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Fox's Greta Van Susteren "On the Record" on Chicago politics with Lynn Sweet,



Do not be distracted by the Chicago Political Mob. Barack Obama, the immaculately-conceived politician, barely knew any of the players, having merely shared bundt cakes and punch at a handful of informal gatherings over the years.

Lynn, I always enjoy seeing you on "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren. The two of you are the brightest women on television.

By the way, you might get a kick out of what I wrote about you and Gov. Blago on GretaWire a few minutes ago:

"Having worked as assistant director of the Mayor's Office of Special Events in Chicago while Jane Byrne was Mayor (1979-1983), I know a little about Chicago politics.

"Just ask my old friend Lynn Sweet (we met about 1980). Also ask Lynn about Chicago's own Bermuda Triangle -- the Billy Goat Tavern, Riccardo's, and O'Rourke's.

"My B.A. in political science from Northwestern gave me a general background, but seeing politicians in action on a daily basis taught me so much more. So did knowing Lynn and other Chicago reporters.

"Gov. Blago and his father-in-law, long-time Chicago alderman Richard Mell, live on the Northwest side. What's it like? Imagine a large area filled with GretaWire readers. Think of the comments they post here every day, the views they express, their attitudes about race and politics. GretaWire readers are very much like the people who live on the Northwest side.

"GretaWire readers would have come out in droves to vote for Gov. Blago and Ald. Mell. If the election were held tomorrow, they would do so again!"


Your old buddy,

George Spink
Los Angeles

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