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SNL going week day prime time LIVE before the election


WASHINGTON--While Sarah Palin and friends are bashing the mainstream media, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" wickedly funny spoofs are having as much political impact in the presidential campaign as the Sunday public affairs shows.

So with the Nov. 4 election looming, NBC announced it is adding on a three week prime time whistle stop, starting at 9:30 eastern this Thursday for a 30 minute live show. That means we won't have to wait until next Saturday to find out how the second presidential--this Tuesday--really went down. There will be a Thursday edition of the "Weekend Update."

"Saturday Night Live" takes its topical comedy to primetime starting this
Thursday, October 9 at 9:30 PM ET for three weeks of LIVE half-hours. "Saturday
Night Live Weekend Update Thursday" will air October 9, 16 and 23 (in addition
to two more Saturday episodes on October 18 & 25).


Way to Go NBC!!!!!

Way to Go NBC!!!!!

The strength of comedy is the ring of truth. That is what has made Tina Fey's depiction of Governor Palin so forceful. Fey has only used actual material from Palin as fodder, holding it up to scrutiny. It is pure ludicracy that the talking heads viewed this "debate" as a tie or wash. Americans should be outraged that a candidate refuses to answer questions on policy.

SNL rules! I am glad there is something to laugh about nowadays. Gov. Palin, don't get too upset about what the mainstream media is doing. They are so biased and untrue, if so why do they bother you so much?! You seem to get upset about things you are not supposed to react so strongly. How would you react if a conservative moslim leader from the middle east makes a sexist comment during your meeting? I worry...

BTW, I would vote for McCain if Tina's version's Palin is a VP candidate! LOL

I'll be so excited when they show more of the congress screw ups on TV. Then everyone will know how congressmen like Barney Frank are scamming the country, since, apparently this is where America gets their news. Yeah, infotainment!

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