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Bulls visit with Obama at the White House. Report, photos, roster of attendees


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By John Jackson

Chicago Sun-Times NBA/Bulls Writer
WASHINGTON--Usually, teams visit the White House after winning a championship, but the Bulls made the trip Thursday less than 24 hours after one of their worst losses of the season in New Jersey.

Of course, it helps when the President is a big fan.

Players, coaches broadcasters and front office personnel for the Bulls met with and posed for photos with President Obama this afternoon for about 10 to 15 minutes in the Blue Room of the White House.

The Bulls presented the President, a long-time Bulls fan, with a Bulls jersey with "Obama" and No. 44 on the back.

"The President chatted with the players and said he was converting the tennis court out back here into a basketball court and invited them to come and play pick up with him," said David Axelrod, the senior adviser to Obama. "They had a good visit."

WASHINGTON--The Chicago Bulls visited with President Obama at the White House on Thursday. The event was closed press. Here's a read out of the Hoopster-in-Chief meeting his hometown team from the White House press office......

There were players, coaches and folks from the Bull's front office. The President took several photos with them. They took the photos in the Blue Room. Obama staffers Mike Strautmanis and David Axelrod came by to grip and grin.

The President congratulated the team for working hard and making progress this season. He said that he's a die hard Bulls fan. The players and coaches presented him with a Chicago Bulls Jersey that said Obama, and had the number 44.

During the team photo, the President said he wanted to stand next to Ben Gordon because "Ben's not that tall." The team found that pretty funny.

The President told the players that there was a tennis court with basketball hoops out back, and invited them to come for a pickup game sometime this summer.
Below from the White House..

List of attendees:

Player: Deng, Luol Ajou

Player: Gordon, Benjamin Ashenafi

Player: Gray, Aaron Michael

Player: Hinrich, Kirk James

Player: Hunter, Lindsey Benson

Player: Miller, Bradley Alan

Player: Noah, Joakim Simon

Player: Roberson, Anthony

Player: Rose, Derrick Martell

Player: Salmons, John Rashall

Player: Thomas, Timothy M.

Player: Thomas, Tyrus Wayne

Staff: Bickerstaff, Bernard Tyrone

Staff: Bonhotal, Joshua Adam

Staff: Brewster, Sebrina

Staff: Del Negro, Vincent Joseph

Staff: Dukan, Ivica

Staff: Forman, Garth A.

Staff; Funk, Neil Eugene

Staff: Harris, Delmer William

Staff: Holbert, Thomas William

Staff: Julius, Steve

Staff: King, Ronald Stacey

Staff: Ligmanowski, John Francis

Staff: Mandel, Irwin

Staff: Myers, Peter Eddie

Staff: Ociepka, Robert Henry

Staff: Paxson, John MacBeth

Staff: Schanwald, Stephen M.

Staff: Severns, David William

Staff: Swirsky, Charles Thomas

Staff: Tanaka, Jeffrey Kiyoshi

Staff: Tatalovich, Adam Rade

Staff: Tedeschi, Alfred John

Staff: Wennington, William Percy

Staff: Wilhelm, Michael Peter

Guest: King, Alan

Guest: Stein, Sanford


Does President Obama like the Chicago Bears football team also, and the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Team?

Bruce, just out of curiosity, what's your point?

I wonder who was more wowed: the players or the President. I would have been floored personally. What an oppportunity.

He's a Chicagolander we love all Chicago teams....

Bruce Hattley, Stop being a hater!!! Many of people has already been through the White House. It's ok for Obama to let his folks in there!! Man he from Chicago, give the man a chance. Maybe he will invite the Chicago Bears and Blackhawks to the White House!! Funny thing, the White House is turing Black, HEHEHE!!

My only question is, John MacBeth Paxton? Were his parents fans of Shakespeare?

Bruce Hattley, Obama likes the Bears and White Sox, too. He's always said to be a die-hard White Sox, Bulls and Bears fan. As far as hockey, he's not a fan. Last week he was in Canada and said he's never watched an hockey game.

it pays to have the pres be a fan

Obama only has attention to basketball!

He is a huge Bears fan (not sure about the Hawks). The key is that the President is a die-hard WHITE SOX fan.

maybe mr. prez can call wade and bosh in 2010 to try and convince them to play for the bulls.

is david axelrod a quotable figure? i mean, like, in the academic sense...can he still be considered legit? and if so, by whom?

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