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President Obama official schedule and week ahead guidance, Feb. 15, 2009. Visits Ottawa, Canada Thursday.

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WASHINGTON--President Obama makes his first international visit on Thursday, when he travels to Ottawa to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other officials. Obama heads to Denver and Phoenix on Tuesday. Obama's team rolls out its mortgage foreclosure package this upcoming week and Obama touts it Wednesday in Phoenix.


Office of the Press Secretary


February 14, 2009


The President will spend the weekend in Chicago. There are no scheduled public

Sunday⿿s Out of Town Travel Pool

Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg
Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP
TV Corr & Crew: ABC
Print: Sun Times

Press Schedule for February 15, 2009



Intercontinental Hotel, Chicago, IL

Schedule for the Week of February 16, 2009

The President and the First Family will return to DC from Chicago on Monday
afternoon. There are no public events this weekend. The President will attend
meetings at the White House on Monday afternoon when he returns.

On Tuesday, President Obama will travel to Denver, Colorado where he will hold
an event on the economic recovery plan. He will travel to Phoenix that evening
where he will stay overnight and then Wednesday morning hold an event to discuss
relief for Americans facing home foreclosure. He will return to Washington, DC
on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday, the President will travel to Ottawa, Canada to meet with Prime
Minister Stephen Harper and other Canadian officials. He will return to the
White House that night.

On Friday, the President will attend meetings in DC.


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America was founded by our four fathers the love they have for God their morals they fought strong to give people freedoms that sad part it is someday will come to the end. Because the people in the Government are so selfish and they would do anything to destroy this country for money. They would say and do anything to be elected for president and hide behind a religion and faith and lie to the American people like this joker has done and many more other like him who have lie to the people. STOP lying to your self government (the people in the government have sold their souls to the evil of the world I say this because they would be honest instead they lie steal and murder all because of money look what’s behind the evil act the evil banking system ) So I say this to all of you.
You are not giving people the life their father and mother once had to live a life with out the government butting their nose into raising their children and their was a period of time this country teach the bible in the school’s The Ten Commandments Display in the court house, The pledge elegies united states America was stated in the public schools. The American money was backed by gold not paper (thanks to the evil banking system and the government)
I am sicken by this action some day you all will have to answered to God and God said this to love him you must keep his ten commandments. Killing insist baby’s ( I am sorry people we are not here to kill each other off we are here to make decisions and to help one another and to love our neighbor as like our self. Government has the people fooled by their dirty games remember Y2k that was a joke now it is global worming satin is doing a dammed good job using evil science and the government to do his job to destroy this country. They will say and do anything to destroy this country and they used the rich to hide behind and the news media what makes me sad once a pond time these people used to be like the middle class and poor the only difference is they end up later in life worker for the government. Their used to be no gun control everyone had the right to own and have a gun not anymore.

Thank you government for destroying this country !!!and being selfish !!!!
Government you all forget People should not be the government property we are not robots and Animals should not be track by micro chip. God did not make people to be micro chip or made animals to be micro chip. So stop this evil and selfish act.

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