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Obama family moving to Washington this weekend; daughters here to start school


from an Obama transition official.....

"The Obama family will move to Washington this weekend. PE will be here in Washington to continue work on an economic recovery plan. They will stay at a Washington hotel through the 15th and then they will move into the Blair House. The PE will also be here for the beginning of school."

I'm told the family will be stopping first in Chicago after they wrap up their Hawaii vacation. The Obama daughters start the school year in Washington at the Sidwell Friends school.


They tried to move into the Blair House early...using their Daughters school as an excuse. I suspect they wanted some free rent. BUSH SAID NO!!!! Good for him! I didn't think I'd ever agree w/Bush....but now I absolutely have.

I've been impressed from the beginning by the classy way the Obama's handled the scheduling conflict with the Blair House. No finger-pointing, no name-calling, no accusations of foul play.

I wasn't as quick to forgive, but I am learning to follow his lead. And you know what? It makes life a lot easier, a lot less stressful.

I wish the Bush family the best. I wish the Obama family the best. I wish our country the best. Happy New Year... especially to you Barb. Peace to you and your family.

I have also been very impressed by the Obama's reactions to the negative comments levied against them. I remain uncertain about PE, but he appears to be a very patient and forgiving man. I would like to think positively about President Bush and believe that his decision not to allow the future First Family to move into the Blair House early was strictly professional

so what you need to get over it obama is in the house so leave him and his family alone .

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