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Oprah and Gayle King visit Michelle Obama at the White House. School kids visit with First Lady today


WASHINGTON--Girl Friend Summit alert....Oprah at the White House...First Lady Michelle Obama celebrates African American History month with school kids at the White House on Wednesday afternoon.

Hat tip to The Reliable Source at the Washington Post, where Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts reported that Oprah Winfrey and pal Gayle King were at the White House on Tuesday for an "O" Magazine interview.

This afternoon at 4 p.m. eastern, the first lade brings sixth and seventh graders from the city to the White House to hear Sweet Honey in the Rock, an African American female a capella group.

This event is an example of Obama's efforts to open up the White House to the community.


Ms Sweet:

I am VERY CURIOUS about the Obamas' (Individual)
choices of FOODS MEALS and SNACKS in the Whitehouse.
Please make a DETAILED feature report.

(Is the Presidents' diet "JUNKY", I have seen clips of him ordering a LOT of CHEESEBURGERS and FRIES)


Mrs. Obama is doing a very good thing instructing these young black students to be responsible and to be good citizens, to make their own community stronger. This message of responsibility for self is something blacks should have been taught all along, but they haven't been taught this. They need to hear this message when they're young, and who better to teach it than Mrs. Obama? Admonishing them to work hard and support their families is a message they need to hear. It's time that someone taught black children the importance of responsibility and to let go of victimhood, and she's the perfect person to do that. The Obamas are THE perfect example for blacks. They're educated, married & were married before they had children, and are raising the children together. It's a perfect lesson for black history month. I believe black history month should continue and that this message of responsibility and hard work should be emphasized every year. It is long past time to stop the victim cop-out and instead push a message of self-reliance. A powerful black person is doing that at last! Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and all those of their ilk, take note! Your pimp days are numbered!

'pimp days'? lol... well this poor thing...all that 'hope' and no audacity. perhaps they're the perfect example for you, with your indoor plumbing, et al. maybe we can have a political 'bozo' month inasmuch as there's an apparent resurgence of them. this poor ms. frans should read about the wonderful marriage of mr. obama's parents, yes?

I agree with the 'bozo' month. These folks have the Obama's confused with the holy family. They're fictional characters you see on tv. And by the way, this bozo can replace 'admonishing' with 'encouraging'. But i guess it's how you were brought up.

Is there any possibility of having a six-month moratorium on the leftover bigots, the poor losers, the folks who are clinging so hard to their old prejudices that it blocks their vision of a better tomorrow? Here's what Norman Vincent Peale memorably said, "Practice HOPE - as hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit." The Bad News Bears bring down themselves along with everyone around them - get yourselves to a therapist!

A gud gesture Mr. President. Oprah is one of the names I always want to be associated with. The others are Obama, Jessie Jackson, Usher, Hunter, Bill Gates, Prophet T.B Joshua,Ronadinho, Khofi Anani, John Ata Mills: this list is half way long.

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