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Tina Fey as Sarah Palin nails it again on "Saturday Night Live" Debate skit


updated 2:25 a.m. Chicago time

WASHINGTON--Tina Fey nailed Sarah Palin for a third time in a parody of the vice presidential debate where Queen Latifah played moderator Gwen Ifill. A cast member, Jason Sudeikis spoofed Joe Biden.

Ifill was given quit a ribbing in the skit--shown as hawking her upcoming book, which she did not do at the debate--promising not to ask follow up questions in order to "not to appear biased for Barack Obama in light of my new book, "Breakthrough, Politics of Race in the Age of Obama."

From Latifah as Ifill: "Due to the historically low expectations for Gov. Palin, were she simply to do an adequate job tonight, at no point cry, faint, run out of the building or vomit, you should consider the debate a tie."

The real debate at Washington University in St. Louis featured a question about same sex benefits. Fey/Palin had this zinger, playing off Palin's unwed pregnant teen daughter whose marriage to the father of her baby was announced when Palin was tapped by McCain to be his runningmate.

Said Fey/Palin, "You know I would be afraid of where that would lead. I believe marriage is meant to be a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers."

Here are more highlights...
From NBC.......

Highlights from the VP Debate Sketch follow:

QUEEN LATIFAH AS GWEN IFILL: "Good evening, I'm Gwen Ifill and welcome to
Washington University in St. Louis Missouri to the first and only 2008 Vice
Presidential Debate between the Republican nominee, Governor Sarah Palin of
Alaska, and the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden of Delaware. Let's welcome the

TINA FEY AS GOV. SARAH PALIN: "Can I call you, 'Joe?'"


FEY AS PALIN: "OK, 'cause I practiced a couple of zingers where I call you Joe."

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "Now tonight's discussion will cover a wide range of topics
including domestic and foreign policy matters. Each candidate will have 90
seconds to respond to a direct question and then an additional two minutes for
rebuttal and follow-up. As moderator, I will not ask any follow-up questions
beyond 'do you agree?' or 'your response?' so as not to appear biased for Barack
Obama in light of my new book (holding up book) 'The Breakthrough: Politics of
Race in the Age of Obama,' coming out on inauguration day and available for
pre-order on And finally, we would like to remind our audience that
due to the historically low expectations for Governor Palin, were she simply to
do an adequate job tonight, and at no point cry, faint, run out of the building
or vomit you should consider the debate a tie. Alright, let's begin. Senator
Biden, how, as Vice President would you work to shrink the gap of polarization
that has sprung up in Washington?

SUDEIKIS AS BIDEN: "Well, I would do what I have done my whole career, whether
it's been dealing with violence against women or putting 100,000 police officers
in the streets. I would reach across the aisle. Like I've done with so many
members of the other party. Members like John McCain. Because look, I love
John McCain. He is one of my dearest friends. But at the same time, he's also
dangerously unbalanced. I mean, let's be frank, John McCain -- and again, this
is a man I would take a bullet for -- is bad at his job and mentally unstable.
As my mother would say, 'God love him, but he's a raging maniac...' and a dear,
dear friend."

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "Governor Palin. How will your administration deal with the
current financial crisis?"

FEY AS PALIN: "Well first of all, let me say how nice it is to meet Joe Biden.
And may I say, up close your hair plugs don't look nearly as bad as everyone
says. You know, John McCain and I, we're a couple of mavericks. And gosh
darnit, we're gonna take that maverick energy right to Washington and we're
gonna use it to fix this financial crisis and everything else that's plaguin'
this great country of ours."

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "How will you solve the financial crisis by being a maverick?"

FEY AS PALIN: "You know we're gonna take every aspect of the crisis and look at
it and then we're gonna ask ourselves, 'what would a maverick do in this
situation?' And then, you know, we'll do that." (SHE winks.)

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "Senator Biden, how would your administration address the
current financial crisis?"

SUDEIKIS AS BIDEN: "Barack Obama and I understand that we need to regulate
Wall Street. John McCain voted against Wall Street regulation 41 times. Let me
repeat that. 41 times! And again, this is a man I love. If I had to spend the
rest of my life on a desert island with only one other person it would be John
McCain -- no doubt about it. I mean, you should see the way my face lights up
when he walks into a room. But the fact is, John McCain has voted with George
Bush ninety percent of the time, let me say that again: time."

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "Governor Palin, would you like to respond to Senator Biden's
comments about Senator McCain?"

FEY AS PALIN: "No thank you, but I would like to talk about bein' an outsider.
You see while Senator Biden has been in Washington all these years I've been
with regular people. Hockey moms and Joe Six-packs I'd also like to give a
shout out to the third graders of Gladys Woods Elementary who were so helpful to
me in my debate prep. Also too, you see, I think a bit differently from an
insider. I don't think it's patriotic to pay more taxes. I don't think it's
patriotic to criticize these wars we got goin' on. I do think it's patriotic to
tell the government, 'Hey get outta my way! Stop tryin' to impose on my right
to shoot wolves from a helicopter.' But a Washington insider like Joe Biden
probably disagrees."

SUDEIKIS AS BIDEN: "You know I get a little tired of being told I'm an insider.
I come from Scranton, Pennsylvania and that's as hardscrabble a place as you're
gonna find. I'll show you around some time and you'll see. It's a hellhole.
An absolute jerkwater of a town. You couldn't stand to spend a weekend there.
It is just an awful, awful sad place filled with sad desperate people with no
ambition. Nobody, and I mean nobody, but me has ever come out of that place.
It's a genetic cesspool. So don't be telling me that I'm part of the Washington
elite because I come from the absolute worst place on Earth: Scranton,
Pennsylvania. And Wilmington, Delaware is not much better."

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "Senator Palin. Address your position on global warming and
whether you think it's man-made or not."

FEY AS PALIN: "Gwen, we don't know if this climate change hoozie-what's-it is
man-made or if it's just a natural part of the 'End of Days.' But I'm not gonna
talk about that I would like to talk about taxes, because with Barack Obama,
you're gonna be paying higher taxes. But not with me and my fellow maverick.
We are not afraid to get maverick-y in there and ruffle feathers and not got to
allow that. And also, too, the great Ronald Reagan."

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "The next question is for you, Senator Biden. Do you support,
as they do in Alaska, granting same-sex benefits to couples?"

SUDEIKIS AS BIDEN: "I do. In an Obama-Biden administration same-sex couples
would be guaranteed the same property rights, rights to insurance, and rights of
ownership as heterosexual couples. There will be no distinction. I repeat, no

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "So to clarify, do you support gay marriage, Senator Biden?"

SUDEIKIS AS BIDEN: "Absolutely not. But I do think they should be allowed to
visit one another in the hospital and in a lot of ways, that's just as good, if
not better."

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "Governor Palin. Would you extend same-sex rights to the
entire country?"

FEY AS PALIN: "You know I would be afraid of where that would lead. I believe
marriage is meant to be a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.
But don't think I don't tolerate gay people. Because I do. I tolerate them
with all my heart. And I know quite a few too. Not personally. But I know of
them. I've seen 'Ellen.' Oh, and there was this one girl on my college
basketball team. She wasn't officially 'a gay,' but, you know, we were pretty

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "Governor Palin, what is your position on Healthcare

FEY AS PALIN: "I'm gonna ignore that question and instead talk about Israel. I
love Israel so much. Bless its heart. There's a special place for Israel in
heaven. And I know some people are going to say I'm only saying that to pander
to Florida voters, but from a very young age, my two greatest loves were always
Jews and Cuban food."

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "I would now like to give each of you a chance to make a
closing statement."

FEY AS PALIN: : (holding flute): Oh, are we not doing the talent portion?

(FEY AS PALIN plays flute, winks)

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "Senator Biden, your closing statement?"

SUDEIKIS AS BIDEN: "My goal tonight was a simple one. To come up here and at no
point seem like a condescending, egomaniacal bully, and I'm gonna be honest, I
think I nailed it. Sure there were moments when I wanted to say, 'Hey, this
lady is a dummy!' But I didn't. Because Joe Biden is better than that. I
repeat Joe Biden is better than that (pointing at FEY/PALIN). So to all of the
pundits who said I would seem cocky or arrogant. You dopes got schooled

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "Governor Palin?"

FEY AS PALIN: "I liked being here tonight answering these tough questions
without the filter of the mainstream gotcha media with their 'follow-up
questions,' 'fact-checking' or 'incessant need to figure out what your words
mean and why ya put them in that order.' I'm happy to be speaking directly to
the American people to let them know if you want an outsider who doesn't like
politics as usual or pronouncin' the "g" and the end of words she's sayin' I
think you know who to vote for. Oh, and for those Joe Six-packs out there
playing a drinking game at home -- Maverick."

LATIFAH AS IFILL: "Well, this concludes tonight's debate. The book drops
November 4, and Live From New York...It's Saturday Night!


It was funny the first time. It was less so the second time. This third outing is just annoying. And the cheap shot at the expense of the daughter? Disgusting. Ms. Fey & company had plenty of material to work with without resorting to nasty tactics like that. Absolutely disgusting.

I almost feel bad that Tina Fey won't be able to continue her spoof on SP after November!

Sorry, Kelly, but Tina Fey as Sarah Palin in the debate was PERFECT! If you watch the debate, the interviews and the rare opportunity to see the actual Sarah Palin in "action," you would realize that she writes these sketches herself! SNL simply lifts DIRECT dialog from Sarah's own pre-written-for-her scripts. NAILED IT AGAIN! Thank you Tina Fey! And thanks to the intellectually honest conservatives who see SP for what she is -- completely unready to step in as president should (God forbid) anything happen to the 72-year-old, four-time cancer survivor.

It was good the first time. It was hilarious the second time. Tonight was the topper of them all. Tina Fey was/is brilliant. Using jokes at her daughter's expense was simply fabulous. I'm sure it'll be even better the fourth and fifth times. Maybe Ms. Taylor will vomit, which will be just as hilarious.

If Palin were to become vp or even president by default, at least SNL and the public that voted the other way would have someone to laugh at. And they would need something to get through the week after nearly a decade under the current administration. If it weren't for Bush's and Cheney's rich fodder for SNL, what would America have to distract it from the embarrassment it has become.

The only thing "disgusting" is the selection of a moronic high-schooler by McCain to run for VP, and Ms. Palin's hypocrisy...

Palin: "Hey, can I call you Joe?"

[Lame setup for a future "attack."]

And later on in the "debate" [if you call one person reading notes and not answering the moderator's questions]...

Palin: "Say it ain't so Joe..."

[Why are you referring to a 1919 Black Sox baseball scandal?...In my mind, I bet you didn't even know who this quote even refers to?]

It was funny the first time. It was even funnier the second time. This third outing was absolutely hilarious. And the shot at the daughter? Fantastic. Ms. Fey & company know that Sarah Palin's trotting out her daughter to up her pro-life credentials deserves this kind of derision. Absolutely wonderful.

P.S. Kelly Taylor is clearly a paid Republican site propagandist. Nice try.

Aww. "Nasty tactics"? It's comedy. Go cry yourself to sleep rather than stay up Saturday nights - clearly you need more rest since you get cranky when you stay up late.

I would like to know how the young father of Sarah Palin's daughter's baby to be has avoided jail-time for statutory rape?

America deserves better than this daffy woman. She should have tried out for a role in the movie Fargo.

Call me elitist, but I don't think that folksy language and those winks are indicative of a woman who is fit to be president.

We're getting rid of a Texan hillbilly, we don't need to replace him with an old coot and Alaskan white trash.

While Obama may need a bit more experience, the Obama-Biden ticket is a much more confidence-inspiring team than old fart and the winking wonder.

Oh, please, Kelly Taylor. Save your fake outrage - your bias is showing.

What's actually disgusting is the fact that Palin outed her own daughter's pregnancy to squelch rumors about Trig not being her own. That's disgusting. So is forcing your teenage daughter to get married to her boyfriend to save your public image. Yes, forcing - it's public knowledge Palin wanted Bristol to marry Levi before the convention, so Palin could make the announcement after they were already wed, but Bristol refused.

Good for Bristol, I say.

Tina Fey's every line was priceless... I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. It almost makes me glad that an illiterate fascist princess may one day have her hand on the red button. Spot on!

It was funny the first time. It was even funnier the second time. And funnier, still, the third time. Funny, because it's true. In one ten minute sketch, Tina Fey managed to bring into focus just how phony, nonsensical, and downright weird was Palin's "performance" at the debate on Thursday. Tina Fey is doing a service for the entire country with these spot-on impressions of the Alaskan Airhead.

I am going to miss Tina Fey after November!

I thought it was clever, they made fun of both candidates. Maybe they went too far with the joke about Palin's daughter but this isn't the first "nasty tactic" I've heard this election.

Supposedly McCain is going to die any day now, Obama is a Muslim, Obama is "pals" with terrorist. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Oh, and for those Joe Six-packs out there
playing a drinking game at home -- Maverick."

This was the funniest out of the three, and maybe the funniest thing SNL has done in years. If you support Palin, I understand why you didn't laugh, but I thought they nailed it.

It started funny and it stays funny. How could it help - it's about politics, the funniest thing of all... I mean, you either have to laugh at it or become a hermit and try to ignore the whole mess. BTW, Palin made her kid fair game when she trotted her out with her intended on a political platform.

Tina Fey either states exactly the way Sarah Palin reacts in unfiltered situations or does a great translation of her behavior in the same setting. Fey's portrayal is so dead on in comparison so much so that it's obvious that the only thing more scarier than Sarah Palin becoming VP is John McCain becoming president. And yet, one has to laugh to keep from crying at the mere thought of that happening.

Hilarious!!! I can't get enough. Why is it that everyone can't see Palin for what she truly is like SNL!!

Cheap shot at the expense of her daughter?!?!?!? When someone is SO absolutely hypocritical and mindless, they deserve EVERY shot.... This woman has a daughter who is under age, pregnant, high school drop out, with numerous pics of her drinking at age 15, 16....and Palin comes across as all high and mighty and about family values pointing the finger at every one else....Obviously someone did not raise her child hats off to SNL, NBC, Tina Fey to spoof her so brilliantly!

Hockey Mom my ass!

....and if I hear "You Betcha" one more time I'm going to scream. All that coaching just to get her "through" one debate and they can't even teach her to say "Yes" instead of You Betcha?!?

Ya know, many of us worry that the less political erudite "see" what the more studious political followers do when you watch Palin say absolutely nothing and dodge the "real" questions because she doesn't know world politics least not at this point in time.

These SNL skits fully disclose all those things we hope others see and they are the only ones who can get away with the "unwilling teenage" jab. Though some may see it a cheap shot, it really does outline Palin's prejudices ... For Palin, it's all good so long as it is not inside her sacred family.

It agree it would be inappropriate for a politician to express those taboo subjects so many of us are thinking...but thank God SNL does it for us! It's fair game's not like we aren't thinking it. Think about it Kelly Taylor, that's why you have a reaction--you thought about it too! That is what comedy is about...bringing out the things others can't or won't--that is what makes it funny! Or in your case upset and disgusted which you have every right to express but so does everyone else in this forum of comedy.

I love it! And I love the Biden slams also...I mean if one is using these skits as a measure of who to vote for then really, the joke is on them.

To Joe Truth:

Since you were wondering, the age of consent in Alaska is 16, so there was no crime committed there.

And the sketch tonight was absolutely hilarious.

I find this whole Palin thing very amusing.

She simply represents an awful lot of women who just do what they do every day and bring their families and keep the family together, despite problems.

She also represents a type of feminism that does not fit the script of the female elite, many of whom were born into privilege.

I believe in women's right to choose, when it comes to abortion. But her decision to have a Down's Syndrome baby is treated as though it is a crime.

The fact that she did this, tells me she is a woman of character.

She goes about her life, but gets put down. Her way of speaking is even ridiculed.

Like million of ordinary mums.

I remember when Ronald Reagan was voted in. He was derided as being dumb.

Yet he turned out to be one of the greatest presidents.

And he even ended the cold war, with a little hep from Margaret Thatcher, a woman who was known for using her handbag first and asking questions later.

does anyone here think that these SNL skits are helping educate non-decided voters? It seems that these Tina is so on, and its all so 'n' that only the hard core base couldn't see that the GOP has gone flakey, and dangerously so.

We all say: Thank you, Sarah Palin! :-)

Have a nice one...

SNL has been great, but know whats even funnier???? Dodgers 3 games, lil cubbies big fat 0 hahahahahahahaha LOSERS

I totally agree Kelly. Attacking someone with low mental acuity is disgusting !!!!!!!! She should be sheilded .I respect the Mccain team... after the first sit down with Palin they muzzled her , Sure people say let Sarah be Sarah but this was exactly bless her heart what they were protecting her from . My beefs are 1: The blatant sexism note how Biden is satired while Palin is not 2: Who cares if for political convenience two teenagers are forced into marriage and a sleeping baby is paraded late at night ? Leave Sarah alone!!!!! So what if she is a pitbull with lipstick ?Jane+Joe 6-Pack unite against sexism Bush made it so can Sarah

SNL has been great, but know whats even funnier???? Dodgers 3 games, lil cubbies big fat 0 hahahahahahahaha LOSERS

Palin : Can I call you Joe ? Biden: Yes ... and may I call you Tina ?! You take the "L" out of Palin and all you're left with is Pain... so let's "kick the 'ell out of her"...she is certaintly Not in the mainstream.Gov.Palin reinforces McCain's short-sighted "flyboy" judgement and the absolute truth that the substance and the style of Republican politics and ideaology at the Federal level is an overwhelming verifiable Failure !! But Funny is Funny and Funny is Bi-partisan !

It's damn hard to parody a parody, but SNL has done it again. I'll bet everyone at SNL votes for McCain/Palin because, quite frankly, Palin is a comedic goldmine. And before everyone comes down on me, I'm a registered Republican. And McCain choosing someone so incompetent was a joke. Now that I think about it, maybe McCain should try stand up comedy....

Fact of the matter is, Tina Fey will do this as long as she can make some money off of her Palin imitation. That's why she is an actress and a writer, she wants to make money. Since her first success as Palin, I am certain that she has been able to roll up the amount of money she is paid in each successive venture as Palin.

What Tina Fey, SNL and a lot of their comrades could care less about is the fact that they do not know who it is they are supporting for this election. Sure they know the guys name is Obama. But they have no clue that he has been working with a lot of criminals for 20 years in an effort to turn the U.S. into a socialist country. And if they do know that, then I think that their efforts to make it appear humorous, are deplorable.

Socialism can be found around the world in many countries and it is always found wanting. As it is, Obama and his friends brought us to this time in which banks are failing and Wall Street tried to take it up, only to fail also, so now the American taxpayers have to bail them out.

Where did it start? Obama. He worked for ACORN as a worker, then a lawyer and trainer. What did they do? What Obama helped train them to do. Get in people's faces and intimidate them. Threaten bankers using the word racism to accomplish your end.

ACORN workers literally got into the faces of bankers and told them that they would destroy them if they did not write loans for people who were not economically qualified. AOCRN lobbied congress to get legislation passed to require that banks lend to people who were not economically stable or able to repay loans. Then ACORN took people who were not earning income to the banks and helped them fill out loan papers to buy houses that they could not afford.

Obama, as a lawyer, helped defend ACORN when they were accused of writing up voter registrations for people who were dead, already registered, on ineligible to vote.

Obama then moved on to announce his entry into government at the home of terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. The woman who introduced him was taken out by Obama in his first campaign for office when he had the petitions for her and all other candidates dismissed for errors which his lawyers found.

WAIT? Why does a guy who is just starting out in politics have a bunch of lawyers to go through all of the voters signatures?

Well, Obama had a ton of lawyers available to him because he was backed by some big money. Bill Ayers father, Soros, Rezko, and a dozen others were backing Obama for what reason? He was a community organizer for ACORN? Do all ACORN workers get that kind of financial backing?


Obama fit their profile for a man who could and would carry out their agenda. It was mutual usage by Obama and his supporters. They had and agenda which they shared with Obama and he had his agenda, which they shared. Take down the U.S. by infiltrating a candidate that believed in socialism, would get money for them, and would be their contact man on the inside....once they got him inside.

And here we are today. Of all people, the leaders of the 1960's Weather Underground, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, have finally found a way to take down the U.S. Ayers and his father worked out a grant with Annenberg then put in Obama as chairman. Where did he get that authority from if he had yet to do anything other than "community organization"? Then they were on the board of the Woods Fund. They spent well over $150 million on failed projects which also funded each other and their friends.

Big time money from Soros and others has backed this candidate in every take over, including the takeover of the Democratic Party.

Now they want to use Obama to take over the government of the U.S. after they destroyed the economy. And make no mistake about who brought this about, it was the backing of ACORN from the beginning that led to the bad mortgages, the failures to pay back loans, the corruption in Freddie and Fannie, and in the Senate and House which allowed this to go on for so many years. The Dems who took down the country are trying to blame it on everyone else but if will only work if people do not look at the history.

If people refuse to look into who they are voting for, and Obama wins, then they will have a lifetime and their children's lifetime to regret it. In fact my grandchildren will still be paying for it even if everything else goes okay.

So get all hyped up on the humor of Fey, or the speeches of Obama, because the end of a manic period is depression, and there will not be any pill that will heal the kind of depression that will come about with a government led by Obama.

The man has never worked a job in his life. All of those "present" votes, and no votes were cast for a reason. He wants to be a blank slate so you do not know who he is and will fall for anything he says on any given day.

Oh please. I find a joke about her kid as off putting, while clearly stating that the writers of SNL had a vast field from which to draw from and this makes me an intolerant right wing drone? Does common sense cease to apply here? The kids of any public figure should be 100% off limits. Yes, the girl was on stage in support of her mother. I've noticed that to be a trend for every single politician running. That in no way excuses the snide remarks made at that girls expense. Love Palin or hate her, the kids of any candidate should remain off limits.

Since when did Saturday Night Live become newsworthy? How far America has fallen.....sad.

This third sketch was ABSOLUTELY brilliant. Watching the debate last Thursday, my main comment was "She's not answering any of the questions!!! Why won't Ifill follow up?" I wondered if anyone noticed. Tina certainly noticed.

Palin has tried to substitute being insufferably cute for being competent. Fey's caricatures of Palin have be spot on. She has captured the essence of Sarah, you betcha.

I'll tell ya something else. Earlier today I was commenting about Sarah on the Fownews website. I happened to mention that I found Sean Hannity's reactions to the daily Gallup polls to be amusing. They banned my comment.

Hannity and Palin have provided endless amusement this election cycle.

Tina Fey has had an outstanding career as a comedic writer and actor... but it seems as if destiny fulfilled when she plays Palin. Nothing I have seen can touch this. It was as if Tina was born to do this.

The line between impersonation and imposter is blurred to the point that I am not sure that I am not in the Twilight Zone.

I am a Republican and even I see this as funny. I hate the pick of Palin as VP. I have to vote for Obama (who I don't think has enough experience to lead) out of fear of something happening to McCain. I blame McCain for his selection. I believe he is a man who always put country first and I think he got TERRIBLE advice from his council on his VP selection.

The funny thing about all these comments is that all the libs still don't get Sarah Palin.

You all thought they were making fun of Sarah in a condescending way, but actually it was a very true satire, both on Sarah, Joe, and Gwen. As normal, you just don't understand the satire so you are missing the phenomenon of Sarah.

I can guarantee you that the vast majority of conservatives, especially the hard-core ones (like me, ha ha) thought it was BRILLIANT and hilarious.

Like I said, you just don't get it. The worst thing anybody can do is underestimate the enemy, and so you go soft. Then, BAM, Sarah Palin is the new VPOUS !

As Mark Levin said "Governor Palin is a truly unique national figure. She is down to earth, personable, and smart as hell."
(FYI, Mark Levin is a radio commentator, ha ha ha ha ha).

The best thing all the libs could do is listen to Rush Limbaugh. I'm not kidding you. Because he tells you exactly where you are wrong and what you should do. But you keep on ignoring him. And Sarah's impact keeps growing by leaps and bounds.

If you really want to know the impact of Sarah, get a dust rag and then read Ezekiel 37:1-14. Maybe this will wake you up. But hopefully not.

Until this week I thought the skit was quite funny, but now I realize that SNL is not as much a comedy program as it is a surrogate for Obama. They poked very light and undamging fun at Biden while carefully picking Palin apart. They also, after Friday's polls revealed PA is growing to Obama as a whole, with the exception of Scranton which is leaning toward McCain, decided to destroy the town as if to say, who cares about those lowlife's we don't need them anyway.

everything in the SNL skit was dead on- if that is too harsh for some of your readers then get a grip on reality!! This is really happening and Palin is a potential heartbeat away from running this country--I think that is the real story and why most americans have to understand that we don't need another eye winker in the white house--I am a woman with 2 daughters and this is not the woman I want to 'represent' all of us

Palin's folksy comments are wearing thin. Ronald Reagan could pull them off Palin cannot as she sounds too scripted.
She is no maverick and McCain is no maverick.
There are numerous Republican women who are more qualified to be the potential leader of the free world than Palin. I refuse to support her just because she is a woman and resent McCain's shortsighted choice.

" Attacking someone with low mental acuity is disgusting !!!!!!!! She should be sheilded." I assume this is very good ironic humour.

She's (potentially) a heartbeat away from being the leader of the 'free' world. Having someone with low mental acuity for the last eight years has served us well. We can sleep much safer in our beds and enjoy our greatly improved personal finances.

Dismissing probing or difficult questions as 'sexist' is a great strategy for avoiding them. And she knows where Russia is.

GO SARAH!!!!!!!!! (please)

You work with the material you're given. Everything Ms. Fey did was based on truth and bang on target. Deal with it, Gov. Palin is a bigoted, creationist, religous (bases her beliefs on 2000 year old rantings of people who thought the earth was flat) twit.

Who are you people? I'm curious if any of you actually watched the debate. Palin and Biden both did a fine job and Ifill was a fair moderator. So SNL supports Obama - of course they do. But why paint Palin as a dummy? She is very smart and the most popular governor in the entire country. It's too bad that SNL has to resort to sketches about Palin being stupid - but at least it's better than her husband raping his children. Oh wait, they did that too.

Peter -

I don't think anyone is ridiculing Palin for trying to keep her family together, or for giving birth to a Down's syndrome child. The issues she has with her family are the same issues many families face around the world.

You said "She also represents a type of feminism that does not fit the script of the female elite, many of whom were born into privilege." Can you expound on that statement? Particularly your definition of "elite."

Please excuse me while I rant a bit here. The "elite" label is often used to deride anyone who believes Palin a poor choice for vice president. The fact is, she's poorly versed in just about every national and international issue. The cutesy mannerisms and wide-eyed ignorance may be appealing on a personal level, but I do NOT want someone like that (ignorant and proud of it, getting by with a wink and a smile) representing me on the national and world stages. We've had eight years of that with Bush and it's hurt our credibility.

She IS like millions of ordinary mums, including me. However, I do not want someone ordinary or someone like me in or near the White House. I want the most intelligent, well-versed, tolerant person of good judgment I can find. A hockey mom just doesn't fit the bill.

Joe Biden made a fool of himself by discussing how President Rooseveldt went on television to discuss the stock market crash of 1929.....Hoover was president at the time, and TV did not come along until much later. This would have been perfect comedic fare. Why didn't SNL take that ball and run with it? Could there be an agenda at work?

The fact that Tina has more brain than McCain & Palin combined is not comedy, but tragedy. In the midst of this degrading performance of the Republican Party, I find watching Tina's marvellous rendition of absurity comforting because I am no longer alone.

It was funny as hell. Anyone that is upset should blame Sarah not Tina, she provides the material. I think Tina went easy on her, there was a lot more material in that debate she could have used. I laughed at her through the whole debate. I don't feel sorry for a woman who outed her daughter to save herself. I can't wait to Bristol writes the book about her hockey mom.

They need to take it to the next level and have Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey do McCain/Palin.

Tina Fey is unquestionably brilliant, and Queen Latifah was nearly as effective as the shamelessly biased Gwen Ifil ... the Biden portrayal not so much, but that's admittedly a tougher act to do as convincingly. What strikes fear in every informed liberal heart, though, is the searing reality that on election day, millions of not-so-enlightened-non-SNL-viewers will be pulling that curtain behind them ... and voting for McCain/Palin. And the outcry from the all-knowing will be mute ... we'll have 4 years of McCain/Palin material for Fey's future skits.


To Peter, London UK

I respect what your saying, I would respect it even more if it were true.

"I believe in women's right to choose, when it comes to abortion. But her decision to have a Down's Syndrome baby is treated as though it is a crime."

She did not choose to have a baby with down snydrome. She believes that abortion is wrong so there was no choice, she was going to have that baby. That changes it ever so slightly for me I don't know about you. But there are other women who are pro-choice that would choose to have the baby and that is admirable.

What bothers me about Palin is the way she exploits everything. She exploits her special needs child. They keep him up late nights so we can watch him on camera and feel sorry that she has to raise him. (Which by incident I think her husband is doing most of that.) I do feel sorry for Trig. She exploits her teenage daughter. She wants us to see she has problems too. She's just a regular hockey mom just like us with a pregnant teenage daughter except I wouldn't force my kid to marry a guy who looks like a deer caught in headlights.

What's even funnier is they talk to Sarah's friends she does yoga with and they all agree she's a wonderful person she's top of the tops. But when they asked who they were voting for. They were still undecided. Her yoga friends!!!!!! They know her. We don't. She sidesteps every serious question thrown at her. She's pretty. She talks pretty.(Personally I think she's a smart@ss) She winks pretty and the GOP is in love with their fake homegrown average mom. I think her husband is the homegrown average dad.

If she can't handle the problems arising in her home, which she is lauded for, how the heck is she gonna handle the country. If she is being questioned on various things in Alaska and the city of Wasilla how many questions are we gonna have if she gets to DC.

If you can look pass the pretty and you'll start to see some ugly.

I'm voting for McCain, it's doesn't matter about the rest. McCain is needed, because America needs a Commander in Chief period. Obama does not quailify..

Way to go SNL!! Keep up the focus on this rediculous choice for VP by the Republicans. The Palin pick had to be some kind of compromised group-vote. No way McCain could had picked her on his own. No single man possesses that much stupidity or lack of responsibility, except maybe GB.

This skit summarizes the actual debate agenda for each candidate better than the talking heads reviewing the debate afterwards! Great job SNL!

This skit summarizes the actual debate agenda for each candidate better than the talking heads reviewing the debate afterwards! Great job SNL!

mace, do you really think that it is wrong to make fun of the low mental acuity of the vice presidential nominee? if she had a low mental capacity then she really has no place running to be vice president of the united states and if snl is helping show people that than maybe its a good thing.

In response to Peter in the UK:
It's not her decision to have a Down's Syndrome baby that's being treated like a crime--it's her parading that baby around like a token, late at night, way past any appropriate baby's bedtime.
It's the hypocrisy of her spouting off on her special needs child, when she as governor slashed funding for special needs children 60% in one year. She sounds and behaves like "ordinary mums" which is fine in itself, but I know I don't want an "ordinary mum" like myself running the government. I don't think an ordinary mum would be in the best shape to handle a crisis if, say, North Korea or Iran decided to deploy nuclear weapons. I want someone BETTER than me. I want someone EXTRAordinary. And as far as Reagan, he was governor of Cakifornia for 8 years before running for president, not 2years -- and note that California, population wise, is more than half of the total UK population, and more than 50x that of the population of Alaska. No comparison. Absolutely, positively none.

THANK YOU TINA FEY and SNL! We’ve needed to laugh and make light of someone who has gone way beyond her highest level of incompetence – and unless we speak up may cost us all going into abject poverty and global catastrophe. McCain may live 4 more years but he’s either already reached senility or showing his true red neck “good ole boy” colors in needing to chose someone he thinks he can control – all the while her pretending he cannot.

To the Peters of UK or anywhere else – please don’t insult us by trying to call her a woman of integrity typical of the norm: Palin’s a journalist who puts down anyone in the only profession she studied (and seems not to read ANY news); a woman who preaches the virtues of abstinence for teens but cannot even lead her own daughter into believing it; a mom with 5 children who’s ambition blinds her to the needs of her own family; a politician who skirts the truth relying on ignorance and loopholes to deny responsibility for extremely bad and unjust decisions that ruin innocent peoples’ lives; and the list goes on… and on… and on.

Yeah to sean and all others who see reality and need to laugh to sleep at night - just in case the ignorant and blind outnumber us. Please mace – grab all your friends, six pack of beer, punch out the back window of your car, drive en masse and hibernate on the border of Alaska in case “Putin rears his ugly head” until at least Nov. 4!

Let's push women back to 1955 standards. We as citizens are insitent upon going backwards. The longer we don't think and analyze the future or ask tough questions of our candidates the worse off we will be as will our children and grandchildren.

About SNL and Sarah Palin, if the humor wasn't so funny, it would be dangerous. Oh wait, good humor is meant to be thought provoking. Go for it SNL and Tina, keep making us think. Some of the the candidates are grown ups, they can defend themselves.

The idea that comedy sketches seen on Colbert, the Daily Show, & SNL could influence voters is appauling. Have Americans become that dumb in our public schools?

This election should be simple.

The sub-prime mortgage scandal is the biggest scandal in our nation's history. My guess is the avg viewer of these shows don't even know what America's Fortune 25 is. This scandal has rocked that foundation. That foundation accounts for millions of jobs.

So who is more to blame for this scandal? Obama-Biden or McCain-Palin? Clearly Palin is not. Biden was Clinton's dog in the senate to sell the Democrat's on the merit of de-regulating the energy, telecom, & finance industries. Obama worked as a lawyer for ACORN who is at the crux of this scandal. McCain sounded the alarm on Fannie-Mae as far back as 2004. McCain even helped author a bill that would have brought oversight to selling of mortgage backed securities. That bill was defeated when the Dems swept in. They had nothing but deaf ears when it came to this scandal.

But because the majority of college educated voters in America choose to get their political knowledge from comedy skits all of these FACTS will be lost on them. Their need to mingle their votes with their laughs will likely send us into another great depression because it won't be Obama to weaken the hold organizations like ACORN have on our banking industry.

im an conservative and i like a good laugh too HOWEVER, SNL knows what its doing here, many kids 18+ get their "FACTS" from this and vote based on it. the FACTS are that Bined LIED 16 times, easy facts checked. not s slip up but blatent LIES, something that many are willing to HAVE in a VP. Sarah has integrity and has been a MINI president of a state with a senate, house of rep. a supreme court and its OWN constitution. States have the same things the Federal government does and GUESS WHAT, the Gov is the PRESIDENT of the stats. obama has never held a reaol job..reality check...she has more experience to be president than all 3 put together

Tina Fey is doing a public service every time she spoofs Palin. If it takes a comedy skit on SNL to distill the absurdities of Palin's candidacy, so be it. I find it fantastic that she was called out on her hypocrisy with regard to gay marriage, etc. and that she uses her family as a talking point as often as possible.

As a woman, it pains me to no end to see her up their winking and flirting. Can you imagine any other woman in government who expects to be taken seriously doing that garbage? Insulting to every woman out there.

The only downside is that after she's sent packing, Tina won't be on SNL anymore....worth the price I'd say.

SNL is an Equal Opportunity Offender. In the Mock McCain Debate they spoke of Tony Resco... That being said, I can say that some in Fly Over Country don't like the Showbiz Bias. When my sister heard Tina say she'd tear Sarah up like an "Alaskan Baby Seal" she vowed to never watch her again... I just went looking for Baby Seal Gloves to send to Tina... BTW, it's in the Socialist Country of Canada that they club seals to death...


> Juan (10:57 AM)

Just about every word you scribbled is either a flat out untruth and/or simply wrong on the facts. I won't bother to respond to all of it since it would take too much time. The garbage about the Bill that was supposed to regulate Fanny Mae can not go unchallenged, however. The Bill was introduced when REPUBLICANS had control of Congress. It was reported out of the relevant committe with the support of BOTH Democrats and Republicans. The Republican leadership who controlled the agenda as the majority party always does NEVER brought the Bill to the floor for debate, largely because the rigid free marketeers in the REPUBLICAN party were opposed to it. John McCain did NOT fight for the Bill and only added his name to it ONE YEAR LATER when it was already clear that the Bill was going nowhere. It was just another of McCain's political ploys. When the 2004 Congress was retired in the 2006 election the Bill died as do all bills when one Congress ends and another takes over.

Within months of returning to the majority in Congress the Democrats passed a Bill to rein in Fannie May in 2007, but by then it was too late. Fannie May had been irretrievably damaged by over-exposure to mortgage-backed securities, primarily in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Its exposure before then was negligible. ($77 billion TOTAL in all the years up to 2004, $241 billion in the next three years, more than quadrupling FM's exposure.) It was the REPUBLICAN Congress who pushed FM to take a more aggressive position in these securities.

Please try doing a little research before you spout off a lot of nonsense about things you obviously know little or nothing about.

And just to return to the topic SNL's skit was hysterical — and dead on.

As for those who think comments about Palin's kids are out of line... As long as she keeps trotting them out as props in her campaign as she did on the night of the debate, they are fair game. And shouldn't most of her kids be back home in Alaska and attending school? Or doesn't their mother think their education matters compared to her ability to make use of them to further her ambition?

Face it, Ms. Fey's Sarah-work IS an excellent echo of Sarah. You can't criticize the 'echo' without criticizing its originator, that is, Sarah herself. Your anger, if any, should be directed at Sen. McCain for this publicity stunt that is backfiring on him. Otherwise, enjoy Sarah as the rest of the nation this year's Sanjaya.

Awesome!! Tina Fey for VP...

Remember the movie "Dave"? A look-alike presidential imitator was substituted when the real president had a stroke. If McCain should pass to his reward, the country would be better off if we could slip Tina Fey into the Sarah Palin role. Much smarter.

This is bloody brilliant!

Seeing the REAL debate and then this, I wish i saw this first because this is basically the whole debate!

But God bless Palin *wink & nod* and Biden, but when will they actually have a debate?

Fay and Sudeikis play their parts well!!!

As Keith said above me:

Tina Fay for VP!!!

Great job SNL !!! To all those nay sayers, get over it, this is funny!

As for politics - I DONT want a person "Just like me" running this country - look at what happened over the last 8 years!!!

Thanks to the suffragettes, America has women voters and women candidates, and we are a better country for it!

Women have voices and choices! Just like men.

But few people know ALL of the suffering that our suffragettes had to go through to get the vote for women, and what life was REALLY like for women before they did.

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I thought the skit was hilarious. Queen Latifah was awesome, but I was secretly hoping that they'd peg SNL regular Kenan Thompson to do Ifill. That'd been so funny!

I am a conservative-- going to vote for McCain/Palin, but I have no problem with comedy. Tina Fey does a fantastic job of mimicking Palin; but from the comments here, I wonder if some of you are blurring the line between the REAL Palin and Fey's awesome parody.

And Angle Lewis, telling Kelly Taylor that her "bias is showing." ? She's not a journalist; she's giving her opinion on a comment page. Your bias is showing as well. Why can you have bias and nor her (or me)?

Julie Lewis, why does Taylor's disapproval have to mean she's a republican site propagandist? It's okay for 69 people to voice their distain for Palin, but it's not okay for one person to vocalize her support? (And BTW, the support Taylor voiced was in defense of the daughter, not Gov. Palin.)

Where's the tolerance?

Liberals clapping for liberals - yawn.

It's just not funny. SNL has become so obvious. They have a funny sketch about once a year and this ain't it.

It is amazing that people take offense to these SNL spoofs. They are doing nothing different than they did before. Sarah Palin is not fit to be vice president. I do not want this person representing the USA to other countries. If you are getting upset about the SNL spoofs can imagine what the world will be saying. The vice president will need to be able to step in and take over the duties of the president if the president is unable to fulfill his/her duties. I am terrified at the thought of Sarah Palin as President. I used to respect John McCain but I have to question his judgment in the selection of Palin as his running mate. No one can hear his stance on issues important to the American people because they are being overshadowed by the antics of Palin. In the VP debate, Palin fail to answer any questions asked. People viewed the VP debate because they were expecting a train wreck. Fortunately that did not occur but in the same sense when did just not saying something dumb indicate that you had a successful debate. Let's be honest the bar for Palin had been set so low that she would have to just blow it to be seen as the loser. She as well as Biden accomplished their goals for the debate. Biden needed to make sure that he did not come across as a bully and condescending. He was successful. Sarah had to come across as not too dumb and not embarass the Republican party any further. She too was a success. Does this in any way indicate that she is ready to be VP? NO!!!. There are a number of qualified women in the Republican party that John McCain could chose from and for him to select Sarah Palin as VP should be an insult to Republicans, Americans and most definitely women. Sure she is a likeable and personable individual but those qualities does not a VP make. A wink of the eye and quick smile... The responsibilities of the Vice President is far more reaching than the ability to flirt and be cute. If the voting body of the Unitied States are not able to overcome there curosity with Sarah Palin... God help us!!!! What is good for Alaska may not be good for the USA. Maybe she can back out of the race and the Republican party can choose a qualified VP candidate.


You are a Debbie Downer

No one wants to play with you!

Go home


When you are a pregnant girl, you are now a woman, not a child. Gov Palin could have said NO to McShame. She could have put her FAMILY FIRST, instead of her ambition.


When you are a pregnant girl, you are now a woman, not a child. Gov Palin could have said NO to McShame. She could have put her FAMILY FIRST, instead of her ambition.

Dear Ms. Palin.

Do you mind if I call you Sarah? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) You're just getting too silly, too embarrassing for words. And I'm not even an American. In fact, I'm a Canadian (ie .from Canada, that large country to the south east of Alaska.) I understand that it irks some Americans when Canadians weigh in on your upcoming election, especially when we have our own Prime Minister Harper causing us a lot of worry because of his close ties to George Bush. The difference, Sarah, is that your country is a world power, for better or for worse, and decisions made in Washington affect the whole world. Therefore, we fear the outcome of your election.

After having seen you stumble through recent interviews, I have to agree with the CNN correspondent who simply commented that "It's not that she doesn't know the answers. She doesn't understand the question." This was glaringly obvious a number of times. You don't seem to understand the depth of the questions, and as a result, your responses are either too shallow, or in other cases, have nothing to do with the questions. And truthfully, it doesn't matter how good your notes are if you don't understand the question. During last Thursday's debate, you left TV viewers chuckling and scratching their heads. You're lucky the moderator didn't stop you short and insist that you answer the question, rather than letting you go off on another tangent. Those tactics don't fool anybody. You didn't seem to understand how inappropriate your responses were for a "debate" format. You're not coming across as presidential material. Your country is desperate for leaders who are intelligent, politically savvy, and comfortable on the world stage. Enthusiasm, good looks, and fluff are simply not enough. There is too much at stake, and I wish you could see that.

So why not go back to Alaska and carry on as a hockey mom and a Jane six-pack. Those seem to be the roles you're most comfortable with. And please understand that neither of these two roles qualifies you for anything else. They are not credentials for employment, especially as VP. They are simply everyday roles that anybody could fulfill, no more and no less. There appear to be a lot of things to keep you busy at home (welcoming of grandchild, wedding preparations, outstanding lawsuit.) Meanwhile, maybe you can reinvent yourself. If you had a good mentor, someone who could teach you diplomacy, world history, geography, and manners (stop winking), then maybe at some point in the future they'll let you run for public office again. In the meantime, happy hunting, Sarah. And please stop drilling!


Ask yourself this question, if you were interviewing candidates for a position with some responsibility, management skills required, good communication skills a must as the position required the candidate to meet with various people at various levels to make business decisions...what kind of person would you hire?

A candidate is in front of the employer and the candidate is a moderately attractive woman. She has, at best, moderate, but not outstanding qualified skills. You ask her about her previous position and her responsibilities, she avoids the question but speaks about how they use to picnic at lunch time. The whole time winking at you, pausing to flash a smile. You then ask her about her education, she replies with her experience as a soccer mom and she has visited her son's school on occasion. She gives you a friendly nod and a wink. Still avoiding the questions asked, you ask again and she then tells you she will call you back with an answer. As the interviewer, would you even take her calls, would you hire her???

Would you even leave her alone with your husband?

Why would you then vote for a party that has her on the ticket? She might be voted in as Vice President but that NOT a just. The position is one of responsibility and possible succession.... do we want to take that chance?

Sarah Palin's 'performance' at the debates was INSULTING! I would never be able to 'wink' my way through an interview without seriously loosing ANY chance of not getting the position. There is No way any self respecting, hard working and sensible woman would have found her behavior to be respectful, appropriate or Representative herself, and that is what we are voting for, someone who is best to represent us. If Sarah Palin or any woman were to conduct herself toward my husband in that manner, I would have taken her outside myself. I am very surprised that 'the conservative party' would dare to defend her and her behavior. There is no question why her 16 year old daughter is knocked up. She did not answer the questions as she was asked, but she is being applauded??? I do not hold myself to be any better than the average person, but I could even figure it out that she is NOT FIT to hold ANY government position. And if she wants to refer to the average person as 'Joe six Pack', my rebuttal is, that because of the Republican figures she has her nose so far up, we are not able to afford a 12 pack like back in the day of Clinton. McCain's troop should be ashamed of themselves for their slap to Paris Hilton, Paris would defiantly be better suited than Sarah Palin.

We are at a serious time in our economic history and we need serious, qualified, respected, and knowledgeable government officials only. So PLEASE do not add INSULT to injury.

Tina Fey & Jon Stewart have restored my faith in the good sense of Americans.

For a while I was worried because Palin seemed untouchable for fear of being thought sexist. But now it's OK to criticise her because she's dangerous, devious, and either can't or won't answer straight questions, jusr parrot's "MAVERICK, MAVERICK"

Tina Fey has got it exactly right, and is doing the world a great service. Anything that stops Palin being a heartbeat away from having her finger on the nuclear button has got to be good.

I find it scary that anyone supports Palin, especially now it's come out that the Police chief she appointed when she was mayor of a city strted charging rape victims for rape kits.

Give us more! SNL is the best!

It's simple: it's satire. Take it or leave it. If, like me, you think that Palin has far too little substance to deserve the title of VP, then you'll find Fey hilarious. If, like others, you think that Palin has even half a brain, then you'll probably find Fey annoying. Regardless, it's connecting with a lot of people and touching a lot of nerves, so it must be at least somewhat accurate. I hope SNL convinces Fey to continue to take her jabs.


You prejudice pieces of TRASH!!!!

YOU THREE DESPERATELY NEED TO GET A LIFE...It appear you've enjoyed the last 8 years of turmoil under the REPUBLICAN regime. Banks are going under, foreclosures on the rise, and if you listened closely to SP, you'd heard she & the republicans (your fellow constituents) have no heart for people who need medical plans.


You said"I believe in women's right to choose, when it comes to abortion. But her decision to have a Down's Syndrome baby is treated as though it is a crime."

No it's not. Her treatment of the baby starting with her decision to wait to go to the hospital for 8 hours after her water broke, in order to finish a political event in Texas and then flying home for 6 hours; and using him as a theatrical prop for the campaign is a crime.

Hey Marie! Palin IS a pun. GO TINA!!!

Many McCain and Palin supporters seem to be suffering from mental illness. John McCain's judgement is seriously impaired as evidenced by his choice of this vapid, even though physically attractive in a "Gidget" sort of way hockey mom. I am just unsure which of many psychiatric disorders best explains McCain/Palin supporters impaired thinking. Maybe a delusional disorder accounts for thinking that Sarah Palin is more that an empty suit. Perhaps "magical thinking" could explain how McCain and Palin believe that repeating over and over again that they are "mavericks" makes it so. Repetition compulsion could explain the need to do the same behaviors over and over and expect a different outcome. (Yes, that is the same as insanity.) Then, there is "pathologic lying" where one just lies but thinks that their lie is so clever, no one else will figure it out. Voting with the Bush Administration at least 90% of the time but claiming to be a maverick. Lying about his role in the S and L scandal where a political hack William Bennett, makes a statement that he should not have been investigated. McCain was never exonerated, just pittied. Bipolar disorder might fit since John McCain thinks he is the only person that knows how to solve the economic crises or how to conduct a war but won't tell anyone his secret plan unless we elect him president.
I suppose schizophrenia is the best fit--surely those of you that actually think Sarah Palin is fit for the vice presidency and hence the presidency are clearly out of touch with reality. I especially like the made up demographic of "hockey mom" which is code for " gas guzzling-Hummer driving, my child is better than your child, pseudoreligious,"I'm white" female"

This woman is on the level of the third graders she gave a "shout out". She seems to think that "cut lows" and thinly veiled attempts to fake mastery of energy, foreign policy, and economics is what is takes to win. Sarah Palin has a serious deficit in terms of her fund of knowledge, has the audacity to try to insult the intelligence of others. For example, asking to call Biden "Joe" at the start of the debate so as to slip in the phrase "say it aint so Joe". I saw that coming in a nanosecond. The SNL skit was right on target. In fact, it was specifically aimed at those of you who do not understand, Palin is the joke!

Lastly, anyone who remains so concrete in their thinking as to not understand; Sarah Palin made her daughter, Bristol, fodder for this campaign. No one is attacking Bristol--Sarah is the hippocrit who stated that her daughter would decide for herself what she wanted to do about her pre-marital pregnancy. In the next breath, Sarah Palin goes on to state that she would appoint judges and push legistlature to limit everyone elses choice to what she believes. Don't believe it? Look it up in her interview with Katie Couric.
So much for the "double talk express".

Libby - are you for real? Do you know how far your country has slipped over the past 8 years, under a Republican administration? I guess you are an NRA member as well? From a budget surplus to trillions of dollars in debt - lent by the people you you guys dismiss - the Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian economies. This happened on a Republican watch. The American economy and global presence is in tatters. This is what 8 years of Bush and his neo-con wreckers have done. And now they have to bail out the 'free' market. Hilarious. As Rome burns...

Libby - is that Scooter Libby speaking? Gotta love the way the conspiracy theories get trotted out when the Republicans are in trouble. If it wasn't so serious it would be comincal. America and the world at large have been diminished by Bush and his cronies. Highest ever foreign debt, lowest consumer confidence in 20 years, two wars going badly, oil prices through the roof...and this is the Dem's fault? Spooky.

Yalurn on October 5, 2008 6:52 PM

Because I think using the teenage daughter as the punchline of a joke I am a piece of trash? Wow. Ok. I'll take that label any day. I hope there are more pieces of trash like myself that think a cheap shot at the expense of a kid is a skanky thing to do.

Not once have I made mention of Palin herself. I would feel the same if they were mocking the Obama children. Put your partisan locl step sclaptrap in check and take a breath. Its ok to demean a young girl at a pretty major stage of her life because you disagree with her mother? Really?

Banks are in chaos. The world is going to end. Life as we know it is coming to a screeching halt. Blah blah blah.. gloom and doom. I know.. let's joke a teenager on national TV! Great idea! Why didn't I think of that?

Just because you disagree with someone, doesn't mean you should discard every shred of humility, humanity and common decency. There should be limits on what is ok. And never, never, will demeaning a kid be one of those things. If you think that it is and should be.. then shame on you. I hope YOUR children, should you ever tempt the fates and reproduce your narrow minded self, never feel the brunt of public humiliation the way that young girl has.

"In response to Peter in the UK:
It's not her decision to have a Down's Syndrome baby that's being treated like a crime--it's her parading that baby around like a token, late at night, way past any appropriate baby's bedtime."

Sure, and if she had not brought the baby, you would say, "Why is she hiding that baby? Afraid of what we will see? Ashamed of it?" So there is no way she can win against your prejudice.

I thought she did quite fine in an arena which she is just getting used to.

I don't like all the slime being aimed at Obama, and all the slime being aimed at Palin. we voters are so stupid we do deserve a bad government.

Have you ever tried to out-wit a half-wit? It is impossible to one-up types like Palin when your best sarcasm, irony, and satire passes like the light of wisdom through their glass houses. As the brother of a Palin-clone, I have learned that one must speak "Salon" with lots of brand-name product metaphors and symbolism to make the connection. If the Obama/Biden campaign fails to win, it will be because its leaders held McCain and Palin (specifically) to standards of intellect they simply do not possess. One should not make the error in thinking Palin is playing dumb while McCain is playing dead.
Obviously, Palin's ambition far outweighs her ability and talent. But do not fail to underestimate her appeal. See P. Hilton, J. Simpson, and other dumb foxes. Even if one grants all the partisan politicking slop and media spin, one cannot argue that Palin appears to have studied the gospel from "Legally Blonde" or "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying." Knowing you look good, while looking good, is more than enough to sell many Americans. If intellectualism and quality won elections, we would not collectively feel the need so often to take the "morning after" pill following Republican wins.

Why do Americans want thier President to be an idiot and be like them? Because they think it will lift them up from the gutter of stupidity where they crawl around spewing rubbish about the 2nd amendment and living free or dying. What a pack of idiots and santa worshippers. Palin is a puppet of an insideous administration that are blatently trying to fool the dingbats into keeping them in power so they can reallocate the middle class' savings into off-shore banks for their new aristocracy. I can see Russia from my window.

Tina needs to get a raise for her excellent work. Hurry Tina, get your money while the getting is good. SNL needs you now more than ever!!! You are great!

Oh Kelly, cut the self-righteous crap. Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol is fair game because PALIN MADE HER FAIR GAME.

Hey Juan,

"The idea that comedy sketches seen on Colbert, the Daily Show, & SNL could influence voters is appauling [sic]. Have Americans become that dumb in our public schools?"

Maybe you should actually check the knowledge levels of viewers of these shows before mouthing off: Knowledge levels by news source: regular viewers of Daily Show/Colbert Report topped them ALL

If you don't believe that, here's a similar, more recent study: Pew Survey: Viewers of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Score High on News Knowledge

So in summary, you think Americans have "become that dumb in our public schools" yet you can't conduct very basic research before spouting falsehoods preconception-based falsehoods - you know, something you SHOULD learn about in school - and you even misspelled a third grade vocabulary word.

So yes, maybe you're right that our schools failed.


Sarah Palin is the biggest joke i've seen in a long time and SNL is a show of jokes Palin keeps setting herself up for SNL to continue to slam her because she keep acting like a idiot and for the undicided voters there choice should have clearly been made after the debate because she simply was not answering any questions maybe one or two and all of her supporters should tell the truth they were on pins and needles hoping she didnt screw up and all of Bidens fans were hoping he didnt call it like he saw it and tell her she is a idot but that was ok SNL did it for him we will have to see what she screws up this week so Tina Fey can give us another laugh and to the Reps dont be upset because SNL is showing the world whats on your ticket jokes sorry

Odd that all's fare game when it's the Reds slinging dung but when SNL's Fey highlights hypocrisy, validated by print and film, suddenly it's unjust. Ms. Palin chose career over family when she thrust the failed policy of her, and her daughter’s, abstinence on an unsuspecting public already saddled with more important issues like war and debt. A token female on the ticket who is intellectually incapable, gleefully photo ops with a child in front of dead moose, and who will not (can she?) answer unbiased moderator questions for a deserving voting public warrants scrutiny and thorough investigation. To the women of America, she is an embarrassment. They lost my vote. We've come a long way baby, not!

I enjoyed the skit simply because it humorously answered the question that I had been continuously asking myself since the actual debate, "Was that for real?"

And, I guess that the question applies equally to the last 8 years. I guess that I'm simply elitist...AND incredulous.

Sifting through these comments, any one with more than a half-brain will recognize that the LIBBY, MARIE, & KELLY TAYLOR's out there are in the dark ages of thought, and humorless ...

typical of Republican rightwing hippocritical creatures, whose voting has created this National mess....

Sarah Palin served herself to this roasting, by winking her mindless way onto our political stage ... her hippocracy cries out - she herself became pregnant out of wedlock, like her daughter ... which is all their own business UNTIL she preaches the "religious family values" onto us, and denies, as Governor, sex-education funding, and supports Bush's international deal - no financial aid to African countries who don't teach only abstinence as method of birth control !!!

What hogwash..... Palin's a Pitbull with lipstick drooling down !

Meanwhile, Tina Fey is salvaging our political scene, funny as hell. ... oh,if only it were all a joke...

Tina Fey is going to be the next Sally Fields. Great entertaining career, later doing a few commercials here and there and Sarah Palin will still be a significant leader for men and WOMEN across this country. I am shocked that Tina would take on such a role. I have always been a big fan, love her SNL, 30 Rock, etc but shes is wrong to bring herself down to this. It turned off at least half of the people who ever gave a crap about watching one of her shows.

If you know another woman that could stand up to the old school politicians like Joe Biden (tell me HE's a candidate for change and I will tell you the Cubs will beat the Dodgers) and then also stand up to the mainstream media who loves their freedom of press but would never support the military and what they are doing for this country but rather that media would cover up all the associations that Barack Obama has with radicals from the middle east to homegrown terrorists. Vote for Obama and Israel will conveniently be removed shortly thereafter. Funny Ahmadenijad had a platform at Columbia University a year or so ago due to that being Obamas some research. Cant wait til they sit down for a steak dinner in the White House.

I think I have just changed my mind...I want a democrat president so that the democrats will have to be held responsible for something...thats the only thing they have going for them, they have not have significant power so they have not been held responsible for any of the stuff that we have had to face the past 8 years.

Im surprised Chicago and Illinois is not smarter.

Tina Fey is a genius. Love her work.

Palin and her supporters are very dangerous. It hurts as an American to watch our country sink to these pits. Will Rogers said it all:
"...People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke..."

Palin and her supporters are very dangerous. It hurts as an American to watch our country sink to these pits. Will Rogers said it all:
"...People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke..."

Americans fail to vote or pay attention to the politics until it is too late. When Palin first was introduced as Mc Cains running mate I thought Americans had lost their minds. They were talking about voting for her for all the wrong reasons. Women wanted to be her and men thought she was hot. Are these even things that we should think when dealing with such important matters? Once Palin started to speak and do interviews she basically killed all the momentum her looks got her. My point is that we have ourselves to blame for not being responsible when it comes to government. We have to be more vocal and make these politicians be more accountable. I think that if the government was not such a big joke that Sarah Palin would have never even been on a Vice Presential ticket. Shame on us for her even getting that far!

Tina was brilliant, & the SNL skits are funny. I just pray that the American people are smart enough to let Tina get back to 30 Rock after November 4th. I didn't think we could get a worse, more world destructive presidency than bush & Cheney, but McBush & Palin would be.

Let me get this straight- you admit that bush & cheney have screwed up everything they touched, and you want Democrats to win so they will be held responsible--and you are worried about the intelligence of the people of Illinois? Or maybe it was a typo, & you meant you wanted Democrats to win so we would have Responsible Adults in charge for the first time in a long time.

Cause of the financial crisis What's missing here is the role Obama's ACORN played.

You can find 3 pgs of Obama's ACORN tactics at The Investor's Business Daily.

With that much material to work from it's clear SNL is either ignorant of the truth or blatantly biased.

All this talk about - - - Sarah WHO???? Yes, we need to be in the moment after all the voting when we’re sighing with relief saying “Sarah who?” If not, we’ll wonder why her ridiculous nomination catapulted her into other positions she was completely unfit to be near. McCain is a multi-millionaire off our tax dollars – he doesn’t care. He offered this hockey mom a way to put her on the map and WOW – we bought it. Why give her power similar to “Monica L-who?” for using the only asset she has – looks and a big mouth to suck with.

We go to doctors to take OUR pain away… We scratch our heads in bewilderment when both candidates sell us out to the big corporations despite their promises… We ignore over 48,000 who signed Senator Sander’s petition with the solution for $350 billion to pay back the bailout by increasing taxes from multi millionaires (“400 families in the US make more than 95% of us”! including the “X Merrill Lynch” for $161 million as a severance for doing a lousy job!)… Why do we ignore the Ross Perots or Ralph Naders who will help us lift ourselves to at least European standards?

Oh no, I’m not a rebel, nor a “maverick” with a 6 pack o’ beer – simply a concerned citizen watching as everyone wastes their powerful emotional energy on – Sarah who? (Although I haven’t laughed so hard in ages Tina Fey – wink J) Perhaps we ought to see that if this dim wit can even run, together we ought to work on making some serious changes together – no longer forfeiting our power to the incompetent greed in WA

This was hysterical! I thought they had Biden and Palin pegged. The entire Scranton thing was hysterical - Biden really does try to portray himself as an average guy. And the flute/talent part was great, too.

I don't laugh at TV humor often, but this really got me going!

Great job SNL! This one was a real slap on the face of a moose hunter, bear killer- SP. She deserves it well! If she can not managed her own children- & that five of them, how is she going to manage the country. The first one screwed up big time. If she ever elected, GOD knows what happens to next four and our country. I do not think she can save us from our bank crisis, health care issues or home motgages- she is simply a stupid person. I know much better than she do on the subject matters. What a looser/stupid SP is and also that old fart who selected her.

I cannot believe anyone, including you, would choose to have Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from being the President of the US. Might as well have Tina Fey. All this rah rah rah from the Republicans about Palin (Palin?!?!) kills me. I know we can do better and so do you. Put aside your partisan politics for just a second. In this election, Obama and Biden are better.

SNL is newsworthy sometimes. Satire has a long history of being an important part of the national discussion. Just look at Mark Twain.

Wow, some of you liberals really need to check your attitudes. Why are Republicans so threatening to you? To insist, Jose Lopez, that we need to put aside our partisan politics for just a second-- well, I will if you will. Partisan politics is all about beliefs and values. If we can't voice those, then what, exactly, is it that you want us to say?

It's amazing that so many of you think it's perfectly fine for you to have YOUR political views, but anyone who disagrees with you is intolerant, in need of psychological help or worse. (Marty: "Palin and her supporters are very dangerous." Really? Then you're living in a country where nearly HALF the population is dangerous!)

How about a rational discussion of the issues and/or a rational discussion about the qualifications of the candidates?

And by the way, how is it worse to have Gov. Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency, over having a man with even LESS management experience AS the president? So many people get fed up with the "Washington establishment" and they cry out for some new blood and fresh ideas (as long as they're YOUR ideas), and when we do get someone on the scene who really IS an outsider... well she just has no experience. Again, I (and so many others) submit that Sen. Obama has even less experience managing any kind of government entity than Gov. Palin does.

I think the real issue, if many of you will look honestly at yourselves, isn't her perceived "lack of experience," but it's her values and beliefs. Her partisan politics don't jibe with yours. OK, that's fair. But if that really IS the issue, I think sticking to that issue is a lot more effective in getting your point across. (The same goes for conservatives.)

It's not about conservative vs liberal, or about attacking a small town woman, or about attacking Christians. Stupidity transcends political lines, geographical boundaries, gender and faiths.

Sarah Palin is stupid, she is not ready in a thousand years for the VP job. The plain truth is obvious to see, and obvious to declare for the intellectually honest.

McCain picked her because he wants to siphon votes from disenchanted Hillary supporters and disillusioned religious, conservative folks from his own party. A politically expedient move, to say the least.

And SNL made fun of it because... comedians need to eat, you know?

Oh Boy, I crack up reading the comments....hahahaha. Palin's lack of experience isn't just "perceived", IT'S A FACT, SHE IS INEXPERIENCED and so DUMB to INSIST SHE CAN SEE RUSSIA from her backyard...hahahah, so ridiculous, OH and rerfusing to answer the questions all the time and actually saying it: "I'm not going to answer the questions the moderartor asks..." That shows she is not only inexpereinced but also not knowledgeable about the issues or ready for debates. She does herself and the people who support her a disservice, but oh well, if that's who the Republicans want to support, so BE IT, HAHAHA... I will also miss Tina Fey's interpretation of Palin after November...


You are an idiot - no ands, ifs, or buttheads about it! I hope you are not basing your opinions on web mags & postings. If you read the article in the first link that you provided (that is if you can read and comprehend), you'd see that it does not blame Obama or the Democrats for this financial crisis, it layers the blame. That means several institutions (in sti tu shuns), agencies, parties, and people are to blame for this mess. The other links you provided were not even worth reading beyond the first paragraphs. They were clearly the work of partisan (par ti san - an adherent or supporter of a person, group, party, or cause, esp. a person who shows a biased, emotional allegiance) groups who fling propaganda (prop a gan da - information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.) to confuse idiots like yourself. Please provide some information of substance so that one can base their opinion of your opinion on facts ((pronounced as spelled) - something that actually exists; reality; truth).

I HAVENT LAUGHED AT A DEBATE OR SPEECH SINCE BUSH made his dummy statment on that ship saying" mission accomplished" and 5 years later he accomplished more debt to the country then any other pres. in some way scary thought to have moved to a palin in office after having a dick as vice pres lol
Sarah Palin in the debate was PERFECT! If you watch the debate, the interviews and the rare opportunity to see the actual Sarah Palin in "action," you would realize that she writes these sketches herself! SNL simply lifts DIRECT dialog from Sarah's own pre-written-for-her scripts. NAILED IT AGAIN! Thank you Tina Fey! And thanks to the intellectually honest conservatives who see SP for what she is -- completely unready to step in as president should (God forbid) anything happen to the 72-year-old, four-time cancer survivor. 2000 trillion in debt and more to come ... the 700 billion (so called bail out..actually NOT) is just a semi short pain releifer before the worst yet to come....

Where are the Obama skits? Oh wait, you might be a racist if you do that.

Palin's stupidy is shocking. Even more shocking is that some people can't or refuse to see it.

She hasn't made a single intelligent statement since her VP candidacy and most likely ever before. Most of what she has said so far was either arrogant self-glorification or evidence of not even understanding simple questions, what to speak of complex issues.

SNL was soft on her. She should thank them.

It is blatantly evident that McCain has a serious psychological problems. He has become an unstable and dangerous old fool.

Biden talks a lot, smooth and fast - but unfortunately, not all of it is a fact.

Obama is a breath of fresh air but it would be naive to think that he can clean up the mess created over the past eight years. The national debt is over 10 000 000 000 000 (!!!) now - by far the highest any country has ever had in recorded history.

And yes, its funny but true: many comedians like John Stewart or Tina Fey are not only more intelligent than most politicians, they also seem to have more integrity and they definitely have a better sense of humor.

Its interesting to see how greed and stupidity are bringing down a nation that has promoted herself as the greatest of all time.

Why is it so difficult to understand that mindless exploitation of limited resources and dishonest stock market gambling has to end in self-destruction?

That may not be funny but its amusing how few can understand these simple facts.

Tina Fey's Sara Palin belongs on the same high pedestal in the satire hall of fame as Dana Carvey's George W. Bush. It's a loss to satire that Bush is no longer "public", and that, after the year-end wrap-up shows, so will Sara Palin

Joe Truth...How ignorant can you possibly be?
How did your father avoid jail time for raising such a complete idiot, you moron?!?!
Get your facts straight before you go running off at the mouth.

SARAH PALIN IS A loser!!! tina fey rocks!

Wow I'm seeing a lot of comments about people not wanting to see Sarah Palin representing our country. Luckily for you, Palin/ McCain lost the election. But the good news is that the team we did get gave the Queen of England an iPod and the Prime Minister CD's in a gift exchange during the first diplomatic meeting with our allies under the new administration. I am pretty sure competence governing competence did not exist in any of the choices in this election.

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