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The House Economic Recovery Bill HR 1. All 647 pages.

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1 Comment

Hi Lynn,
I feel the HR 1 has room for improvement. With the ecomony I realize that time is the essence. But I was very upset that not one republican did not sign on it. I feel like our goverment is letting us down by this action. Not being there and not really in politics did the republicans have a chance to review this. Where they aloud to give suggestions because I did hear yesterday some very good comments made by republican Coburn. I feel there is always room for improvement. I hope this action is not paveing the way how the republicans are going to act like. I realize that the republicans are mad about the election, but for the American people we are tired of fighting amoungst each other. Obama's message was full of hope and the American people spoke.

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Lynn Sweet is a columnist and the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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