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Sarah Palin slams Obama again on Ayers at Florida rally. Transcript.


Transcript courtesy Federal News Service


GOV. PALIN: Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. And Senator Lieberman, thank you for that kind introduction. And it is so good to have all of you here today. As Senator Lieberman just said, he's never seen so many people up so early and we thank you for making that sacrifice.


Thank you so much for that very, very warm welcome to the state of Florida. You take my breath away. Thank you, Florida.


The flags are beautiful. Thank you for that also. God bless America. You guys get it. Thank you.


It's great to be here in the home of the Tampa Bay Rays, too. (Applause.)

I know that earlier some of the experts this year are kind of tough on the Rays. I've been there. But what a difference a season can make. And now the Rays are in the playoffs for the first time ever. Florida knows a little something about turning an underdog into a victor, and together that's what we can do.


How about it Florida? Let us do that for Senator John McCain.


So the last time that our campaign came to Florida it was up in the villages and it was so much fun. Thousands of people out there. Golf carts everywhere. We got such a kick out of that, that was cool. Thousands of people out there to hear our message of reform and positive change. And they came there like you today because the people of Florida are ready to shake things up in Washington.


So John McCain and I, we are taking our cause and our case for reform to every voter of every background in every region of America. Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent, maybe you don't belong to any party at all, we're asking for your vote. And it's going to be a hard fought contest. Right here in Florida it's going to be a tough contest. With your support, though, we'll win Florida.


We'll win for you.


So, I wanted to come here a couple of days earlier but I had an appointment in St. Louis that just wouldn't wait.


And so on Thursday night I had a little debate with Senator Joe Biden.


Joseph Biden is a decent man, he is. And I enjoyed meeting him for the first time. I was so proud, though, to get to make the case for the next president of the United States, John McCain.

(Applause.) As I explained to Senator Biden, John McCain is the only man in this race who will solve our economic crisis and not exploit it. And he's the only man in this race with a plan that will actually help our working families, and cut your taxes, and get our economy back on track.


He's the only man in this race who talks about the wars that America is fighting and he isn't afraid to use the word victory.


Our opponent gives speech after speech about the wars that America is fighting and it sure would be nice if just once he'd say that he wants America to win.


See our opponent voted to cut off funding for our troops even after saying that he would never do so.


And he said that our troops in Afghanistan are just quote, "raiding villages and killing civilians."


And that's not what our brave men and women in uniform are doing in Afghanistan. The U.S. military is fighting terrorism and protecting us and our values.


And they're building schools for children in Afghanistan so that there is hope and there is opportunity in that country. That is what our troops are doing and they deserve our gratitude and they deserve our support.


See, John McCain is a different kind of man. He believes in our troops and their mission. And as the mother of one of those troops that's exactly the kind of man I want as commander in chief.


Man, some of your signs just make me want to cry. Thank you so much. I love you guys.

(Applause.) Thank you.



Senator McCain -- Senator McCain served our nation in uniform for 22 years, five and a half years he was a POW. In fact, it was after graduating from the Naval Academy, he was stationed right here in Florida. That's where he learned to do what he does, here in Florida.


And Florida, it was in your skies that he trained to become a naval aviator. And Senator McCain is proud to have been part of Florida's strong tradition of military service. And today, we're proud of all the Floridians who have worn our country's uniform. Your state is home to millions.


Florida is home to millions of our veterans and many of our nation's active duty soldiers and airmen. And they continue to keep our nation strong and secure. And I know that here in the audience there are veterans, there are those who are serving today. Would you do me the honor, raise your hand, let us applaud you? Thank you, guys.


We thank you and we love you guys. Thank you -- and gals, thank you.


Florida, in just 29 days it will be the time for choosing in this election. And here's how I look at the choice that we face. In politics there are some candidates who use change to just promote their careers. And then there are those leaders, like John McCain, who use their career to promote change.


This is a moment when principles and political independence matter a lot more than just the party line, as Senator Lieberman just told you. It matters a lot more than just the party line. John McCain is his own man. He doesn't run with the Washington herd. And he and I don't just talk about change, we're the only candidates in this race with a track record of actually making change happen.


As mayor and as a governor, I reminded people that government is not always the answer. In fact, government too often is the problem. So we got back to basics and we put government back on the side of the people.

As mayor, I eliminated taxes on personal property and I eliminated taxes like small business inventory taxes. Those burdens on our small businesses, we got rid of them. Property taxes were too high. Every year that I was in office I reduced that (mill levy ?).

And as governor, I brought the same agenda of positive change on a state level. I came to office promising to control spending, by request if possible, but by veto if necessary. And today, our state budget is under control and we have a surplus. And I put the veto pen to nearly half a billion dollars in wasteful spending.


We suspended our state fuel tax and I'm returning a chunk of our surplus money right back to the people of Alaska. It's their money and they can spend it better than government can spend it for them.


Imagine that. Imagine that, having that principle. And that's what we're going to bring on a national level also. That principle of knowing that -- no, the people, our families, our businesses they know best so let them keep more of what they earn and produce and not have this government take trying to quote, "solve" all the problems for our families and our businesses. No, we're not going to do that.

I've always known that I was accountable to the people who hired me. There, it was the people of Alaska. And in a McCain-Palin administration I promise you that we will never forget that we'll be there in D.C. to work for you the people of America.


So one mission of a McCain-Palin administration will be to set this nation firmly on a course of energy independence.


Across Florida and all across America, high gas prices is making a full tank at the pump seem like a luxury. And the cost of living, of course, is going up. And the cost of groceries is going up. Everything is going up, but the value of your paycheck is going down. And that's because of high energy costs. So, to meet America's great energy challenge we're going to need an all of the above approach. And that, in a McCain-Palin administration, will mean developing new alternative energy sources. And it will mean requiring to build more nuclear power plants. And in Florida, it means alternative sources of energy like wind and solar. God has so richly blessed you here.


Look at these sources of energy here in Florida that are still sitting untapped. And we'll tap into them, along with environmentally friendly off shore production. We do need to drill here and drill now. Now you can chant the drill baby drill.


It's as simple as this, Florida. In a McCain-Palin administration we will achieve energy security for our country. It is a matter of national security and economic prosperity. That means American energy resources brought to you by American ingenuity and produced by American workers.


And we're also going to bring tax relief to every American and cut taxes for businesses so you business owners you can hire more people. That's how jobs are created.


Here again, John McCain is the real reformer. In this election, he is the real reformer and he can do this and he has a record to prove it. And so do I, as a mayor, as a governor who cut taxes for the people of Alaska. You know, in this campaign, in this election, I think the phoniest claim in a campaign that's been full of them, is that Barack Obama is going to cut your taxes?


I mean, think about it. He's built his whole career on doling out tax money, first as a Chicago politician, and then raising taxes as a senator. He's voted 94 times to raise taxes.


Even on middle class every day working Americans making $42,000 a year, he voted to raise those taxes. And he tried to waste a million dollars a day just on his requested earmarks. And now, he's committed to almost a trillion dollars in new government spending. And yet, he never bothers to explain where all that's going to come from to pay for all of that. And dog gone it, no one seems to be asking him how is he going to pay for the huge government growth that he wants. No one is asking him. So you all, just do the math. Either do the math or just go with your gut. In either way, you're going to come up with the same conclusion, Barack Obama is going to raise your taxes.



So, there's a pattern here of a left-wing agenda that is packaged and prettied up to look like mainstream policies. And everybody knows that this country has got to be put back on the right track. But the problem with our opponent's agenda is that higher taxes and bigger government and activist courts and retreat in war, that's not the right track for our country. That's another dead end.


We have that plan to put our country back on the right track. Okay now Florida, evidently there's some interest in what I've been reading lately. And I think that this comes from -- it's a result of a probably less than successful interview that I had recently with kind of mainstream media.


Yet, you know what, in response to critics after that interview what I should have told them was I was just trying to keep Tina Fay in business, just giving her more information.


Job security for SNL characters. All right. Really in that interview I was just getting really impatient because I was so convinced that Americans want to hear about the issues that are so important in your life: how to win the war, how to get the economy back on trace, public education, accountability in our schools, more choices for our parents with education. Those things.


So, I do have to apologize, though, for being a little bit impatient, a little bit annoyed. But anyways, so one of the questions about well what do I read everyday? And my answer was sort of flippant, Well, I was reading my copy of the New York Times the other day, okay.

(Boos.) And I knew you guys would react that way, okay. So I'm reading the New York Times, though, and I was really interested to read about Barack's friends from Chicago, as the New York Times (put it ?).


Now it turns out one of his earliest supporters is a man named Bill Ayers.


And according to the New York Times he was a domestic terrorist and part of a group that quote, "launched a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and our U.S. Capitol."


And then there's even more to the story. Barack Obama says that Ayers was just someone in the neighborhood, but that's less than truthful. His own top adviser said that they were quote, "certainly friendly." In fact, Obama held one of his first meetings of his political career in Bill Ayers living room.


And they worked together on various projects in Chicago. And, you know, these are the same guys who think that patriotism is paying higher taxes.


Remember, that's what Joe Biden had said. And I am just so fearful that this is not a man who sees America the way that you and I see America, as the greatest source for good in this world.


I'm afraid this is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to work with a former domestic terrorist who had targeted his own country.


This, ladies and gentlemen, has nothing to do with the kind of change that anyone can believe in, not my kids, not for your kids. What we believe in is what Ronald Reagan believed in, and that is America is an exceptional nation.


(Chant of USA) Remember Ronald Reagan used to talk about America being that shining city on a hill for all mankind to see and that America is a good and honorable nation. We are not a perfect nation but we learn from our mistakes. And individually, no we are not perfect; but collectively together America represents a perfect ideal. It's freedom. It's tolerance. It's respect for equal rights. It is those things that our military men and women have fought and died for, and freedom is worth fighting for.


So look at the contrasts. On November 4th, you'll have that choice, the contrasts. The only man who can take on Washington is Senator John McCain.


Okay, so Florida you know that you're going to have to hang onto your hats because from now until election day it may get kind of rough. That's all right. You're going to hear our opponents still go on and on about how they're going to fight for you. But since he won't say it on his own behalf, I've had to kind of make it my business to say it for him. There is only one man in this campaign who has ever really fought for you.


He has the courage to go on fighting for you. That man is John McCain so god bless you for supporting John McCain. Thank you, Florida. God bless you and god bless America.


Thank you.



Isn’t it interesting that Sarah Palin can’t give even one example of how John McCain, (who is her running mate and supposedly shares her platform) has pushed for more regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; but she can tell you all about what Obama has done, including who he hangs out with, and what he purportedly thinks and how he sees America? I would much rather know she has put the time into her own issues and hear her explain where she and her candidate stand rather than bringing up allegations about Obama that have already been checked and debunked many times.

Sarah should be able to relate to the Biblical quote, “Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone,” John 8:7. So before she starts trying paint Obama in a negative way because of his alleged “palling” around with people with negative histories, she should consider McCain’s association with Charles Keating and David Dukes, and her own husband’s association with the Alaska Independence Party and Joe Vogler. It is easy to be self-righteous when you don't actually examine your own actions.

Bad form, Sarah, bad form.

Tell Senator Mc Cain to stop hiding behind Palin's Pants, and step-up and fight!!!

Tell Senator Mc Cain to stop hiding behind Palin's Pants, and step-up and fight!!!

Empty and dishonest stump speech. She's an ignorant demagogue. J.Day

It's sad that a retired war hero has sank this far. McCain is not even man enough to say these lies to Obama's face. Instead he forces his underqualified female runningmate to do the dirty work for him. Maybe Palin should take time to go study matters that really matter so she doesn't have to BS and wink her way through interviews. The McCain campaign is simply pathetic. The person who introduced Palin at a Florida rally today, referred to Obama as "Barack Hussein Obama." Come on Republicans, admit you have run out of material. Mark my words, McCain won't have the guts to attack Obama's character in Tuesday's debate. McCain will put on a fake smile an act as if he's above all that.

Palin is just Dick Cheney with lipstick, another tool of the gas and oil business. The entire state of Alaska is a subsidiary of Big Oil. Alaska produces about 2 percent of the oil used in the U.S. yet Alaskans pay $8-$9/gallon. After Palin lost her race for Lt. Gov., she was made head of the gas/oil trade association for Alaska. Her husband works for British Petroleum, her contributors are Big Oil. When Palin talks about energy independence, what she really means is making the Big oil barons even more independently wealthy than they already are. If you like Bush and Cheney, you'll love Palin. This is the real story, the rest is just a distraction

Re: "Obama and ’60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths"

Let's compare.

Obama was 8 years old when a guy he later knew in Chicago planned bombings. Obama had nothing to do with the plans.

McCain was an adult aged 52, and a US Senator representing Americans, when he himself executed corruption that led to bank meltdown of Lincoln Savings and Loans and cost American taxpayers $2 billion out of their own pocket to bail out the bank. Sound familiar? Obviously, that is relevant to today's economic crisis.

Mr. Ayers donated two hundred dollars to Obama's campaign, as a personal choice, with no strings attached.
Mr. Keating donated $112,000.00 to McCain, in return for policy changes of deregulation.

That's a stronger "association" to a criminal, for which McCain was investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee, than a mere "co-existance" where Obama happened to live near and work with some guy in his hometown.

In articles where you discuss Obama's co-existance with a questionable character, perhaps it would be useful and fair to also include an apples-to-apples comparison of the characters that McCain "associates" with.

America is better than this.

Senator McCain is a good american, no doubt. However to suggest that Senator Obama is associating with terrorist that is missleading, he was I do believe 8 years old during the time Mr. Ayers was protesting the Vietnam war. You will not help Senator McCain if this is the road you are taking. You sound scripted and most people need to hear what can we do to turn things around not what happened 20 /30 yeas ago. A new and factual SCRIPT is needed. Thank you

Go Sarah! Go Sarah! It's about time we started getting the truth about Obama in the media. The mainstream media won't go there on there own! I am looking forward to the change McCain and Palin will bring to America! I've been feeling pretty ashammed of our Congress!

wow what terrible grammar! Can she speak in a full sentence . wow just wow

Each time sarah Palin appears they should be playing, "My Friend the Witch Doctor".

Go Sarah! Sarah is a winner. Obama is a loser and he wants to take America down with him.

I think that all of you that are criticizing Sarah Palin for putting Barack Hussein Obama down really needs to do your homework before you go to the polls. There are too many ignorant people voting when they have no idea WHO and WHAT they are actually voting for. Do you people love your Country? Do you have the Patriotism to Stand during the Pledge and place your hand over your heart? Do you celebrate the 4th of July? Do you know why? Do you own a flag and take off work on Veterans day..
You really think Obama is going to cut taxes? Who do you think paid for the 500,000 improvements he did to his airplane so that he could take OUR United States of America's flag off of??
His wife did a fund raiser to raise money for partial birth abortion and if that is not sick I don't know what is? She is just now proud to be an American at her age because she may have a shot to live in the white house??

In addition to all of that the MAJORITY of the problems we are having with our economy today and this war are a direct result of the CLINTON administration and you can check that out too.. The easy lending laws were signed during the CLINTON administration which made it easier for the money hungry greedy people on WallStreet to create the programs that caused the problem we are in now..
In addition to doing your own research watch this.. AND the information she (Palin) provided about Bill Ayers IS accurate!

Any hope the GOP has of contending in this campaign needs to come from the pages of the IBD Everything you want to know about Obama the socialist is right there.

I see nothing but a traitor to American in Obama. He denies everything that has happened in his life. He is hideing his past. America better make the right choice by voting for Mccain. I am a former Dem. but you could not have had and still have such associations as Wright, Rezko, Ayers. Wake up America.

We are very grateful to Sarah Palin for having the courage to tell the TRUTH the liberal media wants to hide.

Obama is very, very dangerous and Americans are being duped into believing that he is going to help the poor and change everything that needs to be changed.

I feel like I'm watching the same movie that has just been played in Venezuela and Ecuador, where "socialismo del siglo XXI" (Marxism) in being imposed on Venezuelans and Ecuadorians. The media helps the Marxist side and discredits the "other side."

Terrorists want Obama to win. Did you know that the computers captured in march 2008 by Colombian soldiers show that FARC terrorists were hoping and expecting that Barack Obama would win the US elections in November because he is aligned with the Colombian Marxist group?

Are opinions on why we believe Obama is dangerous not posted? You are not posting my comment. Many of of us in Florida, who know about Castro and Chavez and how Chavez duped Venezuelans, believe Americans are being duped by Obama. We are very grateful to Palin for having the courage to tell the truth about Obama.

Bottom line for all. When the Dems were in control the unemployment rate was at it's lowest ever. The economy was great and we had a surplus budget for the country. Now unemployment is at an extremely high rate and we are trillions of dollors in debt. John calls himself a Mavarick. A Mavarick does not vote with the leader over 90%that brought all of this on the country.

Two substantive candidates versus the skeletons of Obama's closet...

Your choice, America

Women of the United States - I am so sorry for your big step backward. Tell her what you think of that at the polls. I didn't support H Clinton, but what amazing thought and character she has next to Palin. The Tina Fey popularity is a truth-telling. It cuts through everything that is said (including this post). The "Palin Ace in the Hole" trick failed when the first 10 things she said were weak or inaccurate.

Sarah Palin is da bomb! let little baracky have it... it's been a circus with the mainstream media falling behind this clown.

baracky can fool those who can't think for themselves, but those of us who know how to read and research, know that this clown is NOT about the right kinda of change that america needs.

this clown didn't have the cajones to stand up to one of the most corrupt political establishments which is chicago; instead he ran with them to promote his career.

this clown has created the biggest circus ever, journalism is DEAD in this country; this is a DISGRACE and so is this clown!

almost 1 billion dollars in earmarks requested by this clown and sent to his chicago gang; he is the number 2 in line for receiving the most money from these financial institutions that have gone down; this guy spews all this crap out of his mouth about change and hope; stooopid you!

enough is enough with the voting for someone because he is black; affirmitive action should not be applied to the most important job in the country.... why do you think terrorist like HAMAS want to see this clown win???

The only thing I've learned from Sarah Palin is that you don't have to be smart to run the state of Alaska. Here's a woman who must battle attention deficit disorder because she has a very tough time answering questions and completing her sentences. Meanwhile, the McCain campaign overloads her with one-line zingers in hopes she can convince women to vote for her. She has been a complete disservice to women. Other than Hillary Clinton or Condelezza Rice, I can't image any female politician, within the next 20 years, who will get a true chance to prove she is ready to be President or VP. Sarah Palin has ruined a great opportunity for women. It's a shame she was only picked for her looks instead of her brains. Way to set us back 50 years Sarah instead of moving us forward. Sorry but you can't wink your way to the White House. Whoever told you to do that should be fired. I'm a Republican who have no choice but to vote Democrat this year.

I don't understand how a public official who ignores a valid subpoena can take a shot at anyone.

Sarah Palin is proof positive that one doesn't need brains, smarts, education, travel experience or the ability to think to govern. The question is will you be dumb enough to put her in office?

I read the whole speech. Where is there a single FACT of what McCain is going to do? There's all sorts of 'dog gone it, we're gonna fix it'. But that's simply not enough.

Then without any plan, she goes off into how evil Obama is. We've been watching him for over 2 years on a daily basis. Unlike Palin and even McCain, Obama has been accessible to the press and willing to talk. Palin? A few disasterous interviews. And more spew she gives to the lemmings drinking the repugnants kool-aid.

McCain even winked in a speech today..

But, lets talk. If McCain is so honorable and honest, explain why he cheated on his first wife after he got out of 'Nam. It's not a secret, he's admitted it. Yet, not many people know why. Read an article at the Wash Post website.

McCain wants us to think he's this perfect man, who's honorable, and decent and truthful. Yet, he cheated on his wife, with many women, until he met cindy hensley, a rich, blonde, beer heiress. Why? Because his wife was in a car accident and was disfigured and she wasn't public display material. Yet, she waited for him to come out of nam, raised their kids and kept the faith.

This schmuck comes home and is horrified and the rest is history.

This is a man who claims honor, yet couldn't even be honorable to his own wife, so how little can we trust him to be honorable to people he doesn't know.

And Sarah Palin, you hypocrite. You had an affair in 1996 with you hubby's business partner? You were lonely and met him and things went from there. Would you have ended up with him? Perhaps, but your political drive was too strong and you knew it wouldn't work to be divorced and the stories would have haunted you, so you went back to Todd, only to satisfy your drive for power.

Come on, the GOP can do anything and it's ok, but God Forbid it's anyone else.

Double Standard, double talk, double the amount of crap.

Obama is the only logical choice.

I get it.Obama is a terrorist because of ayers.Is Maccain a terrorist because he stood beside Obama at the debate.Sarah ,the christian, people in glasshouses should not throw stones, TROOPERGATE LADY

Governor Palin's pastor says - God "BLESS" America.

I'm sorry, but everytime she opens her silly mouth, I just wonder if there wasn't some voter fraud involved in her election?
Or, maybe John McPhee is right and it's just a bunch of losers who move to Alaska. (Read 'Coming Into Country,") I do know that the Alaska public radio gig is kind of the public radio's version of the 'Bakersfield' gig in commercial radio.
So then Sarah's the queen of Alaska, home of the ne'er do wells from the rest of the continent.
Why five schools in 4 years?
Sure sounds like Michigan UP accent---was she ever at Calvin Community College? Around Grand Rapids, maybe?
Get Michael Moore sleuthing this one.

Oh, it's funny that all the Anti-Obama comments are horribly phrased and full of misspelled words. I'm an Arizona native and an ASU graduate. So, I'm a little upset that McCain and a group of (obviously) intelligence-challenged people are representing my state. And by a little I mean extremely. Come on, Americans! I know we're capable of being smart! I want a brilliant, aware, and kind-hearted President of the United States for a change. WHO'S WITH ME?


Palin obviously did not read the final few paragraphs of the NY times article, which concluded that there is NO evidence that Obama had any close affiliation with Ayers.

Yet, Palin herself addressed the Alaska Independence Party (a secession group whose founder repeatedly expressed HATRED for America) in August of this year, and of which Todd Palin has been an active member); she attended church services where a strong anti-Semitic message was delivered; and, she was videotaped receiving "treatment" from a witchdoctor.

Further, both McCain and Palin have under-reported their taxes: McCain apparently did not report his gambling "income" and Palin failed to include the per diem her family received for commuting between their home and her state offices.

Why are these things not front and center in the news? Why does Palin get a pass from the mainstream media? Afraid of the pit bull, are you?

Dear Deborah J.

That is not true. There is "No" relationship between Sarah and Alaska Independence Party. It there is any, it has been already on mainstream media. Main-stream media has been too much distorted with her. It was and is too much!

One more, if the main stream media has the same attitude toward Obama, even for a short period, obama has not been on trail. Already out of race.

How does anybody actually know what is true when the average person has no real ability to check the statements that any of these candidates make? For years we have relied on the the media to do that for us and now for years they have lied to suit their own agenda - making money! They can all take there numbers and facts and twist them to suit their purpose. When Clinton played the sax on Leno it was considered a brilliant way to reach out to the younger more entertainment oriented generation. When Palin even refers to the SNL skits she it considered "without substance" and defensive. If anyone EVER alleged in jest or in truth, that my husband "was doing" my daughters, I would come unglued. And so would anyone else who knew what it meant to be a parent. She showed great restraint in not attacking SNL/NBC like a pit bull after that skit. You all just don't get it. Our politicians were never meant to make lifelong careers out of politics. They were supposed to be like us so they could actually represent us. I don't "know" any of these people personally - so I just have to look at what facts no one argues about and make a call from there. That's what we all need to do. Actions are proof of character and we need true character leading this nation. Take a good hard look at what you are sure is true and vote for the one you know will help YOU take care of your family!

This election will come down to how many stupid people can John 'Karl Rove' McCain can manipulate.

This election will come down to how many stupid people can John 'Karl Rove' McCain can manipulate.

Obama was 39 or 40 when Ayers stomped on the American Flag. He was 46 the last time Ayers made a trip to see Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and in his late 30s when he and Bill Ayers funded ACORN -

When did they meet? Probably way before most of us know right now. But - we're working on it.


Speaking of ACORN they are in big trouble right now for making fradulant voter registrations.. They fit right in with the Obama campaign!
Obama won't wear a pin of the American flag on his shirt and has no problem saying so, Obama will not put his hand on his heart for OUR pledge and Ayers stomps on the flag?? hello people no one is making up the fact that Obama is not true to America.. If he did get elected what is he going to do take the flag out of the Oval Office, not allow the staff to out the flag up on July 4th or Veterans day or maybe just throw away all the flags in the White House and replace them with his symbol.. Maybe he we continue to try to change the constitution and not allow ther to be any further electionsw and make our Country communist like Castro did?? I would not put it past him to try. He does not have the right to have no Honor and run for that position.. Lets not forget it is his our party the Democrats the sued him for being ineligible for the position..Does anyone know if he produced his original birth certificate yet?? They say (dems) it was fradulant..HMMMM

Said above - "Isn’t it interesting that Sarah Palin can’t give even one example of how John McCain, (who is her running mate and supposedly shares her platform) has pushed for more regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac"

You don't know how to search the internet? McCain pushed for regulations with co sponsoring a bill a few years ago (which is completely and independantly verifiable)- Obama says he knew about it and wrote a letter to someone (unverifiable). Oh yea, he was also on the "payroll" with very large contributions from the Fannie May / Freddie Mac lobbiests (verifiable - please look it up).

So who to believe?

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