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Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and Andy Griffith recreate their TV roles (Opie, the Fonz, Andy the sheriff) in Obama spot


WASHINGTON--Whether you support Barack Obama or John McCain, this Obama video by Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and Andy Griffith is worth viewing because it is one of the most interesting of the cycle, and a must see for nostalgia buffs.

Howard, a famed Hollywood director and Griffith recreate their roles as Opie and Andy in the "Andy Griffith Show" to chat about Obama in the voice of their old characters in the black and white grainy look of the day. Howard, donning another toupe, transforms himself into Richie Cunningham from "Happy Days" to talk about Obama with Winkler, once again in a leather jacket as "The Fonz."

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Opie, Andy and Barry O. What a shame. I'll never be able to watch their reruns again just because of their support of a communist.

i am very disappointed that these guys did a video for support of any one running for president.people in the tv and movie industries shouldn't endorse any one same with news papers and news station.and to use the "Andy Griffith Show" to do so is down right wrong.They should be ashamed of doing it the way they did.To use stardom to endorse someone is very wrong. They should win on who they are and what they stand for not because some star endorsed them.

An amazingly poignant and wonderful representation of what is at stake. All of us who grew up watching Ron Howard recognize the universal themes of the characters he created. Those shows represent what we want to believe about ourselves and think we will find again if Barack Obama is elected.

Thanks, Ron Howard, for making me smile this morning, and for reminding us of what we all have in common, rather than reminding us of what divides us.

I am so sorry that mj loehrer is so disaffected, and feels the need to post such divisive misinformation because our situation is so dire that we must move beyond the name calling and division. We all have to get to work or we will lose the best of us. For me, there is nothing that I have seen in the McCain campaign that even hints at how things can be made better. We need a new direction, and Barack Obama embodies our greatest hope for that to happen.


Matt Demon, Richard (old gigolo) Gere and Boy George Clooney weren't available?

Boy. The Dummycrats are truly desperate!

Where can you begin? With all the crap in the elections nowadays finally something refreshing.
This really takes you back to when times were a lot more simple. Great job Andy, Henry and Ron.

Get out and vote people regardless of for who. Ron is right, this is one of the most important elections of all time. Stand up and be heard and lets all make history.

MJ, hopefully your not so shallow to think that either of these men do not have the interest of this country in mind. Spewing venom will not get us out of this mess.

I have watched you and Andy for over 40 years. Now you endorse that lying socialist. He has used all the dirty tricks in this election including the backing of Acorn and their voter registration fraud, probably helping him steal the election. You no longer have my respect. I'm really surprised that the Hollywood elite want to pay considerably more in taxes than they pay now, or is it with your huge incomes you know all the tricks to avoiding taxes. You and Andy and Henry really suck.

You must have spent too much time watching re-runs instead of learning social studies in grade school. Communism is a political system and socialism is an economic system. Obama (and McCain in the recent past) suggested that spreading the wealth would be good for the country. Spreading the wealth is an economic thing. No one suggested changing our political system from Democracy to Communism.

Viva les Happy Days!

Well I'm not sure what world mj loehrer above lives in, but I thought the clip was interesting. However, I can think of at least 60 ways that Ron Howard, talented and creative as he his, could have showcased his ideas a bit better than the way he did. But, I appreciate his ultimate message - no matter who you want to win, vote your heart and mind, and for the real issues, and not just because of a bunch of fluff that won't matter 5 seconds after this election is over.

"Opie, Andy and Barry O. What a shame. I'll never be able to watch their reruns again just because of their support of a communist."

I'm a democrat and I approve this message.


First of all, his name is Henry, not Barry. Secondly, you are obviously deficient in your knowledge of history, because Obama is more of a Socialist than a Communist! Actually, Ron is quite reasonable, in speaking less about a specific ideology (Republican or Democrat) and morer about making an informed choice. Frankly, Bush and the Republicans have, over the last 8 years, performed worse than any previous Democratic leadership. W has mortgaged this country and it's children for decades to come; Obama has an opportunity to reverse some of W's wrong-headed policies and actions. None of that is Communist, just wanting to make this country a better place than it has become.

Ron Howard, you should have listened to Ralph Nader before endorcing a corporate candidate like Obama. Corporate America and crooks on Wall Street naturally want all of us to like him which is why he seems like a very likeable guy. But one look at Obama's list of campaign fund donors should tell anyone with half a brain that it will be politics as usual with Obama as president. He will only satisfy the wealthy, just like John McCain and George Bush. Nothing will change, you'll see. American politics will never change as long as republicans and democrats dominate the elections. Just look at the hundreds of lobbyist in Washington D. C. representing large corporations aiming to squeeze every hard earned dollar out of the adverage citizens of this country! The only way the adverage United States citizen will see REAL change is if an independant candidate like Ralph Nader were president, plain and simple! Go to or listen some of Ralph Nader's speeches on YouTube before you vote. Ralph will be on the ballot as a Presidential candidate this year. VOTE FOR RALPH NADER FOR PRESIDENT and make a REAL CHANGE for a change!!!

Wow, has it really been that long?

Interesting to see all these centrists coming out for Obama.

Get the knucklehead who called Opie, Andy and Obama commies in the comment above? There's nothing commie in my small town where we love our huntin and drinkin about supporting who you want for President. It's nazi to stop people from expressing their views so I guess loehrer is a nazi!

I ask you, have you ever heard of the antichrist?
He is a Muslim that most of the world is drawn to. He will bring about the end of time. Those who follow him will never have a chance to enter Heaven.

Change can be a good thing, but those who deal with terrorists and put on a pretty face is a horror movie waiting to happen.

I liked Happy Days as a child, I have watched reruns for years (I'm 42), but as of now, I am disappointed and will never watch it or anything directed by you.. Ron Howard, or you act in Henry Winkler again. You have disappointed me.

I will never watch anything your three are associated with. An end of an era....Mayberry is dead....

Ron and your Hollywood crowd
I'm a small potato compared to you but I'm one of the many who signs your check!!! I will not endorse your movies and will channel flip you. Worst, I am very disappointed in you and pray you relook at the direction you are taking in Life and in America.

Too bad these has-been actors are supporting someone who embraces the convenient lie: "pro-choice". The Fonz and Opie support killing babies? Nah - but Henry Winkler and Ron Howard apparently do.

Stick to pretending to be real people, guys.

"Vote with your heart, your mind and with courage and vision. That's all I ask."
I like that!

This video is amazing! It is so sincere and so creatively fun. I love you guys, Ron Howard and the Fonz!

Go Obama 2008!!

I can not believe the comments that are being made by supposed McCain supporters. I could have been one also (life long Republican) but have been turned off by the vile and twisted comments being made. We have become a country which provides little middle ground for moderate thought. The gentle humor which is part of Ron Howard's video is far more persuasive.

I am not surprised that Ron Howard, despite the accolades he has won for his behind-the-camera skills, feels the need to drive another stake through Opie's heart to prove once again that he deserves to be part of Hollywood's "in crowd." Henry Winkler has always stood for liberal causes, so his participation is not a surprise either. I must admit, however, that Andy Griffith's participation in Ron Howard's pro-Obama ad is both a surprise and a disappointment. The America that "The Andy Griffith Show" exemplified is not the brave new world that Obama promises to create. Either Mr. Griffith has become senile, or he has fooled many of us for a long, long time. I am going to miss Andy and Opie.

One thing this has shown me, is that there is something to be said about the simpler times.People helped people,not stab them in the back.MONEY wasn't our God.Family truly meant something.If you do harm in any way to others it will come back to haunt you.GREED is the biggest factor running our economy today,and that will eventually cause a downfall in any society or family.When are people going to understand that as long as you have a roof over your head,food on the table,family that is healthy,and to be able to worship as we see fit,is the time that we will all enjoy life. Good for Ron and Henry.

McCain Supporter Here--I still liked the videos. They weren't too disrespectful and were kind of funny.
Of course, actors and everyone else has the right to campaign for their candidate. We have the right to reject their advice, and I do.

Do Ron Howard, Andy Griffith & Henry Winkler really think that when Americans wake-up in the morning the first thoughts that come to our minds are, "I wonder what Ron Howard, Andy Griffith, & Henry Winkler think about the election? I mean, I don't make a decision without first consulting Hollywood celebrities." To Ron, Andy & Henry (and all other Hollywood celebs) Your egos are just too big! When you speak about your craft, or how to make a living in a very competitive business, we'll listen; we'll even take notes. Otherwise, shut-up & act/direct/write! When the choice is down to a "Spread the wealth" socialist and a proven, tested leader, we know for whom to vote. Even those of us who are fans of The Andy Griffith Show & Happy Days aren't that dim-witted to be manipulated.

To RK Yorn: I think you'd better be careful about accussing Senator Obama of using dirty tricks without looking to the dirty tricks of Senator McCain in his smear campaign against Obama. That's what his campaign has been all about - smearing attacks on Obama; no substantive information on possitive ways he will better this country.
Good job Ron, Andy & Henry!

It truly amazes me that people are "satisfied" with the "recession" we are in and are are endorsing "MORE of the SAME via McCain."

Vote for "McSAME" and watch what happens to you, your children's and grandchildren's future.
McCain voted "90%" for Bush's policies which is what has gotten this counry into a corrupt financial mess.
TO check facts on both parties:

McCain's plans for "deregulation" as demonstrated from his "court hearings" in only "hint" at what's in store for this country's future with plans for deregulation = more dishonesty and corruption. (You're better off stuffing your money into your mattress)

You don't see a correlation between the reduction of your 401K's and CEOs' getting golden handshakes?
"YOU" are allowing this to happen.

His "$5k" health plan is the most ridiculous plan I've heeard of..(My root canal cost $1500)
His plans for deregulating health plans will leave Americans with no health insurance will line only his and his friends pockets!

McCain also voted AGAINST "Equal Pay for Women" and "The Violence Against Women Protection Act" What a chauvenistic dinosaur. And then Palin..(Helllooo) ...Isn't she against Violence Against Women & Equal Pay?? (When will the remake of "Dumb and Dumber" be coming out?)

Frankly, the level of ignorance, racism, and bigotry in this country is astounding. The past 8 years of the "mismanagement" of this country, corrupt elections is a "worldwide" embarassment.


Thank you, Ron Howard!

EVERYONE needs to speak up, now more than ever.


I can see how the US Education has gone downhill even "before" the "Leave Every Child Behind" via the Bush Adminstration.

Lesson 1: There's a difference between, socialism and communism.

Lesson 2: This country was formed on "religious freedom" specifically originating from the corruption between the Church and State.

Lesson 3: There are High School and College 101 classes that teach courses like "The World's Great Religions"

Lesson 4: McCain = Bush = more of the SAME
Voted 90% for Bush issues (

Lesson 5: The US is in a "Recession" due to the last 8 years of Bush.

Lesson 6: Deregulation means more corruption.
( McCain covers up and takes politcal favors from his corrupt bank pal.

Lesson 7: McCain voted Against Equal Pay for Women (Equl Pay = a law since 1963)

Lesson 8: McCain is NOT a Hero.
McCain crashed "5" US planes
(He's a Daddy's boy. Both daddy and granddaddy were 4 Star Admirals = excused due to political favoritism) Normally US pilots get court martialed and are NOT allowed to continue to fly. (BTW - taxpayers pay for his crashed planes)

Lesson 9: While a POW McCain spills the beans. He blurts out his Dad's and Grand Dad's affiliation to get better treatment.

Lesson 10: Bigotry and Ignorance prevent a consciously evolving society.

Lesson 11: We no longer have a democracy in this country due to corruption, bigotry and ignorance.

I think of all the ads I've seen, this one hit me hardest. Andy Griffith and Ron Howard have over the years appeared to be good, family-centered, christians. To see them endorse and encourage someone who is so supportive of anti-christian and famiy standards is heart-rending. All the work the media did to discourage us from voting was wasted. This, however, almost makes me feel it is useless to try. Then again, I will just have to add them to my prayer list, along with both candidates, that perhaps they will change and/or return to their christian roots.

I wonder how much the GOP pays folks to troll websites and post negative and hateful lies.

I suppose if the economy wasn't so bad after 8 years, they wouldn't have to.

Neat video.

In a word: FABULOUS!!! Thanks for making my day, Ron, Henry, and Andy. AND thanks for reinforcing my hope for the future.

No more Andy Griffith or Happy Days for me. Why would we put so much credence in what the big dollar high profile types of the the entertainment industry have to say when we make decisions about our lives, when such a high percentage of these people can't seem to get their own priorities straight.

The problems with the U.S. economy is something that has been brewing for much longer than the past 8 years. Even during the Clinton years, McCain stated his economic concerns to the administration, but wasn't taken seriously.

The Congress has more power than the President when it comes to the dollars and cents of the U.S. economy, so, why is the media so quick to point their finger at George W rather than the system as a whole.

There have been many different administrations involved in the formation of the present economic down turn, and to put the blame on George W's shoulders is very narrow minded.

Shame on Ron, Andy & Henry. I will never watch them again for doing some as stupid as this, supporting Obama & all the sick policies he stands for. You have children! His record on abortion, gay marriage & allowing illegals to rape our country is destroying us. I hope you read these messages, but you probably won't. Why won't you actors ever learn to keep your political opinions to yourselves, because America doesn't want to hear you.

That was spectacular!

Go Obama!

Well done! Wow, the feedback on here is insane. No wonder so many people no longer want to identify themselves as republican.

Good-hearted people giving good reasons to support a great candidate. This is a very informative and entertaining video! The enlightened among us are letting their voices be heard at an aboslutely critical time in the history of this great nation.
The tenor and content of the "comments" in this section provide a very good compare and contrast of the supporters of Dem vs. Rep tickets this time around.
I've never been more proud to be on the Dem's side.

I am so disappointed in Ron and Andy.. we raised our sons on the morals of Andy and Mayberry and through the years we have admired These guys not just their tv characters but the real guys.. Now they are encouraging people to vote for a man who does not have the best interest of our country in his policies or heart. He does not respect our country, our soilders or the people of this great country. How can any one vote for a man of Obama's background, it is a slap in the face of our sons and daughters that have lost their life defending our country and in the face of the ones still fighting.. God Bless America

None of these actors/directors have any history in reality. Their expertise is in fantasy rather than fact. If I needed advise in entertainment or in make believe I would consider them experts and consult with them. They remind me of the "sheep" In "Animal Farm". Actors are basically soulless people who need to portray another person's persona to have any 'depth' to themselves (not intelligence).

It is sad when people who are clearly smart enough to use a computer aren't smart enough to sift through the rhetoric and hatred that the McCain/Palin campaign is espousing.

First...for those who talk about their Christian beliefs. Obama has been married to one woman for sixteen years and has two beautiful children. McCain cheated on his first wife with his current wife Cindy. Infidelity? Ronald and Nancy Reagan were disgusted with him for it. Palin? Her teenage daughter gets pregnant. Considering that they both show a lack of "family values" the bible thumping right should be behind Barack Obama. I honestly don't care so much but if you are going to talk about being Christian or belief in honest about his words.

Unfortunately when you look at Obama you see his skin color and a name that doesn't fit the WASP ideals. His background helping people and his efforts with his education and community service should put him at the top of your list. But you are unwilling to admit that the middle name of "Hussein" provides unreasonable insecurities in you. He MUST be a Muslim! There must be some deep dark secrets!

Let me just give you a bit of perspective. After Hurricane Katrina did you help out the New Orleans and surrounding residents? Didn't it upset you that the government dropped the ball for our fellow Americans? Yet we saw true heroes...people who gave their money, time, sweat and tears. People who took their time to physically travel there and help with rescues, clean ups and rebuilding. Any of you want to disparage these folks? These community organizers?

Obama did the same thing in Illinois...when our companies and government helped send steel working jobs overseas. Have you ever been afraid of not getting a meal, having a place to stay, being torn apart because of the situation you have been placed in? Yet I have heard him belittled by people who are NOT Christians (no matter what they purport) and have no clue about being an American.

So for those of you who talk about McCain and Palin in positive terms but bandy about the lies and falsehoods of "terrorist", "appeaser", "Muslim", "Socialist" that the Republican ticket is trying to put on Obama...think again. Those of you supporting those lies but saying you are Christian are purporting the biggest hyprocrisy possible and are unfit to hold a bible. Those of you who don't care about the Christian aspect then quit your shallow, derogatory comments and simply analyze the economic, healthcare and social plans of both.

You are so right Lewis! I loved it! Wow I can't believe the vitriolic comments from the "Repubs". Regardless of the political content of the video(of which I agree), I just enjoyed seeing them in their old roles--it was nostalgic and funny at the same time to see them like that. A communist? Are you serious mj loehrer? How reactionary. Yes, let's stay the course that Bush has set--now that's working for us...NOT!


I guess I was wr - wr, when I thought you guys were cool in the 80's.

Totally UN-COOL!!!!!!! Go back to school Opie...

This is for Paula from Arkansa. Obama is a Christian and is for the family. Do you think if we fight for feedom we just fight for christians? Paula you do not sound very Christain in your coments. You sound very judemental, oops I think you broke one of the 10 comandments. Paula Jesus taught us love and tolerance, I will pray for you! Bless your heart. Thank you Ron Howard , good job!!

Citizen of Mayberry, Thomas Dark, and A Conflict of Interests.. Well Done Jobs of Civilly scolding the Dumbed-Down Foux News swilling gop shills that enjoy a bowl of papa bear and rush talking points with their Morning Joe!

Bear in mind that, probably, half of the imbeciles that bad mouth Barack ARE Rascists to the Core... and will spew anything to justify their feeble little teeny tiny non-caring 'brain' into Not Voting for "That One"

Thank you Ron, Andy, and Henry - this was a wonderful piece, and illustrated the issues in this year's election. I laughed and cheered!

Go Obama - THE ONLY presidential candidate supporting the preservation of constitutional freedoms.

Wow, all this vitriol about a amusing little video reminding people to vote.

If you object to an actor's right to express a political opinion, you must be okay with your own opinion being supressed. Yet, you post your opinion here. Interesting. Wouldn't it be great if those Democrats could stop those actors for even running for office? You know, like Fred Thompson, Sonny Bono, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Ronald Reagan...mmm, what do they all have in common?

The book of Revelation does not even contain the word AntiChrist. Perhaps it's time to stop regarding the Left Behind series as factual, along with emails that Politifact calls pants-on-fire-wrong. Promulgating lies in hateful emails is the same as lying, which is of course a sin. Plus to anyone with a brain you look ignorant/ batsh*t.

I hope some of you didn't watch Make Room for Daddy, since Danny Thomas' family came from Lebanon, once part of Syria. Clearly you didn't watch or read Marlo's Free to Be...You and Me. But don't worry, millions of kids have over the last 4 decades. And a lot of them vote.

Wow, the hate I see on here is surprising, especially from people claiming to do it for Jesus. The idea that anyone thinks their political party or ideology can claim "ownership" of Mayberry or the Cunninghams' Milwaukee is every bit as laughable as any scene in which Barney Fife locks up Otis.

I love what Ron, Andy and Howard are doing. They are standing up for what they believe in. Isn't that what makes America great? We certainly cannot afford another 4 years of destructive policies aimed at benefiting the corporate controlled government! Haven't you had enough already? We need to take back this country for the people! Some of the folks commenting on here obviously voted for Bush the last two times and they still haven't learned anything. It's clear that voting for McCain will = more of the same!

This disappoints me as I liked Happy Days and the Andy Griffith Show. I'm tired of all Hollywood fixtures supporting liberal causes and trying to slam them down the throats of middle America. (Their fly over.) I saw that Tim McGraw is an Obama supporter. It makes no sense.

Another cherished childhood memory shattered.

I thought that Andy Griffith was the type of person that actually believed in the values this country was founded on and espoused in the show. Guess I was wrong. Just another Hollywood liberal socialist who like their leader Obama is more in touch with Hugo Chavez and Karl Marx then George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Bye Bye Mayberry!

As a 37 year old black woman from Chicago, I view politics with an open-mind on what someone is all about, and not what they promise to all of us. That is why I find it easy to not vote for Mr. Obama in this election, and instead vote for Senator McCain. As usual, like all the other big promisers out there, Mr. Obama was all talk and no walk. I kept looking for something that Mr. Obama would say, that would convince me that he was not just another suit out there trying to perpetrate a front to all of us in the black community. First off, I don't like men that lie every time they open their mouths, especially when there's no need to do so. I mean if you're for something, then say so, and if you're not, then say so too. But to play people for suckas and fools all the time, just gets old after awhile. First he said he is going to help our communities in Chicago if we helped him get elected, but then the very next day, after taking his seat on the senate, he told our community leaders in Chicago that he is just too busy to do anything cause he now had to run for a higher office. He just up and walked out on us right after getting what he wanted. People in our communities were like, "That fool just up and thugged us." I can't see how people would want to vote for him after what he did to all of us here in Chicago. I mean come on, even his own VP pick dissed him during the Democratic debates, saying that he lacks any experience to do the job. Ms. Clinton called Mr. Obama out as well, by basically showing how he can't back his game up, and she was right about doing so, cause he is trying to play us all for suckas, just to get our votes. The man even tossed his very own preacher, along with Rev. Jackson, and several black University of Miami students, all under the bus, just because they are telling people how they feel about him and his lies to the black community. He did the same thing in Chicago. He would hang with all us bruthas and sistas till he got what he wanted from us, and then tossed us all under the bus too, just so he could go hang out with his white trash friends to get mo' money from Hollywood. Look y'all, Senator McCain may not be able to speak to us like we do to ourselves, but at least the man don't be talking out one side of his mouth to us, and then saying things about us, behind our backs. McCain may be white, but at least he ain't trying to ACT white, and forgetting all about his own kind, just so he can get their votes. Mr. Obama is a fraud and a liar. One minute he says he is a proud black man, the next he says he is a proud Pakistani man, then a proud white man, then a proud this, and then proud that. Next thing you know he'll be saying he's a proud Chinese man, or proud Mexican man, just to get their votes too. Look the man is obviously confused about who he is, let along what he plans to do for us. That's why I say we should all vote for Senator McCain, at least he ain't always running around changing who he is, just to fit in with other peoples. I say give Senator McCain a chance to show us what he can do for us, cause we already know what Mr. Obama did for us in Chicago, and ain't nobody seen him help nobody but himself out. Like one of the bruthas there, at one of Mr. Obama's fundraiser parties, who Mr. Obama dissed, after he got elected to be our state senator said to us, "The only thing that fool Obama ever helped out in our community, is helped himself to our money!" He was right. Obama is a cash ho and will do whatever it takes to get his crack-stained hands on some. If you don't believe me, then just look at how much he made this past couple of days ago, he took in $150,000,000.00 in cold cash, but how much of it, do you think any of us, who helped him get elected to the senate, will see for our communities in Chicago? I bet not even a penny. In fact I know we won't see a penny of it, cause Mr. Obama done spent it all on his white trash friends from Hollywood and D.C. Like they say, burn us once, and it's foolish you, burn us twice and it's foolish us. So don't be a fool or a sucka, vote for Senator McCain instead. Peace.

To Ron , Andy and Henry

Straight and to the point .Thank you . Your messages were just that over the years and again now.
I feel sorry for those that can be lead by individuals focusing on nothing more than trying to misconstrue any negativity be it so small.
Calling Barack a Socialist is The nay sayers interpretation.John and Sarah have nothing to say for themselves other than creating negativity.
And if they are able to get a reaction they will dwell over and over with the same phrases .
It is almost like watching poor quality carnies fleece the weak convincing them on a new snake oil or wonder drug.
What we have here is trouble right here in River City Whoops wrong Show Yes McCain and Palin are just low key versions of the Character from Music Man that Ron Acted in as a child.

It was refreshing to know where the three of you stand.
What America needs now as well as the world is Change .Change from the mess that has been left behind .May more and more people realise that the biggest Change needed is How they think.
Stop listening to what others tell you and start listening to what your heart and common sense says . Focus on the black and white and I do not mean anything other than the written word. The facts are there There is only one choice today for our future .To correct the mistakes of what has been done one does not go back to the same team to correct them.
This is not a matter of Republican or Democratic .Not this time .This is a case of who can help save our bacon .Deal with reality and set your pride aside Your vote is needed which ever way you deem fit but vote.May your choice be the right choice for the right Change .

I agree that it is not a matter of Democratic and Republican. My vote is based on several issues, but here is the most important factor for me.
I would never vote for someone who would support the killing of innocent babies. We see news stories that horrify us about parents or deranged individuals who have hurt or killed children, but we never see the inside of an abortion clinic. Our country is killing its future by hundreds daily. There is no difference. Please take a look at the real issues. This country has survived economic recessions and wars. How will we survive if we continue to kill our future day in and day out. It terribly disappoints me to see a show that had good ole' American values be used to show suport for someone that stands for amoral agendas.

HOORAY - Opie (Ron Howard) and Andy "Ang' as barney would say it) and The Fonz - Way to Go

Everyone should Vote For Barack Obama- Stand - up Americans -

You loved Opie and the Fonz - stop hating on them and LISTEN to them - they are telling you right.

LOL. The "Republicans", et al, cannot fathom how these actors could be for Obama! How could you not be based on Bush's 8 years and McCain's flip-flopping allegiance to the nearest voting block that he thinks will get him elected. Since Keating and the 2000 election, McCain has become a self-serving politician and not much else.

You have got to be absolutely kidding me. That is a sad, sad thing the three of them did here. To be lead down a road of such communism is unacceptable. I wonder if they would be as ready to vote for Obama if he decides to spread the wealth from your SAVINGS ACCOUNTS and CURRENT WORTH as well as your current paychecks? Hmmmmmm. Not a bad idea! I'll take some of that pie!!! People, the day you decide to listen to celebrities is the day, well, I guess you'll vote for Obama. WE'RE DOOMED!!!

I cannot believe how many people in this blog have absolutely no common sense. It's like we are faulting Barack for wanting to be more than just a community organizer for Illinois. Shamikwa, stop hating the player and hate the game. There is very little Barack can do about the political games by remaining a community activist/organizer. It's like you hate Barack because he's not perfect. Some of you are still saying he is Muslim, communist and by now we realize SOME of you mean the N-Word when you say communist. I'm not surprised by all the racial undertones expressed in the media and at McCain/Palin rallies.
Even the media reports Barack's success like it's bad news. Well when our society starts being perfect, people of perfection will be produced. Some of you have probably heard the biblical saying that "your spirit goes before you". The fundamental difference in Barack and McCain is this; McCain wants to be President because it's something he wants to achieve before he dies (it is now apparent Palin is trying to upstage McCain) and Obama wants to be president because he knows it's time to change the lives of others. And that's not being judgmental; you can't judge what you see and know. BARACK IS WHO HE IS AND MCCAIN IS WHO HE THINKS WE WANT HIM TO BE. Also some of you need to log in to and find out what Economic Socialism is. BUT LET ME WARN YOU, YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE READING.

I love the trash talk here. All I know is Obama & supporters (myself included) will have the last laugh come November 4th!!

Andy and Opie would never vote for Obama. It's a shame Ron Howard, et. al couldn't have used their own personalities to promote the "share-the-wealth" "redistribution of income" candidate. This was a very tacky tactic.


Matt Demon, Richard (old gigolo) Gere and Boy George Clooney weren't available?

Boy. The Dummycrats are truly desperate!"

The "Dummycrats" are about to crush the Repukes from coast to coast, ace. So how "Dumm" does that make the Repukes?

yes Obama is a socialist.

Would you be okay for some one to take your hard earned money and divide it up between folks who don't work?

If Obama wins the election and he redistributes wealth, as he calls it, it will cripple the United States.

Government funded anything is not the way to go.

Remember this when you hear campaign promises..."A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have." -- Thomas Jefferson

Ron and Andy exemplify the American spirit. They are icons of our culture - intelligent, caring indicuduals, who know a good man when they see one. They support Obama because he is our only hope. Even the religious nutters and small-brained bigots must see that.

My name is Ron My fellow Americans Thank you God the Stars approve of someone they can trust. I am very glad the Diva Queen did not win she needs some heavy duty prozac and I support my friends in the show business unlike the status Que Nazis that ran our country into the ground. In other words go screw your selves it's our turn to clean up our country. GO OBAMA GO YOUR FIRED GEorge Bush get lost Dick Cheney you crooked B ______ AMEN FOR OBAMA HE's our King get use to it. Damn it!!!! Nasty republicans go spit!!!!!

now that NOBAMA has quadrupled the deficit in less than 100 days, paid off the CEOs w/our & our future generations taxes & not asked for consent from most of us, instituting doesn't that burn everybody who voted for him up, & how doesn't that make you seem stupid, "no conflict"? cuz to me, anyone who voted for him & isn't ready to impeach him is an idiot...& there's no fix for stupid.

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Lynn Sweet

Lynn Sweet is a columnist and the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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