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Lynn Sweet comments on Blagojevich Burris appointment to Obama seat on NBC



Let's not forget what is important is to get the Obama agenda through the Senate. We will need every possible vote to get the necessary 59 or 60.

Burris WILL be seated in a few weeks, but in order to save face, the Dems. will have to have an investigation so that they can say that there was no "deal". Besides, if they later find out there was a "deal", the Senate could then Impeach Burris.
Any other solution risks not passing the Obama agenda as well as a Republican winning if there was a special election.

Of more importance that IL, is for Franken to be seated from MN ASAP, rather than the Republican.
The media gets a failing grade for not covering the total incompetence of the MN SC for asking both sides to agree on which Absentee ballots would be counted.
NO Absentee ballots will be counted unless the MN SC changes their decision. Franken will have to be certified next week without all the votes being counted.

The two cases are related, because the Senate won't be able to seat Franken if they are not willing to seat also Burris.

Blagojevich put up his fist and extended his middle finger which is Roland Burris to the democratic leadership. Chicago and Illinois in general is one strange place. This guy Roland Burris is an EGO maniac he erected a tomb for himself listing all his accomplishments like a resume:

And now someone is being picked and only be allowing to be seated BECAUSE he is black! We have black congressmen coming out of the woodwork saying that some of the leadership might block him BECAUSE he is black. Completely ignoring Blagojevich, we even had an Illinois congressmen come out and say that Blagojevich should not be able to nominate anyone he is tainted then on the day that Burris is nominated he stands there with Burris and Blago saying that we should not block this man from his rightful position and he challenged anyone to do it.

This political correct racism is getting WAY out of hand.

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