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Gov. Pat Quinn calls on Burris to resign. Fill vacancy by election, not appointment.



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CHICAGO--Gov. Quinn this morning called on his good friend Roland Burris to resign his U.S Senate seat.

"There's just too much of a cloud of controversy over the appointment process," Quinn said.

Quinn said he supports a bill to fill U.S. Senate vacancies with a temporary appointee by the governor and special primary and special general election within 115 days.


You are complaining that Obama owes you l.74 million for his speech in Chicago and Chicago desperately needs this money and Obama should pay up, because your state is broke, and now your new governor says you have plenty of dollars to spend on an election to replace Obama's seat in Illinois. Boy, Chicago, you guys have no idea how to handle money, or you are just a bunch of con artists. Either you got the bucks, or you don't. Which is it? I believe Obama should pay his bill so you can go back into debt by holding another election. How about that? Talk about voodoo economics.

Thank you, Gov. Quinn! Nice to see an Illinois Governor stand up for the right thing!

Why the special election? The seat was previously held by a Democrat (Obama)and as such a Democrat should be appointed. Then have the election in 2010, as scheduled. Why is he even considering this? Why does my party give in so easily?

Problem with that .....The person who is appointed on the interim basis will have an advantage come the election....Have an election with no appointee is fair....

ENOUGH ALREADY with this Washington nonsense and "hot air".

Senator Roland Burris should just keep on keeping on as the junior Senator from Illinois, which he is. He is there, and will do fine.

We have enough critical problems in this country to worry about, and that includes the many fine citizens in the State of Illinois. They, and the rest of the country don't need to take the time to watch the theatrics of current Governor Pat Quinn, and writers of the Chicago Tribune, as they both see an opportunity to "pile on", and beat up anew on the former Governor Blagojevich.

My message to both Quinn and Tribune writers: Find something to do; but right now ---- you are talking to yourselves.

Our economy is "tanking", people are losing their jobs, thousands upon thousands are being laid off, families are losing their homes, stimulus money by the billions are going out to companies who then turn around and give some of that to key executives in bonuses -- while thousands upon thousands have no health insurance, and now newly appointed (by about two months) Governor Quinn of Illinois and some Chicago Tribune writers want us to listen to their rants because Senator Burris forgot to mention he was asked to conduct a fund raiser for former Governor Blagojevich, and was unsuccessful ---- and we the rest of the country should be concerned about that. Further, we understand that was before any talk of a Senatorial appointment. I think Quinn and the Tribune writers have been reading too many political novels, because they probably have nothing else to do.

All the country I know is either looking for a job, or glad we have one to go to tomorrow. That's where our mind is.

Thank you.

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