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Blagojevich arrest taints Obama senate replacement process


WASHINGTON--Gov. Blagojevich's arrest Tuesday morning--and the criminal complaint filed against him alleging he was almost trying to sell the Senate appointment to replace President-elect Barack Obama--injects a high element of confusion into what the federal prosecutors are calling a tainted appointment process.

Top line questions:
*Will Blagojevich now attempt to make any appointment?
*Would any of the contenders jockeying for the spot take it if it put them under a cloud?

Read the criminal complaint


Why was dealing Obama's senate seat the tipping point on arresting Blagojevich?

The wiretaps started just before the November election.

And is it a coincidence that Bill Daley dropped the suggestion of running for governor last week?

I see Fitzgerald on his way out of Illinois. The Tribune, Obama's campaign, and the Daleys conspired to give him this indictment on Gov. Blagojevich.

Fitzgerald is out of here after Blagojevich's indictment. This was a gimme by the Chicago machine to promote Fitzgerald to national prominence.

this is the wackiest thing i've heard in ages!! what's up with your town, Lynn??

Good old Chicago Politics. It is like I was reading in my Bible last night. Lot asked if they could find 50, 45, 40, 30, 20, 10.. righteous men. Would GOD not destroy Sodom.

You know the rest of the story, GOD couldn't find 10 honest Politicans from Chicago. Not even the Messiah Obama could save the city from Fire and Brimstone... he was in on it too.

Seems Like Illinois and another day at the office.

So much Corruption and behind the scenes manipulation.

I see where Obama learned all his Dirty Tricks and manipulation.

It is past time for The Great State of Illinois to Clean house and Start with a clean slate of legislators. Say one and say all.

My only question is if Durbin will form a part of Blago's defense team, seeing as how interested he is in helping out disgraced, criminal governors.

We tried to warn you people out there what you were getting when you elected Obama, now you'll find out for yourselves. They claim this has nothing to do with Obama, just wait. These are all his friends, Blago, Rezko,Emmanuel, Emil Jones the whole crew is thick as thieves, what one knows they all know.

It puts them ALL under a cloud!

I just cant believe he would be that stupid, considering he's been on the Feds radar for three years! Every bill or law he's passed or considered is now under scrutiny. Thanks BLAGODUMMY!


Tainted, you say? Blago didn't taint Chicago politics all by himself - he's just one more branch on the Tony Rezko corruption tree, and we can name bigger names that appear on the same tree, can't we?

I'm from Chicago and I see that the city has reached a new low. It's truly sad and I wonder if the taint will reach our new president-elect.

Q: Will Blagojevich now attempt to make any appointment?
A: Probably. Nothing about this incident indicates that Blago has any judgment whatsoever. I suspect that he will compound his stupidity by appointing a new senator. Possibly, without even consulting the appointee.

Q: Would any of the contenders jockeying for the spot take it if it put them under a cloud?
A: Some of them could shake-off the Blagojevich stench -- e.g. Jessie Jackson, Jr. -- but most couldn't afford the political cost of a Blago appointment.

-- MrJM

I can't wait to see how far-reaching this is. Will Blago make an appointment? He's a pompous ass who got busted even though he knew he was being tapped.....not a bright buy. Will anyone take the spot? They better have impeccable character if they do.

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