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Burris making speech at Chicago's City Club right now. Will stop taking media questions. LIVE BLOG


1:09 Chicago time..Green gives Burris a City Club mug.

1:08 Chicago time...Green reads question from Jeff Berkowitz, about contacts with Blaogjevich..."Not making any responses to those questions."

1:07 Chicago time....Former Ald. Bernie Hansen--question about great lakes....Burris done with talking about expensive Washington hotel rooms.

1 p.m. Chicago time....Burris is taking questions, it turns out, read by Paul Green....

Burris asked about living arrangements in Washington....surprised to find the federal government did not pay rent of senators....

Burris did not read $787 billion stimulus bill.
"I got handed a 800 something and page document:.....thumbed through it....

...implies he has told all he knows about facts leading up to his appointment....

12:58 Chicago time....Burris declares...."won't engage the media" anymore after today. "And have the facts drip out on a selective basis."

12:54...Burris is now addressing what folks want to hear...his defense...
Some choice quotes...

"I've done nothing wrong. I've nothing to hide."

"Stop the rush to judgement."
"I am the real Roland."

"Trust and relationships take time to build"

12:52 Chicago time....FYI...BURRIS NEVER VOTED ON THE LILY LEDBETTER ACT.... That was Senate vote 4 on Jan. 15, with a roll call at 12:58 pm.

Burris was sworn in that day. His first vote was at 4:28 p.m.

12:26 Chicago time....Burris is talking things he had nothing to do with...the Chicagoans in the White House....expanding childrens health...the Lily Ledbetter act.....(passed on the day Burris sworn in the senate.

"and the landmark $787 stimulus package"

Embattled Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) was just introduced by Chicago Ald. Ed Burke (14th) at the City Club of Chicago. Burris is not going to take questions after his speech, according to his new press spokesman Jim O'Connor, who was a press secretary for Blair Hull's 2004 Senate campaign.

Burke gave him a very upbeat, supportive introduction.

Burris is talking about his first month in office.


Calls for Burris resignation intensify as new details emerge 18 Feb 2009 The Washington Post added its voice Wednesday [LOL! Since when does CensoringNewsNetwork cite 'Washington Post' editorials?] to a growing chorus of demands for the resignation of Sen. Roland Burris two days after he detailed conversations with impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's brother that he failed to mention under oath. Burris, appointed by a scandal-wracked Blagojevich to fill President Obama's vacant Senate seat, told reporters Monday night in Peoria, Illinois, that he had three conversations with the governor's brother, Robert Blagojevich. [Heads up! GOPigs - working with Reichwing media - are trying to remove Burris and install a Repuke - much like the maggots did with Arnold Schwarzenegger in California. What about scumbag David Vitter? Why no calls for *his* resignation? --LRP]

Lori R. Price
Managing Editor
Citizens For Legitimate Government

A lackluster speaker...a defensive character, with a hair-trigger temper...and as has been stated, an "empty suit" offering no vision for building meaningful improvements on behalf of the citizens of his state...What significant contributions does Burris hope to make?

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