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Obama's weekend: Saturday dinner at Frontera Grill; Regents Park visits. UPDATED


President-elect Barack Obama is a foodie; Saturday night he dined, with wife Michelle and pal Marty Nesbitt at the celebrated nouvelle Mexican Frontera Grill (founded by chef Rick Bayless) at 445 N. Clark Street. Obama on Sunday made two trips to Regents Park; he's been working out at the gym there; maybe doing some other meetings at the apartment of one of his other buddies, unless he's now gone to twice-a-day exercise.

Obama weekend


Pool report #4

President-elect Obama left the Marty Nesbitt home at 4:40 pm CST after a 3
hour-20 minute visit. Motorcade proceded back to the Regents Park apartment
building where he worked out this morning. Obama press aide on board the bus
said she does not know the purpose of the trip.

Sun Nov 30 14:42:07 2008
Subject: Third pool report

President-elect departs his home at 1:20 pm CST, as motorcade takes him just about 3 blocks to the home of friend Marty Nesbitt. Some in media pool catch momentary glimpse of Obama as he enters the Nesbitt home. President-elect's spokeswoman offers no other details.

President-elect Obama leaves
the Regents Park complex at 10:23 am CST after about a 90 minute workout.

Motorcade arrives back to his residence at 10:29 am. Media pool on bus in Hyde Park neighborhood.

First pool report

President-elect Obama departed his Hyde Park home for his daily workout at 8::47
am CST, arriving at the Regents Park apartment building gym at 8:55 am.

Motorcade encountered very light snowfall, the beginning of what's expected to be Chicago's first major winter storm of the season. Press pool camped out in nearby coffee shop. No word on the rest of Obama's Sunday schedule, but it's
expected that he'll be watching this evening's nationally televised Bears-Vikings game.

From the pool reports........

The president-elect and Michelle Obama left their home at 7:38 p.m., stopped nearby to pick up friend Marty Nesbitt and headed north on Lake Shore Drive to the Frontera Grill on Clark Street just south of Illinois Street, arriving at 8 p.m.

While the motorcade was on Lake Shore Drive, a car pulled alongside the convoy just south of McCormick Place, but a Chicago Police squad car quickly pulled the sedan to the side of the road.

ool report #3 11-29-08

Obama left the Regents Park at 11:04 a.m., returning to his house at 11:07 a.m.


Stalker pool about to get a taste of Chicago winter.

This isn't news. Do we need a minute by minute report? Whatever will you do when he moves to Washington?

Why not do something useful like, dig up dirt to help Fitzgerald get Daley....or Burke......or Madigan.....or Mell......or.......geez the list is endless.....

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