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Noted attorney, author Tom Geoghegan running for 5th House seat


Geoghegan release below....


Local labor counsel and author seeks seat vacated by Rahm Emanuel

CHICAGO - Tom Geoghegan announced today he will run for Congress in the upcoming special election for Illinois' Fifth Congressional District. Geoghegan, an attorney and nationally known writer runs "to bring economic security to working Americans, in our District, in our country."

In a statement released to the media and across the Internet Geoghegan stated, "We're deep in an economic crisis unlike any other we've known. It may last years. We need new and creative ways to protect working Americans, especially our older working people who have no real pensions to live on."

In 30 years of fighting for working people and seniors, Tom Geoghegan has successfully recovered lost pension benefits and health insurance arising from plant closings. He has represented many different local unions, including nurses, truck drivers, steelworkers and railroad workers.

"In my life's work I have lived out a commitment to one cause above all - to bring economic security to working Americans, in our District, in our country. That's the same commitment I will bring to Congress," said Geoghegan.

In his announcement, Geoghegan took particular issue with the recent $700 billion bank bailout and the trillions the Federal Reserve has poured into the banking system stating, "To the people of this District, the banks and others have gotten their money. Now it's your turn."

Geoghegan(pronounced Gay-gan) is a nationally renown writer on the economy. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Financial Times, The Nation, and The American Prospect. He has published four books, including "Which Side are You On?" an acclaimed account of his experience working with the labor movement. He has appeared on CNN, CBS Sunday Morning News, and the Lehrer News Hour. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School (1975) and Harvard College (1971).


I am beyond thrilled that someone like Tom Geogegan is getting into the race! I am tired of politicians wasting their time re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. People in our area are really hurting and everything Tom says is right on the money. I pray to God that he wins for all of us.

Another smart guy entering the race?..with a pro-labor bent? Who knew?!
Great to hear!!!

it is what the state of illinois need a smart guy
who knows the rascals and has a first hand knowlefge of the the pitfalls and booby traps of Red dog politics in the grubbyy state of Illinois as represented by the current cast of looters in Chgo, cook and State Government and the cretants that pass as represenatives city county, the Madigoons and in DC.
he is somewhat like PAT MURPHY now a JUDGE but too old to make a difference in GOVERNMENT.

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