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U of Chicago Hospital VP Susan Sher tapped to be White House associate counsel


WASHINGTON--Another Chicagoan is being tapped for the White House; Susan Sher, the vice president for Legal and Governmental Affairs and General Counsel at the University of Chicago Medical Center will be an associate counsel to President elect Barack Obama. Sher is a close friend of Michelle Obama--and her boss at the U of Chicago--as well as Valerie Jarrett--incoming White House adviser. Sher will provide legal advice to the incoming First Lady according to the transition as well as working on legal issues connected with health care policy.

Sher served as Mayor Daley's Corporation Counsel between 1993 and 1997, where she worked in City Hall with Jarrett. Jarrett also has been Sher's overseer, as the Chair of the University of Chicago Medical Center Board and also Chair of theExecutive Committee of that board.

Sher bio from the Obama transition......

Susan Sher, Associate Counsel to the President

Sher will be Associate Counsel to the President. Her duties will include providing legal advice to the First Lady and working on legal issues associated with health care policy. Sher is currently the Vice President for Legal and Governmental Affairs and General Counsel of the University of Chicago Medical Center and is responsible for all legal, government, regulatory, and community affairs at the Medical Center. She also works on governance and many other Board related issues. From 1993 through 1997 she was the Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago, the City of Chicago's chief lawyer, reporting to the Mayor and responsible for representing the Mayor, city departments, boards, and commissions on all legal matters. She was the first Assistant Corporation Counsel from 1989-1993. Previously she was Associate General Counsel of the University of Chicago, and earlier, was a partner at Mayer Brown & Platt, specializing in Labor and Litigation. She is a cum laude graduate of Loyola University of Chicago School of Law. She is currently on the following Boards of Directors: Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Mt. Sinai Hospital Medical Center & Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital & Care Network; the Board of Directors of High Jump; the Board of Directors of YWCA of Greater Chicago. She is Past Chair of the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and of The Chicago Network. She is on a variety of task forces and committees involving not-for-profit corporations and healthcare, including the Illinois Hospital Association, the Attorney General's Charitable Advisory Task Force and the Donor's Public Trust Task Force.


If Michelle Obama chose her she must be black? Like to see a pic of her. Proof me wrong.

There is a picture of her online; she looks white to me. Does it matter what race she is? Except of Mrs. Clinton, I don't recall any of the other first ladies surrounding themselves with black assistants. I'm not 100% certain; however I think I have "proof" you wrong.

When will we get beyond the race issue? I believe the correct response is that
Ms. Sher is obviously qualified.

she's white and jewish, dummy

I guarantee you that you are wrong. Last name Sher? Black, I don't think so. But with all of the other whites in the Obama White House, so what if she is black!

You are incorrect. Ms. Sher is not African American.

You are incorrect. Ms. Sher is not African American.

Ha ha!!! She's not black. Shame on you for assuming Mrs. Obama would choose someone solely on race.

For Dorisenow: See
for a photo of Susan Sher. In the future, do not assume.

I googled her name and still dont have a pic, but what the hell do it actually matter what race she is? I could be stereotypical and and assume that you're caucasian ......

Here's a picture of the WHITE Susan Sher, you racist.

Here's a picture. She's white, you racist. You're also illiterate. It's prove me wrong, not proof me wrong.

dorisenow Just to prove your racist self wrong!

From your white sister and I am ashamed that you still have thoughts like that...

i don't feel the persoh that asked this was racist

My first thought was, she must be a liberal - that's the scary part, black, white,lathina, or WE.

I wonder why people keep saying"race does not matter" its quality that counts in the Obama administration. If it were the McCain administration and he loaded it with white men/women of "quality," (especially in his Cabinet and other top spots)there would definitely be an outcry and some question raised.

Were it Hillary's adminstration, I think she would not have any problem finding well qualified African Americans as did her husband. Even the last Bush was able to find qualified African Americans and hired more Blacks in high
positions than Pres. Obama.

What are they looking for? There are many triple, super, super brilliant young African Americans just like the Obamas. Why is it that we must always be over qualified just to be thought of as equal? Clearly, the President could find competent African Americans for top positions. Why can't we open the door for them when we have an opportunity to assist their aspirations? I volunteered for his election and in the Primaries and voted for him but I must say that I have been disappointed with some of his appointments. Of course, I know that he must "mix it" up but it is an imbalance.

In a way I understand Pres. Obama, who may not have an inherited sense of racism and feel unobliged to bring a better balance to his administration, but I can't extend that notion to Mrs. Obama. It is somewhat erroneous to think that when the tide rises, it lifts all ships(?). If you are not in the water, the tide will not help you.

To all the race neutral people in this country,(world)race still matters.

reply to Lauren Steiner...I am sure that Ms. Sher is qualified but it is funny the website you so 'graciously' referenced also shows to the right that the majority of her key aides are indeed black.

reply to Diane Adkinso....., perhaps you did not notice the heading. It read "key associates", not "key aides". Martin Nesbit and John Rogers are friends of the Obama's and worked on the campaign, but are not on any staff within the Obama administration. I'm sure you're not implying that it matters either way, no?

Anyone know if Susan Sher is related to the
journalist Lynn Sher?

Is Susan Sher related to the journalist Lynn Sher?

Just a couple of comments in general...

Who gives a hoot what race someone is!?!

What everyone should be concerned with is whether a person is a good person or a bad person? Character & integrity are everything and totally lacking nowaday.

"Politically correct" is the worse thing that ever happened to this country. Holding to the truth of matters is what the world needs.

Have a nice day and perform a random act of kindess...good attitudes catch on as fast as bad attitudes.

Who cares what race she is.

I just don't understand why Michelle needs 22 assistants.

There has never been anyone in the White House at any time that has created such an army of staffers whose sole duties are the facilitation of the First Lady’s social life. One wonders why she needs so much help, at taxpayer expense, when even Hillary, only had three; Jackie Kennedy one; Laura Bush one; and prior to Mamie Eisenhower social help came from the President's own pocket.

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