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Lynn Sweet on MSNBC's "Hardball" talking about Obama McCain meeting



Barack meeting with McCain so quickly shows to the world that petty differences do not matter in the heat of battle, only the solving of humanity's problems!

As for Lieberman, I believe Lieberman, if McCain had asked him, would have been John McCain's GOP running mate. The Democratic Senators owe him nothing. They should have faith that the new bills and legislations they bring to the floor will find passage without that turncoat.

President-Elect Obama seems to have a more realistic grasp on the future of our country than some of our senior politicians. We cannot continue to thrive through partisanship. The devisiveness that we have witnessed ruin our economy has been proven to be devastating to us a nation.
I watched this campaign religiously, and the one thing that has been continuously overlooked is the brilliance that the Obama team has shown throughout. We need those new ideas and and implementation in order for the United States to continue to be a leader in all things humane.

You were great :) As usual, the smartest and most perceptive person in the room.

Nice Job, Lynn. You did a nice job of calming Matthews down without alienating him. But, my GODDESS! But, Lynn--McSame does not haveNEARLY the emissary status as EITHER of the Clintons!
Chris (tingle up his leg) Matthews again showed his misogyny "gotta get back to that baby" referring to Hillary. "Does Barack Obama and McCain need each other to secure their place in history?" Everett Dirksen that great senator? LBJ? Is that what Obama's supposed to try to achieve?
I think McSame wants to redeem himself by appearing with Obama and calm down all the crazies (200 wierd incidents--many others not reported).
Hillary is to the LEFT of the Obamas. Not Bill. HILLARY.
So, I hope that the notion that the Clintons were enemies of the Obamas can be put to rest, and Cynthia Tucker should be ASHAMED of herself for touting this line.
And they even planted this in other news stories!!!!!
Talk about manufacturing a 'problem' with Bill.

Nice Job, Lynn of straightening out this misogynist 'get to that 'baby'"--meaning HIllary. Cynthia Tucker should be ashamed of herself--is she doing PR for the Obama presidency now that the campaign ended?
McSame is Everett Dirksen to Obama's LBJ? Has anyone told Bill Ayers? Is that what Obama is aspiring to?
The bashing of Bill Clinton overtly, and the showing of the BRAVE NY ATTORNEY GENERAL WHO STOOD UP TO THE FINANCIAL MARKETS (too bad he had an achilles heel so easily exploited) in video with Hillary was McCarthistic at best.

OMG, it just hit me. The chairs. The reason they had the chairs is because they couldn't have photos of the two of them standing next to each other.

Obama would tower over McCain. It was a courtesy to McCain that they provided the chairs instead of having them stand together.

Okay, Kathy F, maybe. But THRONE chairs?

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