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Obama's Thursday in Chicago

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Thursday Obama protective pool...

President-elect Obama left his home at 9:32 am, and headed to the gym
(wearing a dark baseball cap, reading a newspaper, sitting in the back
passenger-side seat of a black SUV). He arrived at Regents Park around
9:38 am.

There were about a half-dozen random people (local residents and/or the
curious) on East End walking along the sidewalk, and were watching
avidly and snapping pictures with cellphone cameras as the motorcade
pulled up and the president-elect stepped out of the SUV, and quickly
walked into the building.

The crowd was a bit larger (about three dozen) gathered across the
street to watch the president-elect leave at 11:07 am. He returned home
to change clothes.


P.J. Huffstutter
Midwest Bureau Chief
Los Angeles Times

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