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Sarah Palin may be drag on GOP ticket, new poll suggests


BALTIMORE--The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll shows eroding support for Sarah Palin, with the survey coming out on the day she shares a stage with Joe Biden in the only vice presidential debate of the campaign.



Governor Sarah Palin is not a drag on the GOP ticket.Obama is the drag on the Democrat ticket.
Sarah is like all of us here in mid-Illinois not a radical like Obama who has allegiances to people like Tony Rezko,William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright,Father Pfleger, Nadmi Auchi,Louis Farrahkan and other radicals and Marxists. And they talk about Governor Sarah being a drag. What's Obama?

Sarah Palin is an overly zealous supporter of corporations, a war monger, an American who is against the rights of 95% of the American people including women's rights, and a candidate who denies global warming and the need for a revision of healthcare, bank loans which are deliberately set up for repossession by the loan companies, diplomacy in the world, and most of all the Constitutional rights for all American's.
She has no concept of the issues either at home or abroad. Bush Jr. and she are clones.
Her unbelieveably cold and ignorant view of the world could help to set the stage for the demise of America and yes, even the planet. God help us if McCain/Palin succeed. "You can catch up with a thief but you cannot catch up with a liar". Sarah and John are liars.

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