fortress for his family while he ran). Come on!

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