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Obama opens inauguration souvenir store



Wanna support Obama?
Then counter all the media BS the mainstreamers are doing to RE-SELL us on the 9/11 B.S. story.
Watch Loose Change with friends.
Urge a REAL investigation take place.
REAL prosecution.
Blago is just a PIKER compared to these real criminals.

I truly hope this guy is a great President because that is what this country needs right now. But there are huge hints of narcissism and egomaniacal tendencies that actually frighten me. What is he doing with all of this money??????

Happy New Year Lynn :) May it be a year of health, prosperity, and peace.



What, no Obama trading cards?

Why would Obama open a store?...This is bunk...

As a New Year's surprise, fellow Southern Illinois University-Carbondale alumni will join US Senator Roland Burris for his inaugural trip to Washington DC next week.

In such challenging times, Illinois needs two US Senators representing the Land of Lincoln!

Join us by visiting the following Internet web site:

Happy New Years!

Obama voted present over 200 times, never served or shown any respect for the military..i.e. not supporting the surge, but he works out at their marine base..a known cocaine and drug user by his own admittance. and he thinks he can be the Commander In Chief. He comes from the most awful famly, his wife hates white people. despises white people,rememer her WHITEY comments documented from her college days, and we are going to put these people for the next 4 years and allow their people to live like ROYALTY.. God Bless America..

the w word never came from michelle's mouth. Are you talking about her thesis? It was pretty standard stuff for the times.

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