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Seven questions taken at Obama team Blagojevich report briefing; none from Chicago reporters.


Greg Craig and Robert Gibbs took seven questions from journalists at a conference call with reporters Tuesday to discuss the internal report issued by the Obama transition team on staff contacts with the Blagojevich administration. None were from Chicago outlets.

1. Wall Street Journal
2. Politico
3. NBC
4. CQ
5. AOL News
6. Bloomberg
7. The Hill


Ahhh, poor, poor, Sun Times ... perhaps you should first apologize and redact Snead's gossip blog that claims Rahm had 21 inappropriate discussions with Blago about Obama's open seat when that was gossip, a lie and lead to NBC, FoxNews and Drudge using that crap as a "source"?

mk---it's not supposed to be a tit for tat thing.
It's a governance thing. Formerly a power thing.
Or maybe it's just a harvard yale frat boy and sorority girl thing.

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