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Blagojevich in NBC interview compares himself to Gandhi, King and Mandela


Impeached Gov. Blagojevich, on the first leg of his media blitz timed to the start of his impeachment trial, in an NBC interview broadcast on The Today Show Sunday compared himself to human rights heros Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi.

On the press offensive, Blagojevich has lined up national interviews--NBC, ABC, "The View" to run as his impeachment trail starts Monday before the Illinois state senate in Springfield.

Blagojevich, wearing a blue ivy league shirt, told NBC's Amy Robach that he has not prepared mentally for possibly going to prison. The impeachment was triggered by Blagojevich's Dec. 9 arrest on criminal charges, including trying to auction off President Obama's vacant senate seat.

As Dec. 9 unfolded, Blagojevich told NBC, "I thought about Mandela, Dr. King and Gandhi and tried to put some perspective to all this and that is what I am doing now."

Blagojevich is not going to participate in his defense because he says the rules are rigged against him. He will not be in Springfield for his trial; instead he will be doing nationally televised interviews.

The governor told NBC that the state Senate trial will be so unfair, he could bring in "15 angels and 20 saints led by Mother Theresa" to testify on his behalf and "it wouldn't matter."


I was willing to look past all the histrionics and hysteria surrounding this case etc. But the more I see from the Gov the more I'm beginning to believe there *is* some element of mental illness evident.

Any first year law student would have told him you can't boycott an impeachment process then claim it's rigged. And that it's not just the charge against him that he needed to battle but the perception that he can't get anything done in this current admin.

But when you also (seriously) start with the persecution complex and begin comparing yourself with saints and bonafide heroes of the world, and mean it...there's a serious disconnect here.

I assume his capable defense team advised against this so unless Blago is laying some sort of 'crazy'defense I'd keep a close eye on the knives in that cabinet... One of them isn"t sharp anymore.

The only person that Rod can and should compare himself to is Drew Peterson. They are so similar in their thinking that its no surprise that they have the same public relations team. They accept NO responsibility for their obvious guilt and try to throw the blame on anyone and everyone else. Sorry pal, your ridiculous attempt to gain pity will only backfire as it did for Drew. He just became the laughingstock of the country, as you have. What are you showing your daughters, how to weasel out of your bad decisions? You grow more pathetic by the day.

Your more like Al Sharpton, or Tammy Baker Blow-J.

He could bring in the angels, saints and the like and no, it shouldn't matter.

This is an impeachment, not a criminal trial, and we all just want to see you go, Rod.

This guy has truly gone off the deep end. How dare he compare himslef to these people. He is NO WHERE near in the same league of these people. He truly has no limits or shame. Next thing we know he will be comparing himself to Jesus on the cross. I am really surprised he isn't marching ariund dragging a cross and wearing a crown of thorns.....Such a joke. And to think these programs run to hear what he has to say....My god! Next words out of his mouth are gonna be "MY God, why has thou forsaken me"....Brother, he has issues.....No wonder why the lead attorney left. The two that are left are not doing a thing to shut him up in his own best interest. One has to look at their motives.......They call themselves ATTORNEYS? Seems like they just want MEDIA attention and a big pay day.....

Are the "journalists" that are interviewing him taking him to task with probative questions? Or are they just sitting there sheepishly, and letting him get away with this garbage?


why doesn't the networks he's going on bring on the new senate leader to counter what he is saying? or at least talk to people on the street to see what most say. he had his chance to submit a list, whether certain people were approved or not didn't matter, i have a feeling that most on the prosecutors list won't testify.

Governor Blagojevich has surpassed narcisistic behavior and gone straight to completely and totally mentally unbalanced. With the actions and statements shown by the Governor in the past few weeks/days, now is the appropriate time for a filing of mental incapacity to the State of Illinois Supreme Court. This man compares his actions to Nelson Mandala, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi...and now talks about angels and saints being led by Mother Teresa, not helping in his defense, please, get this man out of office and let our State return to normal and stock this mockery Governor of our State by going on any show that will book you. In plain english, sit down, be quiet, act like an adult male that has common sense and knows how to use it.

This guy has truly gone off the deep end. How dare he compare himslef to these people. He is NO WHERE near in the same league of these people. He truly has no limits or shame. Next thing we know he will be comparing himself to Jesus on the cross. I am really surprised he isn't marching ariund dragging a cross and wearing a crown of thorns.....Such a joke. And to think these programs run to hear what he has to say....My god! Next words out of his mouth are gonna be "MY God, why has thou forsaken me"....Brother, he has issues.....No wonder why the lead attorney left. The two that are left are not doing a thing to shut him up in his own best interest. One has to look at their motives.......They call themselves ATTORNEYS? Seems like they just want MEDIA attention and a big pay day.....

Typical Media. Take the man's words and twist them to make him sound worse and get yourselves more attention. Very shameful actions but par for the course. Whenever I meet someone who works as a columnist I can usually instantly see that they are operating at a very "base" level and they are not pleasant people. What a terribly abusive profession. You should really consider trying to become more honest.

This guy is like Palin . . . even if you want to cut them some slack they use the extra rope to hang themselves - then whine that others are the cause of their woes.

this man is obviously delusional... The sooner he is removed the better for the people of the State of Illinois.

What is your say on the allegations of pressuring hospital officials to donate funds to you? What about all those bleeping names you called President Obama and others? What have they done to you? And please don't insult notable and respectable Americans by comparing yourself to them. They never tried to extort money from others, they gave their services for what they genuinely believed in and neither of them were blessed to have the salary you have. You are full of greed, lies, and yourself.

This guy is like Palin . . . even if you want to cut them some slack they use the extra rope to hang themselves - then whine that others are the cause of their woes.

Rod Blagojevich in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: The Sequel

A former state governor wreaks havoc in Nurse Ratched's ward.

Rod exhibits all of the signs of a lying sociopath. Sociopaths are mentally disordered persons who do bad things, but believe they are innocent when they are being tried and convicted of their wrong-doings.

Rod believes he is innocent because he has told himself this lie over and over again, so it has become his truth.

His wife lost her job, and he is fixing to lose his, which is why he is fighting tooth and claw to stay in power. Once he is out of a job, they will both be tried in criminal court and if they are found guilty, will be spending many years behind bars.

I hope the Senate does the right thing and removes him from office. I bet that once Blago gets his sentence, he will stage a sit-in at his office and they'll have to drag him out screaming.

Blago has obviously gone stark raving mad! Everyone knows there's only one lord god that can truthfully claim all those titles and more and that's OBAMA!

Rod Blagojevich is an embarrassment to my home, the State of Illinois. Rod Blagojevich is an embarrassment to the United States. I don't know what is on his mind, but I know what is on my mind about him. I think he's mentally ill, and needs some serious medication. I hope he gets it in prison soon.
I feel so sorry for his kids. It must be tough on them right now, kids their age can be so cruel to each other. Not to mention how stressful their home life must be right now.

Honestly - at this point when it seems clear that the state senate will remove him from office very soon, thus rendering him harmless, with Pat Quinn (who I absolutely think is the kind of no nonsense man that the state desperately needs right now) waiting in the wings to take over...I just think this is all so hilarious!! I normally consider myself a serious political observer but I can't get enough of this guy's bizarre rants! I don't even care, as someone already mentioned, that the journalists aren't probing him on issues. I couldn't care less what he has to say about issues, he's on his way out of office and likely into a jail cell. Bringing Senate President Cullerton on tv to refute GRod's ridiulous claims would only lend them legitimacy. He is such a caricature of a narcissistic and corrupt's like some character out of fiction! It's undeniable that there are grave problems that need to be addressed and reforms that need to be instituted in Springfield, but nothing is going to happen until he's out of office and there is nothing we can do to speed that up - so why doesn't everybody just sit back and enjoy the show in the meantime? I certainly intend to :)

Gov. Blagojevich appears more and more to be a trifle unbalanced, his behavior edging ever closer to the pathological. Perhaps the Illinois State Senate should have a psychiatric evaluation of the Governor available in their deliberations. Couldn't hurt.

As a former resident of this great state-I have one thing to say to Rod the cowboy, the Senate, and the people --HANG HIM HIGH!!!

This governor has no shame, and when he is in prison, his daughters will be old enough to grasp what their father has done. They will feel the shame. And Sam Adam will be the only winner, as getting media attention and acting as if he is important is his only motivation.

Liberalism is a mental illness!

How is that different from Obama, who compares hismelf to Gandhi, King, Mandela, Moses and Jesus?

The only comparison between Rob B. and the aforementioned persons is antithetical (Being in diametrical opposition to)

This poor, poor man is crying for help and doesn't know it.
How sad!

Why stop at Gandhi, King, and Mandela? Really, Rod, when will the crucifiction analogy be rolled out? Perhaps you are saving your stigmata for The View?

well if you get arrested, anywhere, it's good to make the best out of it. should he have cried? should he have fought? it's a sutra thing guys. karma, tantric thought...that kind of least he didn't pretend to be, well, Tim Geithner or Madoff or the like. where's the police when you need 'em?

For the out of staters, it is hard to understand why we elected Rod. The answer is pretty simple. The Republicans had a smart candidate, but he had sex w/ his wife in a club. The fundies found out, & that was the end of him. The final R candidate was the woman who recruited the certified wingnut Alan Keyes to run against Obama. Faced w/ one candidate who was certifiably nuts, we went w/ Blago, was was less nuts (@ that time, anyway)

He was angling for VP at one point, wasn't he? Delusional doesn't even begin to describe it.

What's an "ivy league shirt?" Do you mean an Oxford shirt? The two aren't interchangeable.

The Media and U.S. Attorney knew the magnitude of allegations and investigations surrounding this governor when he was running for re-election two years ago. Yet they did nothing to inform the public, so Blago was re-elected. Now we have a President who was interviewed in these investigations for over 2 hours by the FBI! Whom can we trust? And when will the next shoe drop?


It is different in that, as far as I know, Obama hasn't compared himself to three heros and two religious figures, is not under impeachment proceedings, and hasn't been indicted for brazen public corruption. If you have any evidence to the contrary, I'd be interested in seeing it.

Other than that, though, I see your point.

Tom in your explanation to the out of staters, you have it partly right. First the guy who had sex w/ his wife was running for senate and was then replaced by Keyes, who was chosen (as you correctly stated) by Judy Baar Topinka -- then head of the Ill Repubs. That's how Obama was elected. BTW, the reason the wife/sex scandal guy was running was because the Ill Repubs in the "combine" wouldn't support Peter Fitzgerald for reelection. He was a tremendous senator and a TRUE maverick. Then we had the George Ryan scandal in the governors office. The republican chosen to run for governor after he went to the slammer was also named Ryan -- no relation -- a respected states attorney. He was defeated because our idiot voters couldn't tell one Ryan from the other. Blago won. Then the (correctly stated) nut-case, Judy Baar Topinka ran against Blago for the second term. Don't you just love Illinois politics?

I can only suggest one thing. Someone PLEASE ship a truclkload of anti-psychotic drugs to Blagojevich. This man needs serious help. The man is obviously delusional, and needs help. Next thing you know, he will just compare himself to The Lord.

Rod Blagojevich is not evil, and he's not a saint. What is he? He's a human being, with faults and imperfections, just like the rest of us. Yes, with his particular disregard for the proper use of power, he should not have been elected to the governship. However, he is not a demon.

I believe that each and every one of us has done some wrong in our lives. We may not have realized it, but we were fortunate to be "ordinary people." We only embarrassed ourselves. We only felt shame in the company of our co-workers or our family members, whoever we betrayed, or took advantage of.

Mr. Blagojevich is not so fortunate. He is suffering the humiliation of public shame and ridicule. Of course he would like to influence people into believing that he is not evil, that he is more like the ordinary guy.

After all this is done and over with, say ten years from now, he may find a wonderful peace in life, working as the owner of a small store, in a small town, quietly tending to his customers, and tending to his family and to his own self.

Perhaps we can all back off just a little bit, thankful that we aren't in the same position that he is in right now.

For he is a worthwhile human being after all, with faults and imperfections, just like all of us are.


I just want to thank the fine people of Illinois for electing and then re-electing this individual. Already with the release of certain quotes from the taped phone conversations, he had provided me with a great deal of entertainment. Then, to compound his act, he then defied Barack Obama by going ahead and nominating a replacement for Obama's vacant Senate seat, making sure that the individual that was chosen was just as much of an egotist as him to ensure any opposition to his seating would be met with destruction. Now, he is going against all sound advice and embarking on this little blitz to try and "clear" his name. Really, there is just no stopping this man.
I have not been this enthralled in a public figure since Jacques Chirac ignored the plight of his own France in order to embark on his anti-America world tour. Please, I beg of the people of Illinois to continue choosing politicians such as this, be they Democrat or Republican. My lust for your luck can only be satiated for so long...

I haven't seen this much amateur psychiatry since Wild Bill Clinton rec'd his first publicized blowjob. At that time, the Geniuses of the collective Press decreed that WildBill would resign, turn himself into the nearest Federal Prison, serve 3 or 4 life sentences for receiving said blowjob; Hillary would divorce him and be living in connubial bliss with a gaggle of Lesbian Trolls and Big Al would serve as Resident forever,(or until his first extracurricular Blowjob), whichever 'came' first).(sorry)
As to Blago,(Performance Artiste Supreme), there's been no publicized evidence whatsoever that he has even approached committing a Federal crime. (Not to mention, he is a Hell of a lot of fun).
Welcome to Politics, Illinois style.

BTW, Prez Obama will destroy the Congressional Rcons, It will be a thing of beauty.
The (alleged)Media hasn't got anything Right in the last 30 yrs or so, and show no sign of improvement...

Blagojevich is not irrational. Quite the opposite. He knows that "he is going down" with the feds. He is just preparing to make it "as soft a landing" as possible for himself. Blagojevich knows there is just too much overwhelming evidence against him (on tape and otherwise). He has decided to "portray a man who has lost all touch with reality" in order to minimize the sentencing. It is much like George Ryan tried to do. However, with George Ryan the deaths of the Willis children came back to haunt him with the public's perception of him. Blagojevich is after public sympathy in order to mitigate the time that he must serve. My guess is that Rod's thinking is "how could a federal judge sentence a man to the maximum term of incarceration" who suffers from an unstable mental condition (based on his recent actions where he seems delusional)? Instead, Rod rationalizes that the federal judge is going to have to hand him a "minimal sentence" along with psychological testing and help. This way the federal judge does not upset the liberals. Yet, the governor is no longer in office and managed to get a little time in federal prison which will please the conservatives. The federal judge will manage to please everyone. That is my theory for his bizarre and comical actions.

Seriously? He is in public light and does not realize this? He should have adjusted his works for the people he was serving

He is held to a higher light than ordinary person.
He is a demon.
If you make a mistake at least have enough guts to admit it
When this is over and he is proved he is guilty, it will be like Clinton, where he initially stated, "I did not have sexual relations ...", then later admitted it.

Blago is just one more in a long line of misunderstood saints who appeared to be doing one thing (like selling a US Senate seat for personal profit) when they actually were advancing another cause altogether (that is, nonviolent resistance to political injustice.)

Who does this man think his to compare himself to these great men he needs to get a grip and real soon Marin Luther King Jr. was a great man helping others and not himself

The People of Illinois don't want him anymore. I'd like to see people cheer for him, and where. Tell me, were these offices he was so uneasy about going back to in Springfield? I'm sick and tired of our state governors being auxiliary mayors of Chicago. I'm not kidding when I say that Chicago needs to be re-designated it's own district. Chicago D.M. District of Michigan. Sounds good to me. Of course, they probably don't want Chicago, either.

I am disgusted with this paper's distorting the the meaning of Governor Blagojevich's quote. The Governor did not compare himself with Mandela, King, and Gandhi.
As a child, I was taught that when something you think is unfair happens to you, remember those persons that had grevious acts that were unfair happen to them that were much worse than what happened to you.
By putting events into perspective, we can calm ourselves and think more clearly. Then we can continue to do what we believe is the right thing to do.


We are under-estimating Blagojevich's contribution to society. In these tough, grim times, who else provides so much laughter to so many?

But more seriously -- In a country where Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld walk free, where is the moral center? I am glad that Patrick Fitzgerald is on Blagojevich's case; but shouldn't we turn Fitzgerald onto the war criminals' trail?

I have worked with people who are Pathological Narcissists & he fits the pattern perfectly.

To name some others, Casey Anthony, Drew Peterson & Scott Peterson.

They live in a fantasy world in their mind & they do not believe they have done anything wrong, in their mind.

They have their own sense of right & wrong & can justify anything wrong they do, as right!

They are always the "victim" and never the cause of the problem.

It has not been established in the medical community that a Path. Narc. is mentally ill.
True, the narcissist cannot "control" his grandiose fantasies. All the same, he knows that lying and confabulating are morally wrong and can choose to refrain from doing so.

Many narcissists don't feel responsible for their actions. They believe that they are victims of injustice, bias, prejudice, and discrimination. This is because they are shape-shifters and actors. The narcissist is not one person - but two. The True Self is as good as dead and buried. The False Self changes so often in reaction to life's circumstances that the narcissist has no sense of personal continuity.


Funny, his whole theme during the media blitz this morning was him complaining he would not be allowed to bring forward witnesses for his case. However...'The governor told NBC that the state Senate trial will be so unfair, he could bring in "15 angels and 20 saints led by Mother Theresa" to testify on his behalf and "it wouldn't matter."' So, what is his point?!

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