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So Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was on Obama's preferred list for replacements after all.


Initial press reports about President elect Barack Obama's preference list of potential replacements for him in the U.S. Senate left Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill) off the list. According to an Obama internal review of the Blagojevich selling-of the-Senate seat scandal, released Wednesday by the transition, Jackson was on the list.

The Obama list
Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.)
Comptroller Dan Hynes
Illinois Veterans Affairs Chief Tammy Duckworth

added later
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
Chicago Urban League Chief Cheryle Jackson, former Blagojevich spokesman.


So you are counting Valerie Jarrett to be not on the list?
It doesn't make any sense that Rahm would put her name forward without knowing that's what Obama wanted.
It doesn't make any sense that she had an SEIU official negotiating on her behalf.
It doesn't make any sense the Blagojevich would be under the impression that Obama had her as first choice unless someone had made him think that.

She is not someone that would even be considered for a Senate seat without strong backing from the Obama team. She's never done anything to warrant such an appointment. Why would Blagojevich and Balanoff be talking to each other about her- and why would she be talking to Balanoff?

Why am I told my comments are withheld because...

Too many comments have been submitted from you ...

that is an out and out falsehood. NO COMMENT of mine has ever appeared.

kbl, you're right. and just how 'close' is this woman to the oba's? lol. now she's on vaca with them, yes? lol...hum....


Valerie Jarrett and Dr. Eric Whittaker are in Hawaii with Obama?

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