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No Wednesday press conference; first broken promise of Obama administration? Pool report


Barack Obama displays his "oh you kid" grin after ABC NEWs Jake Tapper shouts a question at him (photo by Lynn Sweet)

From Kathy Kiely, USA Today

Subject: Pool report: arrival in columbus

First broken promise of the Obama administration?

About that Weds presser: Linda Douglass says Sen. Obama didn't mean it
after all. He'll meet the press before the end of the week, she said,
but "don't count on Wednesday."

After Michelle Obama and the kids got into a waiting car, the
irrepressible Jake Tapper tempted the candidate with a juicy substantive
question: "David Petreaus just landed in Pakistan," our colleague
shouted above the jet din. "Do you have a message for him.?"

Obama hesitated for a moment at the door of a car, then flashed an
oh-you-kid grin over his shoulder. He seemed to say something, but our
colleagues with boom mics say it was not even audible to them. Then
Obama ducked into the car.


And you POINT? Has McSame/Palin had a press conference?

Obama Vows To Create 'Civilian National Security Force'...maybe you can help America understand better what he has in mind before Election is over?

i think i heard his message then as well. "end this war quickly," right? "then meet lynn sweet for pizza"!!...i'm sure i heard him say that:-)!!

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