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Burris enters Capitol; media horde greets him


WASHINGTON -- Roland Burris walked into the Senate side of the US Capitol Building at 10:27 a.m. Tuesday and was greeted by the sergeant-at-arms of the Senate who hurriedly rushed him past the usual security procedures, into an elevator, and up to the third floor of the Senate where Burris is meeting now with the secretary of the Senate.

A crush of media was awaiting the arrival of Burris and his team. Burris did not say anything upon entrance to the Capitol, even declining to say "good morning" to a reporter.

The meeting is not expected to result in Burris being sworn in as a member of the Senate at noon today, but rather the continuation of his legal and political battle to have the appointment made by tainted Gov. Rod Blagojevich approved.


CORRUPTION !, The final Frontier !,... is it? Well, United States is not the entire universe but we have a lot of things going in this corner of the galaxy,don't you think?

Alright, once more from top. We have Obama, a guy with barely two years in senate and is elected into presidency.Elections that take place with dynamics of EMOTIONS, FRAUD, DECEPTIONS, INTIMIDATION, BRIBE, and 'others goodies', adittion, strongly associated and afiliated with corps and individuals with questionable integrity - ( and on this EVERYONE KNOWS THE THING , RIGHT?,...oh! yeah! remember now,... CORPS, FANNIE, FREDDIE, ,...CROOKS AND THIEVES, RAINES JOHNSON, O'NEAL COX, SOROS,....the 'cover-up club', BARNEY FRANK PELOSI,REID,DODD, and others weeds,...others interesting people such as, AYRES,REZKO,WRIGHT,ALINSKY,...and the list still going long,...but that is enough to refresh memory,correct?

Now the adventure continues with Blagojevich,Rolan Burris,Al Franken,, ....great galaxies! it is obvious that from the 'get-go', this 'Obamanization' is not other thing than an 'ABOMINATION' FOR THIS COUNTRY AT THIS TIME IN HISTORY!

Oh! yeah!, 'we made history ' alright, and we have 'CHANGE'. Let's say Bush was bad so the change is from bad to worst!

An inexperinced guy for presidency making a pathetic CUASI-CLINTON-CLONE JOKE CABINET (not much for a 'CHANGE' for is all from 'MORE OF THE SAME' OLD TRASH, with some additions here and there like CIA apointee,- also equal to ZERO IN EXPERIENCE)

So, in other words, a real life sitcom,...he-he-he ,...straight from the every day life to something like Comedy Central galore.I bet Jon Stewart can kiss good bye his presentation now. WE ALL ARE LIVING THE JOKE NOW!

So, you see now? , you bunch of COCOZOIDS, WACKADOOS AND BRAINLESS ZELOIDS DEMOCRATS MESSED-UP?, with the 'Obamanization' inclination you made this country an ABOMINATION! ,....and chances are that this nation is going to be the target-laugh for years to come.


Hey! you all COCOZOIDS understand that you messed-up BIG TIME! right?,....I do hope you are well aware of this.

But this is only the begining of things really. What do we learned from this? At least one thing, CORRUPTION IS THE CAPABILITY TO BE WITH GOD AND THE DEVIL AT THE SAME TIME,..well, one of the many definitions.

I have to handle it to you guys, you democrats ( the majority, not all of you are WACKADOOS or COCOZOIDS ) are a piece of art. Still, whoever is not a COCOZOID or a WACKADOO is a GOOFBALL.

Sleep well.

Daniel Cabrera
Merrillville, Indiana

The circus has begun! Obama hasn't even been inaugurated yet, the new Congress hasn't even been seated yet, but we're already seeing the kinds of "Hope" and "Change" we can expect from the "democrats", that were foretold. Richardson, Panetta, now the Burris meltdown! I suggest that we might now consider an additional descriptive term besides the commonly used "Cluster----", we could also refer to this type of situation now as a "Full Blagojevich!" This is to be expected when qualifications, experience, patriotism, and the best interests of the nation are held in contempt, and only naked politics, cronyism, and self-interest are valued. (By the way, how much did BURRIS pay for the appointment?)

what did you expect, an armoured personel carrier? and now? the term 'jesse white tumblers' takes on a whole new dimension, lisa 'i will not be ingored' madigan won't be so eager to approach the bench...any bench (or bar for that matter). my money's on ayers...bill ayers.

I am ashamed at the United States Senate for their actions. This is the most outrageous spectacle I have witnessed. Maybe if they did some real work for a change, this would not be happening.

I sure am glad to read something different here. While having lunch short time ago, Rush Limbaugh, tv personality mentioned that Mr. Burris was not allowed in the Senate Building. This is not America, I suddenly thought. I agree with Mr. Burris, the matter with Mr. Blagonovich [pardon if mispelled], Illinois Governor with FBI legal issues right now, the governor was not removed from his work, therefore, business as usual, not illegal towards Mr. Burris, then the Senate doors should be opened to him. I am glad to hear that he was allowed to come in to complete his battle for the seat. Let the doors be properly opened for all who comes in with pure hearts, minds, souls, intentions because this country, our great USA and the World for that matter needs true love, true good work to bring it all back together and to continue helping the needy. My love to all, let's work these things out as they should be. Kisses, enjoy life! Tina of South Florida

Illinois as awhole would do the United Stated a favor if the Citizens of your state woud demand a recall on all politians connected to Chicago. The corruptness has made the United States the laughing stock of the world. Not to mention allowing Obama to be elected, who will be not only a crook in the white house but a Usurper because he is not a Natural Born Citizen and neither was John McCain Natural Born.

What a headline?

Issues of the oligarchy aside---Fitzpatrick should be sanctioned-why did the judge not whack him around for releasing 'evidence'--HINT: THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TIL THE JUDGE DECIDES IT CAN COME IN AFTER AN INDICTMENT.
He's 3 MONTHS away from an indictment?
Guess Blago got arrested for DOING THE RIGHT THING:
telling Bank of America--let the glass workers have a LIFE after the BAILOUT the U.S. gave you or we'll pull all state biz with you.
So of course--THAT'S when he had to be arrested.
Shameful how the media circus has ignored this VERY important part of the story.
Shameful how Burris is being treated. I'm with Feinstein. Let him in. He's probably cleaner than most of the people already in the oligarchy.


When counting the electoral votes, either Congress finds by 1/8/09 that Obama — not being an Article II “natural born citizen” (father Kenyan/British, not American, citizen) — fails to qualify as President whereupon Biden becomes the full fledged President under 3 USC 19 (free to pick his own VP such as Hillary) or thereafter defers to the Supreme Court to enjoin Obama’s inauguration with Biden becoming only Acting President under the 20th Amendment until a new President is duly determined.

The preferable choice, at least for the Democrats, should seem obvious.


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