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Chicago's Penny Pritzker likely Obama Commerce Secretary


WASHINGTON--Chicago business executive Penny Pritzker, the finance chair for President-elect Obama's presidental campaign--who lined up the big donors early on crucial to making his bid viable--is under consideration for Commerce Secretary. Pritzker, a Chicagoan who is a billionaire member of the family that controls Hyatt Hotels and other assets, would have to extricate herself from her business ties in order to join the administration. She is already part of Obama's transition team. The post requires Senate confirmation; Pritzker's Superior Bank collapse could be an issue.

Penny Pritzker working the phone on Election Day at Obama big donor headquarters at the Hyatt on Wacker Drive in Chicago. (photo by Lynn Sweet)


The Pritzker family did it right, they played both sides of the aisle. For those who don't understand, Penny worked in Obama campaign and the other Pritzker (J.B.) was National Campaign Coordinator for Hillary Clinton.

So what most politicans and big money people do is put their cards on each campaign and they cash in at the end.

You did not see J.B. Pritzker put down Obama too much, he's not dumb. But, at the end, the Pritzker Billionaire family will be even richer and more powerful, the Chicago Way.

Unbelievable! What poor judgment! Educate yourselves, people. Why not appoint Mark Rich? Obama has no judgment. She should be deposed to testify about the source of the money she raised.

Get it straight people.
Penny Pritzer is not a candidate for
Commerence Secretary.
This is a vicious and unture rumor.
Hold your negative comments until you get the
facts straight.

Annie==You cite the Washington Times?

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