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Jill Biden opps on Oprah inauguration show

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WASHINGTON--Guesting on Oprah Winfrey's pre-Inauguration show, broadcast from the Kennedy Center here, Jill Biden, wife of Vice President elect Joe Biden accidently made news on the show. She said that President elect Barack Obama offered Biden a choice between vice president and Secretary of State. That would imply that Hillary Rodham Clinton, tapped by Obama for the post was not at the top of the list. The statement below from Jill Biden's spokesperson tries to clarify Biden's remarks.

Statement from Spokesperson for the Vice President-elect Elizabeth Alexander:

"Like anyone who followed the presidential campaign this summer, Dr. Jill Biden knew there was a chance that President-elect Obama might ask her husband to serve in some capacity and that, given his background, the positions of Vice President and Secretary of State were possibilities. Dr. Biden's point to Oprah today was that being Vice President would be a better fit for their family because they would get to see him more and get to participate in serving more. To be clear, President-elect Obama offered Vice President-elect Biden one job only -- to be his running mate. And the Vice President-elect was thrilled to accept the offer."

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I don't think that was an accident. I think it was a mean-spririted smack at Hillary Clinton. Hillary is clearly a better choice for either position, but I believe the "Bill" factor excluded her from the VP position. Of course, that was before we knew about the "jill" factor....and what's up with this Dr. Jill Biden. We have Medical Doctors all over the congress, not to mention Howard Dean M.D., and when they are outside of their academic or medical arenas, they don't stand on that little ceremony. I don't care how many degrees she has attained, the woman is ignorant. She embarrassed the president and Joe sat up on stage laughing about it. She should make a very public apology to the President, to Hillary and to the millions of Hillary supporters who are offended

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