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Rod and Patti Blagojevich talk to the ladies on ABC's "The View" Live blogging UPDATE Walters hard questions


11:39 eastern
Blagojevich segment is over.

Lynn Sweet's take:

Bravo Barbara Walters.

Walters understood the impeachment of Gov. Blagojevich is a serious matter and asked him substantive questions. And unlike other interviewers, she did not let the fact that Blagojevich is a major "get" as a guest impede her switching to her other role as a probing journalist. She did not let Blagojevich simply filibuster.

Perhaps in taking the booking, Blagojevich thought he was going to get a pass and portray himself as a sympathetic character. I don't think he accomplished all of that, though he got his messages out, that the Illinois state Senate trial won't let him call witnesses. But he looked uncomfortable.

Image wise, Behar asking him to do his Nixon impersonation saying "I am not a crook" just made Blagojevich look diminished and foolish and undignified. That may be the soundbite on Leno and Letterman tonight.

11:30 eastern
Goldberg, Shepherd, Behar giving Blagojevich much easier time.
Blagojevich arm on couch....
Ladies getting a little silly
Behar "He does a fabulous Nixon impression. Do it for us."
Blagojevich "Who said that."
Behar "Somebody told me. Come on...Do it...
Audience applause
Blagojevich "I'm not going to do that. But let me make this perfectly clear, let me make this perfectly clear, I didn't do anything wrong."

11:26 eastern
Blagojevich on the couch now with Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, Joy Behar...talking about his potty mouth.
Goldberg "This has turned into a media circus."

11:20 eastern
Blagojevich, saying he has no chance to confront witnesses at his impeachment trial--starting today in Springfield--adds "That's why I'm here in New York. Because this is much bigger than me or Illinois."
Walters "I gather that you coming on television is because you want the American people to somehow rise up and defend you."

11:18 eastern
Walters, still in charge. This is a hard news interview. Did Blagojevich expect his hard treatment:

Walters..."for your own dignity, wouldn't be better if you resigned?"

11:15 eastern
The very no nonsense hard questioning Walters ...Where's Patti?
re Patti who was supposed to be on especially since she was just fired from her job. Walters said she cancelled on the advice of her father Ald. Dick Mell who said Blagojevich just uses people.

11:13 eastern
Walters hammering Blagojevich.

11:09 eastern time
Walters starting. Are you really comparing yourself to Gandhi, King, Mandela.
Blagojevich does not look comfortable. Walters is going to put him through his paces.
This is the hard news Walters Blagojevich is facing. No fluff.
She asks about the wiretaps. Blago starts to filabuster
"Did you say those things?'
Blagojevich: "Under no circumstances did I try to sell a Senate seat.
"Did you say in context, out of context, did you say those things...Please answer...or why are you wasting time on these programs."

Barbara Walters is live remote from Los Angeles. There to get ready for her Oscar special.
Whoopi Goldberg "Rod Blagojevich is with us. We'll have lots of questions."
Elisabeth Hasselbeck will not be on the show; her grandmother passed away.

Morning all......
Lynn Sweet here...I'll be live blogging Rod and Patti Blagojevich live on "The View." It's starting now.


Are you saying that Patti didn't appear because her father has convinced her Rod uses people?

When Rod insists that his request to get something meant only getting jobs for Illinois, why does no one ask him why he also said his priorities were for personal use and the need to get income for his family?

It seems you have the time line upside down.
Since I read it top down. 11:09 should be higher than 11:13, etc.

you people should clean off your own door steps before trying to clean off Blago.if he did wrong let the jury decide. One thing I admire about the black people they stand behind there people to be treated fair. We white people convict,make fun of our own and we judge we don't stand behind our people we convict first we don't want mud on our plate.

In all this saga about corruption, I am curious as to how and why Chicago Mayor Daley seems to be left out of the equation.

Unless I'm mistaken, Chicago's City Hall has had numerous ongoing federal investigations into similar misdeeds, corruption and abuse of power).

Are we going to wait for U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to arrest Daley before the media will scream loudly that the king of corruption on who the real king of corruption is?

I think the local, regional and national media has seriously dropped the ball on this. When someone like Daley is at a press conference calling someone else "cuckoo" and noboby seems to question his own conduct, that's troubling.

The media circus continues. I wish the people of Illinois felt a little embarrased about the people elected to office but I doubt very seriously they are. As long as the politicans continue to plant pretty flowers and plow the streets, they will have no problem continuing to get elected in this state.

You ask for a response from an Illinoisan. I am an Illinoisan, so this is golden, I tell you, freakin golden, and I am not gonna give this up for free. I'm not gonna say anything unless there's something in it for me.

But, seriously, I am from Illinois. We are ashamed of Blagojevich.

He was first elected on a platform of reform. He was going to clean up Illinois government. Smiley face here! Who knew? He wasn't that well known, state-wide.

Then when he ran for re-election, we had a pretty good whiff of him, but the Republican candidate was equally repellent for reasons of her own. So a lot of us voted for the third-party candidate. The third party candidate did quite well.

It's quite revealing that Obama had nothing to do with Blagojevich for 2 years before Dec. 9, and even Lt. Governor Pat Quinn didn't speak to Blagojevich during the 14 months prior to his arrest. What, a Lt. Governor not speaking to his Governor for 14 months -- that tells you something. They knew that they were going to want to say that they had nothing to do with Rod. Our next governor, Pat Quinn, has an excellent reputation, by the way. Roland Burris (our new senator) also has a good reputation. Our senior Senator, Dick Durbin, is totally clean and is a great senator; in fact he's a lot like Obama but with a longer voting record. If there had been no Obama, then I would have wanted Durbin to run for President.

Patrick Fitzgerald investigated aides to Mayor Daley, and Rezko, in recent years. That is as close as anyone has ever gotten to Daley.

Back to Blagojevich. Now, we're telling our State Senators to do the right thing, the obvious thing. Aside from that, all that we citizens can do is pop some popcorn and enjoy the show. I jokingly submit that Blagojevich has indeed rendered a great service to the State of Illinois and to the Nation: In such grim times, who else could have brought us so much laughter?

yes the circus begins...but remember innocent until proven guilty...pretty boring interview. Same old same old...the highlight was at the beginning of the show when one of the hostesses passed gas

Those bemoaning the governor's lack of a fair trial should know that he had his chance to participate and refused. But this is not the true problem with his governorship. It is the continual stupidity of the man and his staff in not being able to read the people they tried to dominate, the voters of Illinois. They thought that rhetoric and media events and lots of them could cover up the fact that they didn't know how to govern. They insulted the Illinois legislature, Senate and state employees and then wondered why they were not kissing his feet. They hired cronies and campaign donators who rarely show up for work and make more then people who have years of institutional experience. They spend, spend, spend despite the fact that Illiois is going broke from trying to pay for all the new initiatives the governor kept proposing, with no revenue streams to back them up. The governor's staff thought that arrogance and an iron fist would take care of those below I-80, whom they appear to despise and then were shocked when his rating dropped into the cellar. State employees and the general public outside Chicago knew what this man was after his first year as governor, and no one would listen to them when they described his bone-headed, costly ideas.
Now they have been vindicated.

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