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Obama Presidential Inauguration Committee announced. Daley, Pritzker, Rogers, Smoot and Ryan co-chair.


From: Communications
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 2:37 PM
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Subject: Presidential Inaugural Committee Unveils Unprecedented Limits on
Fundraising; Broadens Public Access to Events

Presidential Inaugural Committee Unveils Unprecedented Limits on Fundraising;
Broadens Public Access to Events

Bipartisan Team Tapped to Organize Historic Inaugural Celebration

WASHINGTON - President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden's
Inaugural Committee outlined plans today for an inauguration that will
underscore their commitment to change business as usual in Washington and ensure
that as many Americans as possible, both inside and outside Washington, will be
able to come together to unite the country and celebrate our common values and
shared aspirations.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) announced today that it
will abide by an unprecedented set of limitations on fundraising as part of
President-elect Obama's pledge to put the country on a new path. Unlike
previous inaugural committees, the PIC will not accept contributions from
corporations, political action committees, current federally-registered
lobbyists, non-U.S. citizens and registered foreign agents. The PIC will not
accept individual contributions in excess of $50,000. Current law does not
restrict the size of donations. In past inaugurations, contribution limits have
run as high as $250,000.

In accordance with the Committee's commitment to provide the most
open and accessible inauguration in history, the PIC is working with relevant
authorities to open up as much of the National Mall as possible to accommodate
more Americans than ever before.

The Committee is headed by a bipartisan group of co-chairs: William
Daley, Penny Pritzker, John Rogers, Patrick Ryan and Julianna Smoot, who said
today they intend to deliver on President-elect Obama's commitment to organize
an inauguration that will rally all Americans to meet the great challenges of
our time:

"It is a distinct honor to chair the committee that will organize the
celebration of next year's historic inauguration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.
We are committed to ensuring that these activities are organized in a way that
reflects the American people's common values, shared aspirations and commitment
to addressing our challenges as one, united nation," they said in a joint

Listed below are some details about the co-chairs. Regularly updated
information will be provided to the public and the media on our website,

PIC Co-Chairs
William Daley is head of JPMorgan Chase's Office of Corporate Social
Responsibility as well as the firm's Vice Chairman, Chairman of the Midwest and
Chairman of the JP Morgan Chase foundation. He is the Chair of the Economic Club
of Chicago and is on the boards of the Council on Foreign Relations and the
Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He served as U.S. Secretary of Commerce
under President Bill Clinton from 1997 to 2000. He also serves as member of the
advisory board to President-elect Barack Obama's transition committee.

Penny Pritzker, a business executive and entrepreneur for more than twenty
years, is chairman of the board of four companies: TransUnion, Classic
Residence by Hyatt, The Parking Spot and Pritzker Realty. Ms. Pritzker also
served as Finance Chair of the President-elect's campaign committee. As a civic
leader, she's focused on improving the health and education of young people
through enterprising initiatives, such as Chicago Run and the Chicago Public
Education Fund.

John W. Rogers, Jr. is founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Ariel
Investments and serves on the boards of three public companies: Aon Corporation,
Exelon Corporation and McDonald's Corporation. He also is a director of the
Chicago Urban League, a trustee of the University of Chicago as well as a member
of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Patrick Ryan, a Republican, is Chairman and Chief Executive of Chicago 2016 and
oversees all aspects of Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics. He is the Founding
Chairman of Aon Corporation. Ryan is Chairman of the board of trustees of
Northwestern University and serves as a life trustee of Rush University Medical
Center. He is also an owner/director of the Chicago Bears Football Club.

Julianna Smoot served as President-elect Obama's national finance director
during his presidential campaign. She previously worked for the Democratic
Senatorial Campaign Committee, Senator Thomas Daschle, and Senator John Edwards.


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At this point everything seems like a "FLIMFLAM" to me! Just got a call from the Lemo service telling me that the Limo rententd months agos need to have a special premit that will cost me $250.00 on top of my PAID IN FULL SERVICE due by January 5th, 2009, mostly out of my personal finance. I had a price for a bus that was changed to a Limo and I am still $2,500 shot Plus! That was OK, did not cry about it knowing I had to give and provide meals for these people who are all hyped up. Note in this economy will anyone keep changeing the rules. Someone must stand up and tell the public that people are seizing on the moment but I am not a fool. I can't replace these peoples money because I signed a contract with the LIMO service telling us that they would take us as close to the event that they could get and now I have to pay $250.00 to cross a bridge with a special permit and I have been sent a invatation to join?

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