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First Lady Michelle Obama lunches with Team MO at Five Guys in DuPont Circle


WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama has been saying she wants to get to know her new city and Friday took some of her newest staffers for lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries at DuPont Circle.

The lunch bunch--numbering about eight--consisted of new members of Team MO (new scheduler, office support team) --who did not know the First Lady from the campaign.

The First Lady dined on a cheeseburger, fries and a Coke.


I am glad you are getting around and visiting the different resturants in your home town.
I bet the burger was tasty.

Does the public need to know everything!

Five Guys is the best burger in the metro area. Great choice.

Dear Mrs. Obama AND President Obama,
We love you, but PLEASE eat more healthy than burgers and fries. That's all we hear is burgers and fries. You two are slim. Help America slim down; at least publicly, why not go for Spinach salad, even with bacon. Or turkey on wheat, tuna on wheat, etc. with baked chips.

I think the first lady is terrific - keep up the good work. You go lady!!! Smart, charming, beautiful - what more could you want? Good luck on the causes you care about - they are good works. Best wishes, Nancy Klein

We love ya, Michelle!

I appreciate the desire to keep your life real, but I wish you'd eat more healthy food!

I just had my first Five Guys burger this week and it was sooooo good. Michelle is awesome

Please try to show lunch that is more healthy than Burger Fries and Coke. Those of us involved in trying to teach our youth to have healthy school lunches, will find it hard to do when the
First Lady is shown eating what we are trying not to serve in our school cafeterias. Eat and enjoy please, but with out the publicity.

I think this is Great !!!!

mmmmmmmmmm. . .I loves me some Five Guys Burgers. I sure do miss them way down here in Texas!

Five Guys is awesome!! It is franchise that started in the Washington DC area and I am thrilled that they came to NJ near where I live. You have to suspend your diet for a bit when you visit Five Guys, but it is worth it. The freshest, best tasting burgers and fries anywhere - I'm sure the First Lady and her team had a great lunch!

Now This Is "GREAT" !!!
This First Lady is Truly A First Lady !!!
Pure American Lady !!!!!!!!

I love your style, Ms. Obama! May I go with you next time?

When will you take your staffers to Ben's Chilli Bowl?


In other news today, several fish seen swimming in local waterways.

Give it a break Midge, 5 Guys makes some of the freshest ingredients around. What you are trying not to feed your school kids is disgusting sub-par nasty ingredients school lunch ladies have to try to pass off as real food - I went to high school, I know difference between that crap and fresh veggies ad meat. Everyone needs a good burger now and again.

To all who are chastising the first lady for ordering a burger, lighten up. The Obamas just hired a chef from Chicago who is young and who is famous for serving local fare and lots of really tasty vegetables. Evidently he has been welcomed into the White House by the other cooks with open arms. Besides we are in a recession. Folks are eating fast food from time to time. I would much rather see Obama with a chili dog or a burger than giving the White House thousands and thousands of dollars worth of china, which is what the Bushes did when they left office. Showed that both Laura and George were out of touch. Not the Obamas. We had BushCo. Now we have ObamCo. I much prefer the latter, whether it's a question of policy or what to eat!

Anyone want to take a bet on how much our already hefty first lady gains in the first year. I will start-50. I see that she is already sporting a few extra pounds. Slow down girl!

I am *delighted* she is a regular gal like the rest of us. It's about time! You go, Girl!

I happened to be there... stopped in for a quick lunch before heading to the airport for my flight back to Illinois. She was very gracious on her way out, stopping to talk with other diners. Had my camera with me and have a picture. Made my day!

Sweetface, reading comprehension is golden. It was her staffers that they were talking about. They didn't know her from the campaign, and this was her opportunity to get to know them. Glad you had a laugh, though.
And to those criticizing her lunch choices (esp. the Nazi planning her diet), give it up! This was one publicized lunch out. Based on her shape, and his, this is hardly the habit. We only hear about these meals because they're the only ones that get reported on. If you got a full daily menu of the Obama family, would you feel better about their health, and the "message" they're giving?
Lighten the hell up, folks.

There's nothing wrong with a balanced diet, folks. A burger with or without cheese and fries every few weeks is fine. Relax. Vegans die young too.

A serious corned beef sandwich every month is ok too.

Many mothers of 60's and 70's kids smoked and drank all through their pregnancies (as did their mothers). Let's keep our priorities in balance, please.

Five Guys is all the way out to Oregon--the First Lady must have known that there is no better burger or fries than you can get at Five Guys! We've been eating at Five Guys since the beginning, when there was only one.

When will you come to Oregon State University and watch a basketball game?

Give it a break with the healthy food already! Teach your children what you need to teach them and let the First Lady live a little!

She wears clothing, she has hair, and now... she eats!

Ms. Obama will of course be ferociously condemned by her morbidly obese countrymen for not lunching on dried tofu shavings and a thimble of mineral water. It will occur to no one that it's her waistline and not her occasional indulgence that is the example she's setting for America's spherical children and their gelatinous parents.

Oddly, I can't recall anyone condemning Barbara Bush for similar reasons, despite the resemblance she bore to an upholstered whale incongruously beached in the White House. But then the issue with hypocrites is never what's done - only what's done in public.

You confused the hell out of me with your post Sweetface!

you did a right thing be familar with all and i like the way tuo did.

Some of ya'll act like she's eating burgers and fries daily. I'm sure she's a healthy eater but just had a taste for a good ole fashion burger that day.


gotta watch the spinach and lettuce salad when eating out now because you cant check the bag for irradiation !!!!

Healthy eating habits include the occasional burger and fries.
Learning self control is the path to a healthy lifestyle.

To all the people looking for an object lesson from this normal Friday lunch.

Dear Children of America -
The Obama's do love a good cheeseburger and fries. And they get to splurge occasionally. Why? Because they work out. Alot. They are active. They go to the gym every day. President Obama plays basketball too. You too can eat some tasty junk food once in awhile if you get up, put down the Wii and get outside.

Thank you.

Excuse me! All of you health food fanatics!! Who said they were eating burgers and fries on a regular basis. Is it not good to eat this type of food once in a while? Look at them!! Do they look like the eat unhealthy meals??? You Go, Michelle and Barack, eat your hamburgers and fries and enjoy!!

First Lady Michelle Obama, thank you for "keeping it real!" Now that you have tried the best burger in Washington, DC, please dine on something more healthy. The American people are taking their health clues from you.
Thanks for being the beautiful lady that you are.
Take care of our President, PLEASE!!

Taking a break from a diet is fair once in a while. Mrs. Michelle Obama is awesome. She doesn't need to be showing anybody healthy eating. She shows it well enough by her figure. She is beautiful as she is. That was great of her!!!

Best of luck and good wishes to our First Lady!!

sweetface, Obama always pays his own way, he doesn't take free stuff.

Damn it! I was at that Five Guys myself for lunch yesterday, but obviously not at the same time. I never see anything cool.....

Now this is stimulating for the economy and good for PR and just plain Fancy to see normal people doing normal things! You go michell and Lynn love your reporting

Don't beat the First Lady up about her food choice. It's obvious that she watches her diet and her families diet...(duh)thin. Maybe her staff wanted to treat her to something new! Maybe it was not her idea to go there in the first place. From what I have read she likes to eat organic. So maybe she was just being gracious and going along with the crowd. You go Michelle! A woman with good taste and class!

Mrs. Obama can eat ANYTHING she wants to eat. Back off. Maybe her critics need to watch what the heck THEY eat.

Sure, vegans may also die early, but they don't die with a disgraceful 40 tons (lbs) of accumulated debris in their colon like John Wayne did!

Dear First Lady Obama,

Please curb your desire for the flesh of innocent animals brought to slaughter. Although you were in happy surroundings, think about the last few weeks of the poor animal you digeste: the inhumane upbringing, transportation and brutal murder.

America has its first black couple. Maybe, just maybe, they can become the first vegetarians?!? It's never to late to CHANGE! HOPE! YES WE CAN! SI SE PUEDE!


I'm a realist. I know vegan is still too much to ask for in the 21st century. Maybe when cars fly.

At least Michelle can possibly use the restroom without all you who are so quick to criticize pouncing on her?

Michelle said she wanted a hamburger at the best place in DC...that place sounds a lot like the SmashBurger places here in Colorado....ooooohhh, they are Soooooo good...a good old fashioned burger, and we get the haystack onions...yummmmm....

Leave her alone. Stop telling her what to eat. She is the mom, the wife, the daughter, the First Lady. Plus, a lawyer...I am sure she is capable of deciding what she wants to eat...sheeesh...

Bryan Harrison,

LOL! Made me laugh.

Love the Obamas! I know the Political game can be rought and tumble but nice to see soooooo many people who can see through all that and KNOW the Obamas are the real deal. Hope personified.


I'm proud to call you "My First Lady". You are an inspiration to all of us women. Thank you for just hanging out with the crowd. You are just what we've been waiting for, a woman of good class and great taste. You go Michelle!!!!!!!!!

5 Guys is an institution. The tastiest burgers around. Why not treat yourself once in a while? She takes care of herself, works out, etc. Good for her for being a normal person!

I never knew Five Guys was a burger place, what a great plug! I have to try them. Now I hope Mrs. O will try my fantastic oils and creams for face and body.

I'm happy that she is supporting a local franchise. I'm sure they can use the business.

i honestly cannot believe that people are giving michelle beef for where she eats! she's a grown woman she'll eat what she wants. wether your kids see michelle eating a burger or some other person eating a burger, your kids still gonna see someone eating, and probably enjoying a burger. so get over it

mmmmmm is right.. I'm with Debbie, sure do miss dem burgers down here in Texas!

Thank you, Ms. Sweet, for showing restraint and maturity and not using the headline "Michelle Obama Eats Five Guys."

I love that the First Lady takes her staff out for a get acquainted lunch of burgers, fries and a coke. And the people responding negatively are a bunch of jealous people who wish that they could be on her staff. I would love to be on her staff! I am a chicagoan and most of my bosses did the same thing when they wanted to get acquainted with their staff, they would take us to lunch because it is a good way to break the ice and get to know people. God Bless you First Lady Michelle, I am praying for you and our President. I applaud President Obama's visit to Elkart Indiana where real people are suffering from these brutal economic times. I am also job hunting, so any effort that will stimulate job resources I wholeheartedly encourage!Good luck to the First Lady and her new staff and may they accomplish great things!

We make 5 Guys burgers! We're Burger Maker Inc. of Carlstadt, NJ. All we do is burgers so they better be the best. Some burgers we literally grind up USDA Prime meat to make some of our premium burgers.

I am Michelle Obama's first grade teacher. I remember all my students. Why I remember when Jesus sat in the third row of my classroom. Basically I just wanted to say that I'm feelin chili dog. yummmmmmmmmmmm


I love our First Lady! So refreshing to see how down to earth she is. As for having a burger and fries, with her staff as not eating healthy, is laughable.Just look at her,she works out daily! A burger and fries once in a while doesn't matter! By the way, great PR for 5 GUYS burgers.

The first lady is a class act! I am still taken by the fact that this first family is in the oval office. MO is real, down to earth and such a wonderful example. Keep the faith, and keep up the wonderful work you are doing MO.

Congrats to the First Lady!! My favorite
Burger joint on the planet. I love 5 GUYS!

I ate at FIVE GUYS for the first time, this past Saturday, and the burger was mmmmm mmmmmmmmmm goooddddd. My two children enjoyed them as well. It is nithing wrong with eating Fast Food once in awhile.....Go Michele!!! I love you and your family. You are always in my prayers. Keep keeping it real....

you obamatons are idiots.

Midge and Dee..PLEASE stop with your food police nonsense. It gets ridiculous. A burger and fries once in a while will not hurt anyone, let alone Michelle Obama. To echo what another poster mentioned, that CRAP that's fed to schoolkids makes 5 Gs seem like health food anyway.

I like the fact that the Obamas, especially Barack show no shame in their passion for eating, yet I will bet that for the most part, they strive to live a healthy life. Besides, no one's perfect. Are you?

Do you expect people to eat spiniach everyday?

People who are complaining that they are setting a bad example by eating there and need to show Americans (and their children) how to eat healthier, need to shut up. Each adult is responsible for what they put into their body. Not the president or his wife, not your best friend, not your spouse, YOU. And parents as well as schools are the ones responsible for what their children eat and teaching them how to eat healthy. It's OK to have junk food sometimes, and if seeing Michelle Obama have a burger really has THAT much effect on your children, I suggest you start to do your job a little better.

What sheer non sense!! A publicity stunt that cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars in Secret Service security and inconvenienced countless "regular people" all so she could have a photo op with a burger. My God, she ate a frickin hamburger. Wake up, Washington and the Obamas are full of crap. I can't believe the number of people commenting " OMG she is so normal, that's so wonderful" Open your eyes and study things in a serious analytical manner when it comes to government. NEWS UPDATE: MO sits when using the toilet. OMG she is so normal !!!!

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