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Illinois General Assembly Blagojevich impeachment panel meets at 11 a.m. cst Monday

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The Illinois House impeachment panel meets again at 11 a.m. cst Monday as Gov. Blagojevich continues in office despite corruption charges. Here's the link to track proceedings and read documents filed with the House panel about the impeachment.

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Nice going. You screwed around and screwed around and let the governor stay in long enough to muddle things by appointing Obama’s replacement.

What is the governor’s lawyer doing involved in the hearings anyway. He will have a chance to defend the governor in trial (the senate). All he is accomplishing right now is drawing things out, while each day the state suffers.

Get your act together and get the job done. You have wasted enough time wrangling with this bozo.

I fear that there will be a massive turnover to the GOP if you continue to screw this up.

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