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Obama to focus on domestic issues in speech to joint session of Congress tonight

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WASHINGTON--As President Obama has said, he didn't sign up for an economic meltdown when he campaigned for the White House. Now he has a hand in running the nation's banks, auto industry and housing market. Tonight, before Obama's first joint address to Congress, he is expected to focus on domestic and financial issues.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs made the rounds of the morning shows to preview the speech. On CBS Gibbs said, "I think what you'll see tonight is the president will lay out the many challenges that we have.

:He'll talk about the recovery plan that's now into law and that is already beginning to save and create jobs in this country. He'll talk extensively about a financial stability plan that will get banks lending to families and small businesses again, a home foreclosure plan that helps responsible homeowners avoid foreclosure, as well as a plan to re-regulate the financial industry so that we don't find ourselves, Maggie, facing this situation ever again."

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