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Sarah Palin, Joe Biden debate pitfalls to avoid


BALTIMORE--I'm en route to St. Louis to cover the Sarah Palin-Joe Biden vice presidential debate. Sitting next to me on my Southwest flight is Richard Dunham, the Houston Chronicle Bureau Chief, who wrote about pitfalls Palin and Biden need to avoid tonight.


Lynn -- You might be interested in some "dots" I've connected between the location where the ROTC buildings once stood at Washington University in St. Louis to the St. Louis Athletic Complex, site of Thursday night’s vice presidential debate. The St. Louis Athletic Complex, the venue for the debate, was constructed upon the same ground where ROTC buildings burned to the ground as anti-Vietnam war sentiment reached a fever pitch. I hope Sarah Palin brings up this point during the debate. To read my complete post on this topic, please click on the URL I provided. -- Bob

Sarah Palin reminds us of nothing more than high school. She's just like a lot of girls that we used to chase: not so smart but real cute and lots of fun. She dances, plays a little music, can be funny sometimes, and flirts a lot. She doesn't ruin the mood with serious talk. She wants to be a beauty contest winner. She's gonna do something important! She might go to college, but still isn't sure. Maybe she'll get married instead. She has a lot of attention on herself, but that's to make sure she stays cute. She doesn't know much and she doesn't know that about herself. What's to know? What's the big deal?

Why do newscasters keep saying that Sarah Palin is "not herself" or just needs to "be herself" during interviews. She was herself. She has some good qualities, but they are woefully not enough to allow her to play in the big leagues!

Her main problem is that she is totally ignorant in many areas. During interviews when she reveals that she knows nothing at all about key facts, issues, subjects, she IS BEING HERSELF --uninformed, ignorant. She just can't come right out and tell Katie Couric --Hell, I only read The Alaskan hunter once a week or Heck, I don't have a clue what initiatives McCain supported over the years. Or --Are you kidding? I don't have a clue what any of the supreme court decisions ever were!

Sarah Palin is being herself --ignorant, uninformed, uninterested in world affairs. If you think that this does not matter in a Vice President of the U.S. you deserve what you get.

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