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Talking to Bob Sirott on WGN-AM right now


WASHINGTON--Chatting with WGN host Bob Sirott on WGN-AM radio right now about Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.)



As in ANY political issue in Illinois this could take months to get to the truth with statements from Burris, so why not immediately ask Harry Reid to expel him from the US Senate and have Fitzgerald indict him for perjury??

Dear Bob,
Listened with some suprise today (2/19)when you had Walter Jacobsen on your program to opine on Sen. Burris' situation. Walter in his day was the gold standard of Chicago TV Journalism. That day has passed with time and 2 known drunken incidents with the police. In my opinion he has forfieted his right to a 50000 watt voice for his moral outrage when he tripped the 2nd time. Any one is liable to a 1 time slip, but the second time....


Jim Goldman

Hi Bob-

I'm writing this book for Arcadia Publishers on the Chicago music scene of the 1960s and '70s, and everyone keeps telling me- You've gotta tell Bob Sirrot about this! (You can blame Ronnie Rice, Jim Pilster, et al. ;^)
Is there a way I can e-mail you some info on this project? You might enjoy seeing what this is all about.


Dean Milano

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