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Obama calls nine foreign leaders: see who is on his "A" list

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The President-elect returned calls to 9 leaders today, thanking them for having called to express congratulations on his election earlier this week. He returned calls to:

1. Prime Minister Rudd of Australia
2. Prime Minister Harper of Canada
3. President Sarkozy of France
4. Chancellor Merkel of Germany
5. Prime Minister Olmert of Israel
6. Prime Minister Aso of Japan
7. President Calderon of Mexico
8. President Lee of South Korea
9. Prime Minister Brown of the United Kingdom

1 Comment

On, Obama's New Admin Info site
He only shows these as having been contacted.
Why are these not listed on your site?
• Colombian President Uribe
• Nigerian President Yar’Adua
• Senegalese President Wade
• South African President Motlanthe
• United Nations Secretary
The disconnect from his public speech to his actions disclosed here is startling. Interesting read. I personally know no Obama supporters who have read the plans on this site.

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