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Oprah Winfrey said she was surprised to learn Wednesday from her best friend Gayle King that Governor Blagojevich was considering her for Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat.

Blagojevich confirmed on Good Morning America that he was considering Winfrey. She said she was meditating when she got the news.

"If I had been watching from the treadmill I probably would have fallen off the treadmill," Winfrey told King on King' Sirius satellite radio program.


Wow, leave it to Blago to beat Govenor Patterson in considering someone even less qualified for a senate seat than Caroline Kennedy!!!

Just when you thought we had heard it all! WOW! I wasnt embarassed to say i"ve lived in Illinois all my life but I think I too am finally there, someone play all the secretly taped phone conversations, so we can be rid of this jerk, cut to the chase and lets get this done already, Oh and while were at it, possibly we could pass a new amendment to bring back public hangings, I'd stand in the cold and pay my admissionfee to see this one!

Less qualified?

Oprah Winfrey is the CEO of a multibillion dollar operation, one which she built.

Oprah Winfrey has access to the most powerful people in the world, and can usually get most of them on the phone in a few minutes.

While her show focuses on lighter fare, someone who gives that many interviews per year has knowledge on a greater variety of issues than the average citizen.

Most of all, she is an excellent communicator adn motivator who would have a captive audience each time she spoke.

When she tells people to buy a book, they buy it. When she tells people she doesn't like something, they avoid it.

Frankly, Oprah Winfrey is as or more qualified to function as a legislator than most of the bozos that actually get elected to office.

And I doubt it would take her very long to become one of the Senate's shining stars.

People who go from co-anchor of a Balitmore morning news show to Media tycoon in a span of two decades deserve such consideration.

And frankly, I doubt people would make the same suggestion of someone like Ted Turner.

If I heard that Oprah actually gets on a treadmill, I would have fallen off mine...

Blago is definitely an opportunist and an attention hog. He will stop at nothing to milk the media for all its worth. He certainly knows how to drag the big-name people down with him. Who's next? Paris Hilton?

As a New Yorker, I resent the above comment even as I fall out my chair laughing.

This is really making me angry. On the one hand, a white politician seeking to win over his jury pool is lying to the public about his intentions of who he wanted to replace Barack. One the other hand no one is asking him about his recorded phone calls where he never once mentions Oprah at all. Then on the next, one of the most successful black women in black america delivers the most arrogant insulting remark about a senate job that a man used to get to the white house and give me more hope then any person of my life. "Where do I fit it in my day job?" Oprah says the same about motherhood, husbands, and for me personally she represents the very reason I am certain I will forever be single, black, and depressed. Barack changed my idea of responsibility, masculinity, education, and so much with his success in the senate and now victory in washington, and Oprah has no right regardless of her wealth (is it in the top 10 of forbes? NO) to demean a senate job OR EVEN MAYOR job just because she brags she is too busy working. Thank god Barack and true leaders don't desire fame, money, and entertainment power, and sacrifice to lead a country that has given 250 million citizens the freedom to MAKE OPRAH WINFREY. It's not a senate job, the the honor and chance to lead your country. I wish I right now work for a politician. EVEN REPUBLICAN instead of waste my time making money in private sector. I want to be a leader that changes the world, not a entertainer owned by advertisers.

Oprah would make an outstanding choice. She's the one who convinced me to support Obama in the first place.

If Blago had half a brain, he'd be a half-wit and he'd walk lopsided.
The great people of Illinois deserve better.

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