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Joey Vartanian launching 5th district campaign

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Dec. 7, 2008 -CHICAGO- Local Businessman Joey Vartanian launches his campaign
for Illinois' 5th Congressional District to replace Congressman Rahm Emanuel in
the upcoming special election. "My strength thinking and experience as a small
businessman that has lived in the district all his life, is what we need to
represent change in congress" Vartanian says.

A self made first generation Armenian American, Vartanian is an independent
Democrat who understands today's overwhelming and unprecedented challenges. He
has lived and survived many of the hardships and struggles we all face today.
"To instill real change, we need to elect a true outsider. Someone with a fresh
untainted perspective, with new ideas, and the forethought and know-how to
ensure we all succeed; someone who is not a part of what is currently a broken
down and bankrupt system. I am that person," Vartanian says.

Vartanian is committed to solving the economic crisis defined by fiscal
carelessness, unregulated lending, corporate greed and loyalty to special
interests. As a pro-business, centrist, he plans to place the power back in the
people's hands by employing policies that promote job creation, protection for
Main Street and reducing excess spending. "Change must begin on a local level,"
Vartanian says. He is an advocate of programs that improve schools,
transportation and utility systems. He also supports retraining for green
initiatives and the jobs the initiatives will create.

Vartanian has served on several community boards within the 5th District and has
been involved in solving issues between residents of the community and the
hospitality industry for over 20 years. He is a father and currently runs D3
Events, Crobar and Maxbar.
For more information on Vartanian and how to get involved

1 Comment

How many people are running for this spot? Should I throw my hat in the ring too. I've never heard of this guy.

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