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The Obamas' host their first White House dinner Sunday


WASHINGTON--President Obama and First Lady Michelle will give the first glimpse of their entertaining style Sunday night when they host a black-tie White House dinner for the National Governors Association.

The East Wing, run by the First Lady has been working on the details of the dinner for several weeks.

It is the debut for White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, the Chicago executive and friend of both the President and First Lady.

"The White House is the place where our bond as Americans is strengthened," said Rogers in a statement. "We look forward to welcoming the nation's governors to celebrate our democratic ideals, our diversity, our shared values and the best of the American spirit."

The evening will feature performances by the Marine Corps band and Earth Wind and Fire, the jazz and rhythm and blues group from the 1970s with Chicago roots.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is expected to attend.


Will Norman Massel editor of be there?

Wow, President Obama, the First Lady and Guests are in for a special treat with Earth Wind and Fire playing for them! I am a member of the Fan Club and have seen them in concert over 15 times.

Hmmm, wasn't it the Obama administration, that criticized a recent bank for having a party in L.A. with Cheryl Crow and Earth wind and fire, because they had accepted a little over a billion dollars in bailout money. Seems am little hypocritical that Obama is hosting this huge party, with all taxpayer monies. And by the way aren't all these governors receiving bailout money from the stimulus package. Aren't all the governors except a few running record deficits as well as the federal government. Oh sorry, I forgot, they are the ruling class and therefore can live by a different standard then the private sector. Where's the outrage America!!!!!!

RON../ who said the party was paid by the tax payer. Please get your information right before blasting

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