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Obama's hoops weekend. Pal Nesbitt in brace; Finkenbinder on court


WASHINGTON--The Hoopster-in-Chief is basketball heavy this weekend. On Friday, the Chicago Bulls visited the White House. In the evening, Obama and friends hit the Wizards-Bulls game. On Saturday, Obama played at the court in the Interior Department.

Pool report #1

Hoops at Interior

At 10:49 a.m., President Obama and pal Marty Nesbitt, in sweat suits, got into the presidential SUV. Reggie Love got in another SUV, holding a basketball. Three minutes later, having passed oblivious tourists on the Ellipse and a dozen or so more observant gawkers on 17th St., the slow-speed motorcade pulled to a stop at the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Who knew they had a basketball court?

Pool held in vans on 18th Street between D and E, which was closed to traffic for a while but reopened until it was time to go. The president, visible in the back seat of his SUV, pulled out at 12:42 for the brief ride home.

No idea if Interior Secretary Salazar played or was even in the building. No idea who won or even who all the players were. We barely caught a glimpse of the First Hoopster.

Nesbitt, in shorts now and with a brace visible on his right leg, walked with a limp into the residence, having apparently suffered a bit of cramping. Press aide Ben Finkenbinder, his T-shirt darkened with sweat from his first basketball game with the boss, was too discreet to provide details on players, score, game highlights or such.

Todd Gillman

Dallas Morning News


Not bad a game of hoops, lnuch with Stevie Wonder
Earth Wind and Fire. Lunch with the Chicago Bulls

Is Northern Trust Bank of Chicago the same Bank that holds Obamas Sweetheart Mortgage and also donated over 70,000 dollars to his campaign.
if so he should give back the money. Barney frank may come after him. NOT.. this is no worse than Chris Dodd so how come no one has reported it.???

oh, how cute. while he's doing this, black leaders, including ron walters of u. maryland, are putting to gather in forum to asses the 1st hundred days of his presidency. i don't see a 'lay-up' in store.

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