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Obama press conference on Monday. Official topic, energy and environment


President-Elect Barack Obama to Hold Monday Press Conference

Chicago, IL - President-Elect Barack Obama will hold a press conference at the Drake Hotel on Monday to discuss the nation's energy and environmental future.

Chicago, IL
***Location Change***
The Drake Hotel


o.k., what about that blair house who tried to put that together, the astor street crowd? maybe saturday night live will roll that out. by the way, sidwell friends is closer to the cheney chateau. it's got more room as well. maybe they can make nice for two weeks, huh?

9 people were KILLED this month because of global warming, this STUPID WAR draining state coffers and the resultant lack of snowplows and people to DRIVE THEM in Western Illinois.
We have no energy policy. Where's our Euro style high speed rail?
Given to the Military Industrial Complex over 60 plus years. Why we believe in 'God' and 'Jesus'--because we're SCARED. We have no health insurance, nothing. Countries where people are taken care of from cradle to grave--they lack this superstition.
We are so abused. And so we allow our leaders to abuse others this way.

It is 8:06 on a cold Chicago morning.

We are still awaiting the "open and transparent" Obama camp to inform us what transpired between Rahm Emmanuel and the Blago camp.

Will it be a very cold Wasilla morning before we are informed?

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